Why do people tell lies?

fairly common question nowadays that everyone, or almost everyone asked himself, or, more likely, a search engine.And we thought about how many times a day telling the truth, and most importantly - why?People lie for many reasons, according to psychologists, and do it at least 50 times a day.It is necessary to think about it.

So, the answer to the question of why people lie, should be considered in detail, namely - for individual reasons:

1. Fear of responsibility.

Indeed, sometimes a lie helps us to escape from the situation in which we would have to for something to answer, for example, for the organization of an important event.It is always easier to come up with a beautiful story, rather than to explain that we were just not up to it.

2. False-joke.

Very often, many of us say in jest that, in fact, dare not or simply do not want to talk seriously.Sometimes also lies unconscious on a subconscious level, when he said, without a second thought the joke is our thoughts.

3. Unwillingness to h

urt anyone.

certainly one of the most common types of lies.It automatically eliminates the question of why.People lie to the interlocutor or an opponent was not annoyed or embarrassed because of some cues is a lie, of course, good.Note, however, that sometimes people need to speak the truth in the eye, but do it discreetly so as not to make enemies and do not surround yourself with an aura of misunderstanding.

4. Manipulating people.

most insidious form of lie when deception is used to mislead a person to obtain their own benefit, perhaps to the detriment of his personal interests.

5. Desire to please.

Certainly, each of us often uses lies to make a positive impression.But to recognize this fact we refuse, believing that only embellish their actual achievements.With this technique often used when applying for a job, which ultimately leads to negative consequences, because in practice we can not confirm a weighty part of the perfect resume.

Here are the most popular answers to the question of why people lie.Of course, there are other reasons that we follow, or they may not be at all, for example, an amazing deception "just" is not pursuing a particular objective.

Psychology lies besides, why do people lie, and even examines how to recognize a person lying about.Specialists marked certain gestures (specific behavior), which in most cases accompanied by false statements.

First, pay attention to the eyes, which at such moments "run" and shine.However, all depends on the situation, because the shine in the eyes may occur because a person is divided joyful news, the main thing - to take into account the nuances.

Secondly, the majority of gestures associated with the touch of a person classified as revealing.Pay particular attention to the speech of a man who puts his hand to his mouth.This gesture on a subconscious level originally forbade him to share false information.

But we want to give a piece of advice: do not blindly trust all book recommendations calculating liar.The fact that many of us have certain gestures categorized issued with "guts" are commonplace habit.

Thus, it is clear that the psychology of lying is quite interesting to learn, but at the same complex.To understand why people lie, and all the subtleties of human behavior during lying, even given every expert - so ambiguous our inner world.However, if you ask for, you should first analyze yourself why exactly I'm lying, that motivates me, as I concealer and so on.Perhaps the way to the knowledge of the inner world of another individual is through the realization of his own "I".