Why do we need a copy of the work book?

Everyone at least once in your life starts work book.The main purpose of the document - to fix the length of service for the entire life.It can be considered a reminder of documented professional activity.Labour keeps a lot of interesting information about the employee, so when applying for a new place among other documents the employer in the first place it requires to provide work book.It is a confirmation of prior learning and skills.Given all these characteristics, it can be concluded that this seemingly simple little book, after the passport is considered to be the most important document for the person.

in employment citizen gives his work record management company.It is stored in the personnel department all the time up to the dismissal of an employee.In accordance with the requirements of the personnel office, the company shall be appointed by order of the officer responsible for accounting, maintenance and storage of work books of all employees of the organization.

Sometimes a person has a

need for any reason to provide the work book for the confirmation of employment in a particular organization.According to the rules approved by the responsible employee of the company are not allowed until the dismissal of an employee on hand to give the document.There is only one way out of this situation.The employee may be given a copy of the work book, which completely replaces the original and can be left in place requirements.To get it, the employee is obliged to write a statement in any form with a request to give him a copy.And in a statement sure to specify the reason for which it will need a copy of employment record.For example, a person wants to take shape in another company to work part-time, but the employment history of any employee should be required to be kept at the principal place of his work, so instead of the original to him for three days must be given a copy of the work book.This is done quite simply.In ordinary sheets of A4 photocopier all completed pages of the original on the information on the work, including the title page.Pages fastened together and stitched.On the last page is an additional entry in the information on the work as follows: "works for now."Entries assigned to another number, indicates the date of issue copies of the work book, and placed below the signature of the responsible employee with a breakdown of positions and names.A copy of the work book is almost ready.But that is not all.

Each page copies have to be certified.For this is the inscription "true copy".Under it shall be signed by the employee who signed up with details of the names and positions.It need not be a director of the company.Can assure the personnel manager or specialist, the leading personalized account.In the finished label will certainly need to put a round seal of the employer.All stitched pages are numbered, and the last of them is the inscription "stitched, numbered and sealed" as a "page."This certified copy employment record fully supports the original and can be provided upon request to any organization.Such a document, banks often ask when you make loans to confirm the solvency of the client, but this is not the only reason.

Recently, people have become increasingly travel abroad.The occasion is very different: an invitation to visit, business trip, vacation and so on.For travel outside the country citizen must issue a passport.In some countries, it is not necessary, but we do need.To obtain a passport in the Federal Migration Service must provide a package of documents, among which must be information about the job.Now, with the new generation of passports all working citizens fill out an application for the grant of certain forms of passport, one of the points which registers all their labor activity over the last ten years.The application is required to be certified by the seal of the workplace in the personnel department.Printing is valid for one month.Non-working citizens carry out the same procedure, but instead of data assurance specialist HR provide the original work book.Under the new rules a copy of the work book for the passport is not required.This work adds to the citizen, but reduces the workload of the personnel departments of enterprises and service orders document migration.