As the rich get richer?

human psychology is such that no one goes through life difficult for themselves by.No one deliberately chooses the hard way, if this is not the circumstances require.But not for nothing that man is called intelligent being to have some internal resources to achieve their goals.Everyone wants to live better, to have more wealth, but not all succeed.Why do some people can escape from the chains of poverty, while others are fighting for life, as if in a closed door, but did not achieve an improvement in their reality?Let's try to figure it out.

Why would a man need to get rich?

For each concept of "wealth" has its own meaning.For some, this three-storey house, the same villa, yacht, vacation homes in different parts of the country, the lack of restrictions in spending on clothing and food, as well as vacation somewhere abroad at least twice a year.

For others it is a machine, well-kept house with a gardening area, plenty of food, clothing, sometimes the opportunity to relax.For the third wealth is ta

stefully renovated apartment, the car of the middle class, a stable job and ... everything.

turns out that wealth depends on the personal aspirations of each person.In any event, the convenience and wealth necessary for everyone, especially families with children.And when you consider that people - being insatiable, is constantly satisfied his property people do not, everyone wants to buy something new, somewhere to invest the money to get more money and constantly wonder, "How can I be rich?"And this is a normal desire!It's bad when the race for money obscures all other spheres of life, and begin to suffer from this family, friends, chat with others and health.

What prevents to be rich?

There are some reasons why a person can not become rich, no matter how he tried.

  1. education on the principle of "I'm good, all bad."This so-called psychology of the victim.This is a very dangerous condition, because people cooked in their negative emotions and gradually turns into an emotional swamp.He scolds the world of injustice, sees no way out of this situation, condemned and criticized the rich, jealous of the success of others, blames the circumstances and people around that he became so.Especially a lot of accusations get his own parents, because, in his opinion, is it because they brought, they did not give him everything he needs.Such people are very difficult to adapt in a positive way, sometimes it is not possible without the help of professionals.
  2. Laziness.The most common laziness may play a cruel joke with the man.Lazy people do not bother to extra work.They are not able to be at the right time in the right place just because they did not want at all to be anywhere other than his home, the sofa.It would seem that what is wrong with that man takes care of himself and allows your body to sleep, gain strength, relax?But more often such a long vacation is a man of many, sometimes a fortune.Even the well-known Bible written all the exact words, "a little bit you must lie or slumber and come to thee thy poverty."The active life position defines much in life and helps people on the question of how to get rich quick.
  3. inability to manage money.There is a famous saying: "How to become a millionaire? Give money to his wife, being a billionaire!"Joke, but with meaning.Women are particularly prone to thoughtless waste of money.Correct someone said that money by love, can not be without to spend it!It is important to use the money for essentials, and be sure to put off or put them into action.

There are a few things that prevent people from getting rich, but they will be discussed later.

there any rules or the secret of how to get rich?

There are plenty of tips and rules, which are the starting point on the way to a better life.The main ones will be described below:

  • Decisiveness is always a price.Solution unpleasant moments in our lives, we tend to reject the last.Sometimes it is very difficult to difficult question to finish.On the way to the wealth of this should not be!It is necessary to solve the problem here and now, is possible with small losses, because then it will take much more effort and resources.For the rich man's very important to be decisive.
  • important factor in the acquisition of wealth is independence.People who work for someone else, it is much harder to be rich.If possible, such a relationship should be avoided.
  • Communication is also important.Not talking to anyone, a person will never be rich.Most often, the money comes through the hands of others.As the rich get richer?Talking and learning new discoveries, technologies, materials and so on.
  • set yourself high goals!Sometimes false modesty prevents us from getting rich, we belittle their abilities, and hence their earnings.
  • Responsibility - quality mature.For a person who is on the path to riches, it's important to take responsibility for everything that happens to his work and money.Coming up with the responsibility to any question, one is constantly learning something, a sober assessment of the situation and their resources.In this analysis, born important ideas to implement.
  • constant search for the new.For a successful financial development is necessary to think of new schemes of action, business ideas, new solutions to problems.Give
  • come back.No wonder they say what others have done, you will come back to you later, perhaps through something else.This is verified by the lives of many!Many rich people spend money wisely, but do not be greedy.Helping people and the generosity defines the relation to the man.

biographies of people: the rich get richer?

those who set out to in that whatever was to become rich, it will be interesting to see how it started the world famous oligarchs.Of course, many of them have already had initial capital, but some, because of their wit and persistence with zero became rich.As the rich get richer?

Roman Abramovich showed himself during his military service, when given the task of cutting down the forest.He just sold his people from the nearby villages, you perform the job and to earn money.With this capital, he began rapidly bring their ideas to life, acquiring various firms and a football club.Today he is the owner of a vast fortune: the island, real estate, boats, factories.

Bill Gates as a child badly in school, but thanks to the support of parents and the right decision in a privileged school, he began to pay more attention to mathematics.At age 13 he wrote his first program, and then devoted himself to engage in their favorite thing.

difficult childhood of John D. Rockefeller had taught him to work and save.Being pious and sensitive boy, John felt a deep sense of guilt, earning 16 dollars 17 years on the job.At age 18, he ended his employment, he went to work for himself, first with a friend delivering food for a certain contingent of people, and then rebuild the oil production (the company "Standard Oil").

There are many more examples of how to really become rich.But in most cases you need not look at the circumstances of life of people, and the internal aspirations and qualities of character.

realistic to quick riches?

There are different life circumstances, which require considerable financial investment.Sometimes there is no time analytics or business development, so the question of how to become richer in the week of interest to many who are in a difficult life situation.There are several ways to earn money for the week:

  • Some earn sale of renewable resources, the human body: blood, semen, hair, eggs.Depending on the resource to change the price.
  • To earn a large sum at once, you can sell antiques, such as coins, furniture or your library.
  • Money can also be obtained from the sale of products with their own hands: pins, bracelets, dolls, paintings, jewelry and so on.
  • In the elections can be operated by hand or distribute leaflets.
  • can quickly become rich by winning the lottery, playing machines, betting on a tote or even any similar way, but it is unreliable - in a moment you can lose everything.

What's wrong with self-pity?

trying to learn how the rich get richer, the person can compare themselves with the object of study.Of course, analyzing a loser - he has not achieved what he wanted.But that is no reason for self-pity, on the contrary - the driving force of change!Pity binds and kills the initiative of any development.

result of changes in thinking

read the rules, how to get rich, we can not remain indifferent.Be sure to change our view on some things.After all, our inner nature is still committed to a better life.Of course, there are some natural data for quick money - this is the speed of the reaction and the enterprise, but the decision to act is ours.

favorite business or hateful work?

Many do not know where to begin active work.They say the happiest man that morning with a desire to go to work, and in the evening with the same desire to return home.This is provided that the work is picked up by the Spirit, abilities and opportunities.In these circumstances a lot easier to get rich than doing unloved business.

Vice greed

savings not related to greed.Delving into the theme of how to get rich quickly, it is important to clearly delimit one concept from another, because greed makes one screw, a generous person and receives recognition from others.

strength of forgiveness

Many people brought up in poverty, can not forgive their parents for it.So the question is: "How to become rich child in a poor family?"It solved immediately.Growing up, these children can not get rid of the bitterness of resentment, envy, hopelessness and dependence on their internal psychological problems.First of all, they need to learn to forgive, it is very difficult, but without this it is impossible to move forward.Resentment is a heavy burden on the path to riches.

Riches just does not come, it needs internal resources (responsibility, positive thinking, generosity, sociability, determination, hard work), calculation and luck.