What autonomous heating system is preferred.

you have already encountered a situation when you stand all in a lather - and it's not a figure of speech!- Dried up and tap hot water?Of course.In a story first got every citizen living in our spaces.And only the lucky owners of boilers already relieved and happy to take a shower, not an alarming thought: "What if interruptions again."

autonomous hot water supply system are applicable not only in the industry, the equipment, which is used in private homes without the possibility of connecting to the municipal boiler-houses.

What is the secret that hides the boilers?As it turned out, all genius is simple.High reliability - the secret of success.The simple design, more simple operation principle and the absence of parts which are sensitive to external influences.

Thus, in these devices heat is produced by burning fuel (it can be gas, diesel fuel, coal, etc.).The choice depends on what you personally will be more accessible and cheaper.Boilers CWR, for example, for solid fuels, including wood-fired.

Gas and liquid boilers can run smoothly.Solid fuel boiler - equipment intermittent combustion.Simply put, it is required periodically to throw wood into the furnace.But Boilers CWR - a system of continuous burning, that is, one cycle can take up to 20 hours depending on the type of fuel.Thus, the owner can easily ignite the cauldron and go to work.Moreover, domestic Boilers CWR, unlike their Western counterparts, it is not sensitive to the quality of solid fuels or humidity.There are electric boilers, but their operation at current prices for electricity not affordable for everyone.There is a combination of equipment that no additional setup can run on different kinds of topliva.No if the important thing when buying - a high reliability and low price, the solid fuel Boilers CWR - just what the doctor propisal.V released during combustion thermal energy is transferred to the heat carrier, thethere is water.Heat transfer takes place in an insulated casing made of cast iron or steel.It is not heated and is not dangerous for household boiler room located in the building.In some models, there are two separate circuits, which circulates and water heating, and water for domestic use.Boilers CWR work with an efficiency of 75 to 82%, which is very good.

In general, you want to take a shower without incident - think about the choice of water-heating equipment.