Cheat votes in the "VC" without programs and SMS: scam or all in Chesney?

Everyone knows that, "VKontakte" - a semblance of Facebook, adapt to domestic realities.At the time, Pavel Durov made a clone of the American social network that has become the market of the CIS countries more successful than projects developed by individual images.

However, frankly speaking, not everything has been copied Russian businessman: Some features of social networks still are unique.For example, to vote.They were to Facebook, as we all know, no.Learn more about what it is, and how can you cheat the votes in the "VC" without the program - in this article.

What voice?

Thus, the "voices" is an electronic currency social network "VKontakte".She, of course, to pay for outside services (by the rules) can not;but nevertheless, in its sole discretion to dispose of them as you can.

Votes may be purchased and consumed in different ways.Of course, they are tied to real currencies (such as they can be prepared by the user).Go to control panel, each user can vote by going to the tab "Settings", an

d then - in the "Payments".

If you do this, you will see that the ruble and votes related as 7 to 1. This means that in order to acquire one voice, the user has to spend 7 rubles real.This can be done with the help of payment systems Webmoney, Qiwi, yandex.dengi other ways.In addition, of course, there are other methods of earning the votes, for example - to cheat votes "VC" no programs, no viruses.On it, we'll talk further.

where you can spend the voices?

And while more precise, what all users "VKontakte" so necessary to vote.Because it is - a kind of "currency", it is obvious that it is possible for something to buy.And since we are talking about a social network with its services, entertainment and other such features, it is easy to guess that the wrapping of votes in the "VC" no programs, no SMS, no download of any foreign software allows you to purchase entertainment.

Well, for example, that the price paid to online games for more opportunities;it is possible to send gifts to friends;and even sending a simple vote to their friends on their account "VKontakte".That is, within the platform can be rightly called a billing unit.So, basically, and it really is.

What is a cheat?

What do we have?Voices "VKontakte" can be spent on additional privileges in games, greeting acquaintances, calculation with friends.This means that there is a demand.And because not everyone wants to invest in the online currency (if I may so call them) real rubles, the question arises: is there a cheat votes in the "VC" without the program?Can I get them in some other way, apart from a simple purchase for real money?

And in the key answer to this question, pay attention to what it means to "cheat."In this context, we are talking about the multiplication of the vote, which is available at the user, with the help of some clever way without attachments.Perhaps cheat involves the use of software bugs social network.At least, this is calculated by its users.

In fact, we would like to note at once that the wrapping of the vote in "VC" without programs and SMS does not exist.If you see the suggestions on to get this intraplatform currency by downloading the program by sending a message or by transferring some money - you are clearly faced with fraudsters.

methods "production" of votes

In order to avoid being cheated, just do not mess with these people.Ignore these applications, and do not be too naive.Cheat votes in the "VC" without the program - it is a myth, this method of obtaining virtual payment units there.

However, there are other ways to get votes "VKontakte" free.They consist in the implementation of actions for which the social network "pay" votes.To see a list of what you can get the votes, in the menu "Payments", by clicking on the appropriate link.

As you can see, there are listed online gaming, ticketing, payment cards and other payment options.Passing games seem, at first glance, the most affordable way to earning the votes.It has its own conditions, in particular, the user must reach a certain level, after which he will add, say, 10 votes.Of course, this is not a simple wrapping of votes in the "VC" without programs and SMS, but still in front of us - the real way to earn currency social network.All proven, reliable and no cheating - because this scheme offers himself "VC".

As for cheating - something about it, we recommend to forget.Programs, SMS, and other options - it is only cheating themselves users."VKontakte" so not to disappoint.