First Marshal of the Russian Federation Igor D. Sergeyev

Igor D. Sergeyev - a man who lived a beautiful, wonderful life, devoting it to the service of the fatherland and its traditions.As the first in the history of Marshal of the Russian Federation, he has done much to strengthen the security and defense of the country.About how he lived and attained such a high rank, read the article.

Marshal of the Russian Federation as a child

Igor Dmitrievich was born in a simple family of a miner in Voroshilovgrad region 20 April 1938.With newborn son parents moved to Makeevka (now the Donetsk region, Ukraine).

In 1941, the Germans came.The three-year Igor Dmitrievich had already felt how terrible the word "war."

In 1955, the future Marshal of the Russian Federation with a gold medal graduated from high school and entered the Moscow State University.But since childhood he dreamed of becoming a sailor.Having collected the documents, he moved to Leningrad to enter the Naval Academy.When Igor Dmitrievich was a sophomore, his profile was changed to the Faculty of En

gineering and transferred him to Sevastopol.In 1960 he received a diploma (specialty "Control systems missile equipment") and continued military service in the missile forces.

military career Sergeev ID

All titles in the Soviet army, which existed at the time, assigned Sergeyev, while he was serving.But after he graduated from the Academy of the General Staff, he was appointed Chief of the Joint Staff of the Vinnitsa region.Then there were the positions of Chief of Operations of the General Staff of Missile Forces, first deputy.Chief of Staff, Deputy.Chief of the Missile Forces (military training).

In 1992 Sergeev became head of the Strategic Missile Forces.It was a very difficult period in his life, because, despite the fact that the USSR no longer existed, the missile troops in all the republics of the former great powers demanded control.They re-formed (the movement of missile technology, nuclear weapons, fuel) took a lot of time and effort of all the officers, but nevertheless they kept fighting capacity and became the basis for the modern Russian army.Most of that achievement and Igor D. Sergeyev himself.

Sergeev ID- Marshal of the Russian Federation

In May 1997, BNYeltsin at the College of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it was decided to appoint Acting SergeyevMinister of Defence.For him, it was unexpected news, but he promised to do everything that depends on it to Russia's armed forces provide a robust defense of the country.A month removed the prefix "Acting" and within 4 years Sergeev successfully doing his job.

In 1997, November 21 Igor Dmitrievich was awarded the highest rank of "Marshal of the Russian Federation."He was the first and so far the only person so honored.In subsequent years, he was assistant to the president of the Russian Federation (since 2001), since 2005, he - the president of the Club of the Russian military commanders.

last days

Igor Dmitrievich liked to speak in front of honors Nakhimov and Suvorov schools, which are collected for awarding scholarships.In August 2006, he addressed them for the last time.Then he was already very sick, walked with difficulty and spoke only in a whisper.Young men have been warned that to meet them only arrived in Russia Marshal of the Russian Federation.And he went out to them - without a stick, with a smile on his face.He said a few words, so that everyone thought he was just a little hoarse.

That same year, November 10 Igor D. Sergeyev died.In his memory, the school where he studied, named after him, opened a museum and a memorial plaque in 2008 erected a monument to this great man.