Beauty Georgia.

Ah, Georgia ... By geographic region can not be treated with indifference.The beauty and splendor of the mountain ranges located within its territory, just catch the eye.However, among all the natural diversity of the country highlights the Daryal Gorge, photos are presented below.In the above article, you can see the description of the most picturesque parts of the valley.

little history

Daryal Gorge is located in the hollow of the Terek River.Above the bed of this reservoir rock climb, reaching a height of 1,000 meters.And so hilly picture pleases the eye for 3 km.Daryal Gorge has become an important link in the period of the Middle Ages.By the way, there is now going through the Georgian Military Road.Initially Daryal Gorge was in possession of the nomadic tribes.In view of this, above the valley wore their name - Alan gates.

Passage "Heaven Gorge"

Until the XIX century the section of the road was a very insecure and narrow "corridor", which is still used by many strangers.But the historical

significance of this pathway has acquired only in 1783, after the famous treaty - Treaty of St. George.Today the Georgian Military Road length 207 km paved from Vladikavkaz to Tbilisi.On the entire length of the plot offers a very picturesque scene.Driving Redantnuyu valley and bending Pasture Ridge, the right can be seen towering in all its glory, the Fethuz and left - overgrown with beech forests Lime hill.

By the way, on its slopes, you can easily see the limestone quarry.The mountain ranges of the Central Caucasus formed by the sides, wooded, rocky ridges and pastures.On the side it is a natural formation is represented as a giant ladder.Especially well these ridges disclosed by North Ossetia.From the south-east direction cavity crowns Mesa, reaching a height of 3,000 meters.To note, the top of the array has a convoluted shape of the table.

Nature in art

Beauty, which is different Daryal Gorge, has inspired many famous poets.Artists also could not stay away.Particular attention among existing work should be given to the web, showing the Daryal Gorge, "Moonlight."It paints a picture of an outstanding Russian painter.This painting of Arkhip Kuindzhi is part of the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery.The natural appearance of the works of the artist is completely devoid of any daily routine.On the contrary, it has a something sublime, in some cases even a theater.And this manifestation is observed in classical landscape.An example of this can serve as a canvas such as "Rainbow" or "Lake Ladoga."Surprisingly, most of the works of the master, who is portrayed in the Daryal Gorge Kuinji performed from memory.But this did not prevent the painter to pass through the web all the natural majesty of the ravine and its expressiveness and mystery.And pictures, as they can make connoisseurs, offers a rare authenticity.

Daryal Gorge.Picture

This work is very different from all the other works by the artist.It depicted a master Georgian Military Highway, where the bottom of the ravine in a hurry severe river Terek.A towering cliffs rising dramatically above the ground, with their peaks pierce the sky.The artist has managed to achieve a unique image of the gorge.Many spectators at the sight of his landscape involuntarily a feeling of sadness.But at the same time from the web directly flows subtle freshness.In addition, in this picture due to the highlights of the set was created as an illusion inherent in the master volume.And, despite its small size, the image of the landscape is different accuracy.This style of painting is also characterized by Kuindzhi.With its help, it transmits not only the transparency and freshness of the night air, but also the atmosphere of calm and serenity.


to show the public all the beauty of the places and create volume in the canvas, the artist includes in his work two bright spots: it is a reflection of the night and the moon was shining track in the calm water creek.Such an image attached to the work some serenity and allows you to balance the light contrast in the landscape.At the same time Kuinji used in his work a risky element.It is virtually opaque image of clouds that are illuminated from below a bright moon.Dubiousness of the use of such art solutions is that the master moved away from realism.However, the audience can be sure that this element is allowed not only to balance the picture, but brightens the night lights even greater force.It should be noted that the master has embodied the mountains in the foreground.As a result, he was having great difficulty in writing the sky.But it was extremely difficult to portray his darkness, and the mountain mist, but the artist has managed to bypass all the rules of painting.Simply adding more contrasting, monochromatic spots, Kuindzhi was able to create the effect of "pulling out" of the sky to the public.

In conclusion

Occupying the post of professor, head of the Art School, Arkhip Kuindzhi was explaining to his students the technique of composition is based on this work.Here, it is clearly demonstrated that the use amount in some cases preferred over the play of light.By the way, thanks to Kinji in Russian art has been made a lot of adjustments.