How to learn to speak English?

This is probably the most difficult question for language learners.Yes, it is necessary to learn, is to talk rather than to read, write or translate texts ... How to do it?Good for those who have the will of fate has already had some practice if knowledge already allows you to experiment, to try to communicate with native speakers, but if not, then there is a problem: "How do I start?" Even knowing and understanding the grammar of the language in the 5-plussometimes hard to squeeze out even a word for fear that it will be misunderstood companion, and as a result you are getting.Begin excitement to speak Russian - English words, we do not understand, and we upset ... Sound familiar?Even more difficult for those who have just started to learn the language, or plans to do so.You can get lost in the huge number of courses and training programs just did not know what to grab ...

The answer, as always, is simple: to learn to talk - you need to talk.Pronounces sentence, to build their own.Think about how to

say it, and how to say it.

As for the practice of phrasing, in the first stage to chat with someone simply will not work, though, if only because no one has not enough patience to wait until you're desperately trying to formulate a thought, really having no idea how todo.

some barriers to be overcome in himself alone, and it is to learn the basics of language structure to understand the principles of construction of phrases and the main thing - to understand and remember when and how these same structures to use.In fact, in order to learn this, you need for each such "pattern" say dozens, or even hundreds of phrases and sentences, and to do so should be meaningful.Suffice it hard to find a training course, which among other things would contain such practices.After all, you should be able to test themselves, and ideally, every such phrase should not only be seen but also heard, that is,course should be made public, patterns and phrases should be podobranny of increasing difficulty, with specific topics.

very interesting approach offers a curriculum Patterns of English, which literally translates as "English templates."The course is divided into eight levels, each level contains 15 interactive lessons, each of which is sounded, and each of them are templates on a given topic, and then you have the opportunity to build their own phrases (along the same lines) and immediately check yourself.Each lesson can be played repeatedly.Also pleased with the opportunity to exercise listening comprehension.Upsets only a description of the template in the absence of the curriculum, even though they are on the official website http: /, and you can download in the form of presentations MS Power Point.

is also interesting is that this course is offered to all levels from "zero" to "above average" with a minimum vocabulary (namely, 800 words), which you are invited to pre-examine independently or through special training programs, which are alsocan be found on the website.No other word in the training program is not used, ie,You aktsentiruete his attention only on the construction of phrases, and more on anything.It's really good.The level of "above average" in this case means it is knowledge of language structures and the ability to use them, ie,for further real transition to this level, after the training course, it is only necessary to replenish and expand your vocabulary, read books, watch movies and talk to people, in other words, practice.

As for further practice, one of the most interesting resource site today remains - official website of BBC, where you can endlessly expand and improve their knowledge of the language.

There are also many online sites where you can practice in the real communication with people.

Skype - excellent program for online communication.The program can be set free from the official website.

Well, the most important thing in any case - it is the desire and determination.Do not forget this!