How to live happily, and above all feel it.

Remember the words of the famous fairy tale from childhood: "And he kissed the prince Cinderella, and since then they lived happily ever after"?

probably four years I periodically troubled the same question: "It's like - to live happily?What does that mean? "IeWhat is a "long" and "together" I could easily understand and grasp, but categories of happiness was more difficult situation.

I am constantly plagued parents, trying to understand, but the only answer I could get from adults, is "grow up, and she'll understand!ยป

Well, I've already grown.We can say that even very, very grown up.I know how to be themselves, they do not change their principles, how to succeed in a career.Perhaps the time has come to deal with categories of happiness.

1. The concept of happiness.

Before answering the question of how to live happily, let's try to define this word.

Collegiate Dictionary says that under this condition should be understood sense of inner satisfaction highest in completely different areas of lif

e: at home, in a career in family life.Also, at the same time it is sure to feel like a complete, and meaningful existence.

While writing this article I had to get acquainted with a lot of relevant literature.It turned out that most of the world's population, namely 51%, - the pessimists.Iethese are the people who, according to psychologists, obviously mentally attract trouble.Trying, as they claim, to live for themselves, they are much more likely to get divorced, get cancer, they are lonely and forgotten in old age.Why is this happening?The fact is that only the positive and bright ideas always produce happy events.

IeI mean, think about the poor and wait for the same success or happiness - is a priori useless and hopeless occupation

2. What does it mean to be happy?

Before writing this article, I decided to conduct a small opinion poll.In one of the social networks I just asked the above question.I confess, the result made me think.

the first place respondents put satisfaction with life in general, the second - good luck, and the third and fourth, respectively, got strong and joyful experiences and enjoyment of the highest goods.

Probably, I would place all slightly different.Although I note that all respondents were mostly people the same age group and social status, so the data may well be considered a very, very subjective.

3. How to live happily and whether it is possible to learn this?

Psychologists say that those who seek to achieve this state, you need only to adopt several vital principles.

  • smile more often.Who?Friends, acquaintances, relatives, bystanders, his own reflection in the mirror.
  • every day to give compliments.Even if you are very sad, find the strength to even pick up the phone and please the good word, say, a friend or beloved grandmother.
  • become brighter.Well, this recipe is, of course, will be more beneficial to girls.Try to repaint the hair, apply makeup brighter, dress a little more challenging than usual.
  • experience pleasure even in small things.
  • remembers the moments of happiness and live in anticipation of good luck and positive.
  • surround themselves with light colors in clothes, and in the interior.
  • Feel something new, learn something.Grow, get a hobby, because there are so many interesting things.
  • to clean up the room and on the desktop in the office.According to psychologists, neatly folded items create a sense of confidence in achieving the set goals.
  • to talk more often than write.As it turned out, happy people are more open to dialogue, while grim - tend to be shifted only a few words.

Well, here we are, perhaps, and responded to in the beginning of the article the question of how to live happily.Complicated?I think not.It turns out to success was accompanied, just take a step toward her.Make and sincere smile.