Manipulation of consciousness - programming of the mind

«Manipulation of consciousness" or otherwise "manipulation" - a concept which today somewhat familiar each individual.

This handler is called a man, who, guided by the principle that audacity is the second happiness, fills up a person who can not refuse, requests and tasks.And advertisers and blackmailers, and small children, to entice parents liked the toy fair means or foul - also apply to them.

Manipulation of consciousness - a phenomenon much more massive.Scientists from different countries have created a set of definitions for this phenomenon.However, they can be generalized and reduced to the fact that the manipulation of consciousness - it is well-designed mechanisms of influence on the individual or society to influence his actions in a certain way, to convince in something or change preferences.

Once upon a time a man whose name is now unknown, set a goal to organize and summarize the mechanisms of manipulation of personality, perception of the information.So-called "psychological vulnera

bility" have learned to use.Manipulation mass consciousness has been adopted by spies and scouts, this knowledge is well served by promoting the search for and obtain the necessary information.Manipulating the mind can influence political decisions and the manipulation of public opinion can lead to a coup.

It is clear that a good scout must always be an experienced psychologist to be able to recruit the right person.To do this, he can "push" in one place and "pat" in the other, if we talk about the psychological aspect of its impact.It is only the most basic techniques of manipulation of the individual, and to the top of the iceberg is still far.

Pickup Girls

known concept of "pick up artist" who use techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).The mathematician Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder were the founders of NLP.They use techniques of manipulation of the person, its mind, but with the prosaic purpose - to elicit sympathy and woo the opposite sex.It is clear that the books Bandler and Grinder were not just, not from scratch.All of them are set out in the theory is based on recycled and reinterpreted the works of outstanding therapists and psychologists.

manipulation of public opinion

rapid development of the media and the World Wide Web is a concern about the possible impact on the public consciousness of huge masses of people.Through research, the study of psychology and consciousness of the crowd, had established effective mechanisms of influence on a lot of people.No wonder some circles believe that the intelligence of the crowd below the intelligence of even the most primitive of its members.

In 1895 was written an interesting book, Le Bonn entitled "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind."It contains calculations that have become fundamental for today's political strategists, and with the development of the media, they have a new life.

Manipulation of consciousness through the media, anyway, is held every day.Advertising generates preference in the selection of products, PR-companies draw positive images of public figures and politicians define fashion trends.It all works thanks to a carefully considered the effects of the media.Influence of film forms a stereotype of the image of today's youth.In the mind of the modern man a lot of stereotyped concepts, values ​​and beliefs, introduced from outside.

Manipulation of consciousness - an interesting and important phenomenon because, using his techniques, you can have a hidden impact on millions of people.Methods of manipulating the consciousness of the individual and the crowd are based on knowledge of general psychology, sociology, ethnic psychology, physiology, political science and cybernetics.

This is very serious, unacceptable skeptical written.To protect your mind from external influence and to rise above the "gray mass", it is desirable to take an interest in this issue and become familiar with some difficulty in the manipulation of consciousness.