What kind of sound system to choose for the house?

Many suffocating cells prefer to play to their own apartments country house.In addition to the weight of the various advantages, it also allows you to easily enjoy your favorite music, its sound.So you should be very careful when choosing speakers.After all, happiness is not complete sound appears if you just gain a good stereo system.It is necessary to draw attention to a number of technical parameters.True music lover certainly need sound system (AS), in other words - the whole range of excellent sound emitters that can play their part, each sound range.


speakers can be divided into 2 classes: Hi-End and Hi-Fi.The first marking indicates to you that no less elite and sound amplifying equipment.It sounds perfect, however, and is much more expensive than Hi-Fi.This term literally means to English high accuracy.In terms of acoustic technology it is said that the equipment complies with all accepted international standards of quality, and the reproduced sound is very close to the original.To dat

e, produced 3 types of speakers: floor (what they are - it is clear from the title), and shelf speakers that are built into the ceiling or wall.The first two types are the most convenient, because at any moment they can be moved to any other room.Recessed speaker system can not be called mobile.It requires major installation works and after the installation, of course, can not be moved elsewhere.


choosing speakers, pay special attention to the number of speakers.Plank systems have only one such device, which, of course, can not promise how a good sound.One level up is two-way speakers.Their peculiarity lies not only in the number of speakers.Also important is the fact that they are able to issue separate high and low sounds.Perhaps the ideal speaker system can be called a three-way speakers.They tend to be high, medium and low frequencies produce different dynamics.


In size column speakers differ on large and small.Before you buy speakers for the home, be sure to measure the space where the plan to establish a sound technique.For example, not very wise to put two-meter column in a small room.However, there is still a great deal depends on the characteristics of premises, furniture and decoration.As a rule, small design greatly distort the sound, especially during loud sounds.Today, the store offers a huge number of speakers.Naturally, they are different.Speaker system, the price of which, let's 5,000 rubles, may sound worse than its counterpart, standing on the 2-3 thousand expensive.Much depends on the manufacturer's equipment, and the individual characteristics of the premises, which will be placed speakers.Therefore, based on the characteristics of their hearing loss and financial capabilities.