Borovsky monastery.

Pafnutyevo history of the monastery Borowski, as well as the fate of its founder display amazing event.They are mentioned in the annals of the Russian land.Monument majestic glory and spiritual shrine is considered to house the Nativity of the Most Pure Virgin and the great miracle worker Paphnutius.

The initial stage of spiritual development of the founder of the monastery

Borovsky monastery is named after St. Paphnutius, who was born in the village of Kudinovo (approximately 4 kilometers from the town of Borovsk) in the family distinguished piety.At the moment of baptism, miracle worker was named Parfeny.He was my grandfather, who, according to ancient legend, was the Tatar Baskakov, who took the Orthodox faith.When Parfeny twenty years old, he joined the High-Pokrovka Borovsky monastery, where he took vows and naming a new name - Pafnutii.The abbot, noticing boys heartfelt wish, assign a mentor - an old man, Nikita, who for nineteen years he was the manager of the Serpukhov Vysotsky monastery a

nd went to a pupil of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Life of St.

Twenty years of high spiritual life Pafnutii spiritually risen to the level of "to teach her husband."Metropolitan Photius, who was in charge of all the Orthodox monasteries in Russia, awarded him the honor to become the abbot of the monastery.In 1444 the Rev. Basil left the monastery at the behest of God.He settled nearby, in a deserted place, where the river empties into Isterma Protva, three miles from Borovsk.Soon there was also established the monastery.Later added to it the name of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin was built at the behest of Metropolitan Jonah.

Voluntary renunciation of worldly life Paphnutius was not very harsh, but he obey all church decorum, rules, regulations.As guardian of the canons, he did not recognize Metropolitan Jonah as he was elected, but not approved by the Patriarch of Constantinople, who stood above all the monasteries in Russia.

Saints offense

Paphnutius Borovsky monastery date of foundation is considered to be 1444.Pafnutii called his house immaculate Mother of God.In the selected field of the saint carried out its activities for more than thirty years.He consecrated the monastery with their prayers and work, collected it and brought all the brothers in obedience and fear of God.

Pafnuti After receiving notice from the Lord about his impending death, he spent the remaining time in unceasing prayer and fasting, instructing students.Monk hopes to put his own soul and entrusted him to a monastery on God and His Mother Most Pure.He lived, pleasing the Lord lives of ascetic, 82 years old.During this time Pafnutii brethren gathered from ninety five.

veneration of the saint during his lifetime

In relation to the laity Venerable Paphnutius was harsh.From the boyars and princes, he refused to accept the gifts and letters.Despite the fact that Orthodox monasteries was already opened in Russia in considerable quantity, it is the abode of Paphnutii enjoyed great fame.His very honored some of the great princes that Reverend erected to the rank of the family saint.Himself Ivan the Terrible allegedly born thanks to the prayers of the elders Paphnutius.King ranked his name to a number of great saints who guarded all Monastery in Moscow (they also include Cyril Belozersky and Sergius of Radonezh).

for 18 years at St. Paphnutius trained Ionian Education Joseph of Volokolamsk.Subsequently, he became a great church figure.Joseph led Bohr monastery after the repose of Paphnutius in 1477.

Novices and supporters of the great saint

By tonsures Paphnutii include:

1. Joseph Vassian Sanin, who was the author of the description of the life of St..

2. Reverend David, who founded the Ascension desert.

3. Godfather of Ivan the Terrible.

4. Reverend Daniel, who founded the Trinity Monastery in the territory of Pereslavl-Zaleski.

Pafnutii approve of the union under the authority of the Moscow fiefdoms, so he kept the head of the feudal monarchy.In 1467 Bohr monastery and added another stone cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin name.Make it invited the famous icon painter while Mitrofanii.Great thinkers and artists had a great influence on the formation of a monastery in a special craft tradition.Among those who are deeply imbued with it, was the holy Macarius.He is also the elders tonsures Paphnutius.Later Makarios led the Russian Orthodox Church (1542 by 1563).

Honoring Paphnutii after the death of his soul

elder of the monastery Borowski gave in God's hands the first of May (old style calendar) in 1477, in the evening, an hour before sunset.

Lord did through his saint many miracles, leaving subsequent generations an example of life that is pleasing to Him.About Pafnutiev sacred memory preserved until today.God's will has repeatedly maintained his abode from ruin.At the present time, the Lord is also the holy prayer and predstatel for all the people who love and faith come to Him.

Start of the great history of the monastery

In the sixteenth century Pafnutiev (Borovsky) Monastery became one of the richest and most famous in Russia.This is where in 1513, the summer before to advance in the direction of Smolensk, stopped the main forces of sovereign troops who led Vasily third.Monasteries Kaluga region at that time were not sufficiently protected from the invasion of attacking enemies.But that changed soon enough.For the second half of the sixteenth century Borovsky monastery was surrounded by stone walls and equipped with towers.He occupied a strategic position in the south-western outskirts of Moscow.Walls and towers suffered greatly during the Great Troubles, but were rebuilt in the seventeenth century, a native of Kashin Shaturinym Trofim, a bricklayer who was hereditary and true master of his craft.


Monastery The monastery was built in 1511 house for the name of the Nativity.It also built a stately refectory.At the end of the same century, the Cathedral was rebuilt.He became one of the most advanced at that time.The five-domed, has four pillars, Borovsky monastery had such an architecture, which clearly traced characteristic features of the Archangel Cathedral, a member of the Moscow Kremlin.In 1651 he painted frescoes, and in 1651 built the north chapel of the Holy Great Martyr Irene behalf.The composition of the architecture of the cathedral broke in the nineteenth century reworking of the domes and the creation of the porch.

great loss

When to Borovsk in July 1610 came False Dmitry II, popularly called Tushino, his forces did not have enough strength and opportunities to take the fortress-monastery.This happened only when the governors-traitors themselves opened the gates.In the monastery there was an unequal battle.Force of thousands of troops were exterminated all the locals, who took refuge in a monastery, and the brethren.Prince Mikhail Volkonsky, who led the defense in the battle, was killed in the cathedral church.Also killed archimandrites Nikon (the abbot of the monastery) and Joseph, who was a defender of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery.The attackers stole all the wealth of the soldiers.At the same time charters and documents of the monastery burned down in a fire.It is a sign of honoring the memory of the heroism of Prince Volkonsky and on this defense at Borovsk got its own coat of arms.It depicts a symbol of fidelity - a heart with a cross framed by a laurel wreath.

heyday after the sorrowful times

After ruin Pafnutiev monastery was not only restored, but also experienced a period of prosperity.It happened in the seventeenth century.At that time it was formed an architectural ensemble of the monastery, which has not changed until now.Its visitors in the 19th century, noted that he was very neat and tidy, it felt a special peace of mind, peace and tranquility.In the 17-19 centuries Pafnutiev (Borovsky) Monastery famous rare frescoes and icons, a rich library and sacristy.By the monastery in 1744 were attributed to 11,000 farmers.Up to now we have not reached the names of prominent devotees at that time.However, on the basis of what kind of spirit in the monastery as his calm life is adjusted, it is possible to understand how steadily and quietly in the works of obedience and monastic services proceeded their lives.


In 1666-1667 years in prison Borovsky monastery contained a notorious Avvakum.Then he was sent to jail Pustozerya.Also detained in the monastery prison, according to the decrees of the emperor, was a noblewoman Morozova, who persisted in schism.In addition, the prison kept her sister and her husband by shooting musketeers Colonel Daniel.These victims of propaganda dissenters in the fall of 1675, and died there of starvation.


monastery even after all the damage has flourished.It could not prevent and three-time raids of Napoleon's army in 1812.Just as in 1610, while men looted the monastery (monastery Paphnutii photos you can see in the article), and the library burned.But the greatest devastation was ahead.In 1932 the monastery was closed.Its territory was placed Museum.Later, the monastery was turned into a corrective labor colony.Then she arranged the mechanization for the school, which taught agriculture.The monastery necropolis was demolished, and in its place was built in 1935, the educational building of the school.

Renaissance cloister nothing could stop it.And contributed to this holy Paphnutius.In the night from 13 to 14 May 1954, the day of remembrance of the monk, collapsed central dome of the Cathedral of the Nativity.Standing in the temple of equipment owned by the school, I was crushed.Restoration work began in 1960.

establishment spirituality

Agricultural College withdrew from the territory of the monastery Borowski in 1991. During the same year it began to come first inhabitants.Symbolic was the appointment of the first governor of the monastery abbot Nikon (in the world Khudyakov).He was the spiritual son of Archimandrite Ambrose.That, in turn, was the last one left of the brethren of the monastery, which existed prior to its closure.So it was to preserve the spiritual succession.Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah, which houses the relics of St. Paphnutius, consecrated in 1991, the thirteenth of April.It brought Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk of the Pskov-Caves Monastery, where she remained until then.

the summer of 1994 in the cathedral finally begun the long-awaited festive and solemn worship.It built an iconostasis, which consists of three tiers, and built a chapel in honor of Paphnutius.The bells were hoisted into place in 1996.

Holy Monastery magnetism

In 1994 crossed two anniversaries - five hundred and fifty years since the founding of the monastery, and six hundred of the birth of St. Paphnutius.On this occasion, Borovsky monastery visited Alexy II - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.He made a procession and the solemn liturgy.

site of the ancient monastery, which was founded in the mid-fifteenth century Paphnutius of Borovsk, and to this day is picturesque and quiet.Since the beginning of the existence of the monastery it attracts like a magnet, pilgrims from all over Russia and abroad (both near and far), who visit the monastery for the rest of life's burdens.They come to the monastery walls to relax from everyday problems, to throw off the burden from their shoulders everyday worries and enjoy the silence of the inner eyelids namolennye place.

worship and pilgrimage

The Kaluga region is famous for?Borovsky Monastery, which is located on its territory, a place of pilgrimage for both the inhabitants of nearby settlements, and in other cities and countries.Even in Moscow go there to venerate the relics and defend Paphnutii service ruled that the father of Blaise.Borovsky Monastery publishes its schedule of daily worship in their own newspaper "Herald", and even the Internet on the official website.When the monastery is the children's Sunday school.Also in the monastery you can listen to lectures for adults, carry out joint viewing of films about the priesthood and to discuss them.In 2011, the monastery established Orthodox squad Borowski edge that helps unite young people, based on the ideals of service to the community and neighbors.

Help gifted children and adolescents

In summer in the monastery take a group of children Scouts and young artists, who are trained at the Art School of Kaluga.They carry out practical exercises in the area.Over the past few years in the monastery organized a children's tent field patriotic Orthodox camp called "Stratilat."Every year it is resting more than forty people.On the base camp from 2011 three times already held meeting "Pafnutevgrad", which was attended by the young Orthodox people.

activities and celebration of the holy place

Pafnutevskom The monastery is actively carried out printing operation.It publishes the magazine for children "The Boat", a newspaper for parents and teachers "Borovsky educator" weekly "Herald" and books of spiritual direction.Throughout the year, pilgrims can make excursions to the monastery, where he works and icons book shop, a library.In addition, Borovsky Monastery is the largest organizer of the regional educational readings.This annual event is aimed at the congregation for the development of moral and spiritual values ‚Äč‚Äčamong the population.During the great celebrations such as the feast day of St Paphnutius and Nativity of the Virgin in the monastery lay the table in the dining room for all comers.

Kaluga region, the monastery.Father Blasius

Schema-archimandrite Blasius (Peregontsev in the world) was born on February 8, 1934.Family bogosluzhitelya was a believer.His grandmother - schema-nun.She was brought up from an early age Blasius in piety and faith.It had to hide during the Soviet era.After school Peregontsev entered the Smolensk Medical Institute.Future priests went secretly to the prayers in the cathedral.

information was reported to the Rector of the Institute, then started hounding faithful student.This was unacceptable to Peregontseva, and as a result he decided to leave school and go to the Tambov region.There, he met his father Hilarion (fisherfolk), from whom he received an offer to go to Zakarpattya region.Upon arrival at the monastery of Saint Lavra and Flora former student changed his name.The reason for this decision was the announcement of the All-Union wanted it.A few years later tonsured father Blasius in the mantle of the same name St. Sebaste.Home

spiritual path Peregontseva

From 1991 to the present time head of the elder Blasius Borovsky monastery.But he reached the rank of skhiarhimandrita?Becoming a spiritual man, a frustrated physician was in obedience to his father lay brother Hilarion.During the persecution of the Church, when Khrushchev was in power, the monastery was closed.Blasius was forced to return to Smolensk and recover documents.The representatives of the legitimate authorities asked him to leave monastic life and continue their studies at the institute, but he refused.Vlasov was awarded an audience with the Archbishop of Gideon, who took him into his cathedral.Future Schema-archimandrite ministry began with cleaning the altar.Later he became a psalm-reader, then regent, a deacon, then a priest and a cell-mate.When Gideon in 1972 was transferred to the Diocese of Novosibirsk and with him went to Siberia and the father of Blaise.Later, he was appointed to serve in Tobolsk St. Basil's Cathedral.

Last monastery elder

When, in 1991, Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk blessed Blasius Pafnutyevo on the protection of the monastery, it became more and more people to visit.All they needed spiritual help.In 1998 he left his father Blasius Borovsky monastery and went to Mount Athos.There, among the monks he lived for five years.Then he returned to Pafnutiev monastery, where he is to this day.Meetings with the father looking Vlasov thousands of worshipers from all over the world.Some come to the old man to get rid of incurable diseases, the other - to get practical advice for the resolution of important worldly affairs.Many find in his face spiritual support.For each parishioner Vlas is intelligible simple answer.