Saint Charbel.

Nothing helps a person so keep afloat as faith.That it moves it forward, and at times only faith is subject to perform such miracles, from which all scientists who are accustomed to look at all phenomena in terms of their possible origin, get lost and do not know how to explain this position that tell them ordinary peopleand what appears before their own eyes.

religion knows many miracle workers.In life, few people believed them, many were called charlatans and magicians.Most of them were recluses and outcasts who lived away from the world, but at the same time helping those who needed it.After the death of many of them were canonized and today their relics are pilgrims.Someone out of curiosity, and someone nurtures the soul shards of a broken promise in his hopeless situation, when everything turned out to be powerless, and wait for help from anywhere.

One such miracle workers is a saint Charbel, a monk and healer who lived the longest, if not, then truly the grace of life, made a great number o

f miracles around the world after his death.

Today Annayya Monastery in Lebanon, where the saint died and where his body is not decomposed after almost 116 years, is a place of pilgrimage, visited with the trouble more than a million people from nearly 100 countries.Most of them immediately received help from the saint and healed diseases.Every suffering man, who in the house is an icon of St. Charbel, believes that it can do no less wonders than his body, if applied to the affected area.But the monk lived earthly life, which is made wonders how to help people and why his body after a century remains incorruptible and again brings people hope for recovery?Let's try to answer these questions.

Earthly life

Saint Charbel at birth was named Youssef Mahluf.He grew up in a peasant family in a village in Lebanon, was born in 1828.He was silent and modest child, always trying to retire.Strong was the love the boy to his mother, who was a very believing woman.

Already in the early years, it was called a saint, as he almost always prayed.When he herded goats in the mountains, I found a grotto, which is adapted for prayer, making an altar, and put back the images of the Blessed Virgin and the Lord.

lived the first 23 years of his life in his native village, he strengthened the desire to dedicate myself to God, I went on pilgrimage to the village and became a novice Meyfuk tamoshnego monastery.

finished a five-year training Krifane returned to Annayyu, where he lived until his death in 1898.

front of the monastery, where lies the body of a monk, was a monument: Saint Charbel (a photo of the monument you can see below) is, raising a hand on the pedestal with leading thereto stage at which all the time there are believers, kissing and stroking his clothes frommetal, warm to the touch.Last inexplicable phenomenon is associated just with this monument.When the Pope announced the canonization in Rome Charbel, right hand raised as if he greeted the faithful.Who knows, maybe this is not the last in the chain is already a miracle occurred.

Prophecy Youssef

first prophesied the appearance of the image of the Virgin in different corners of the Earth.In his vision of the land of light due to a number of points, and each point was the image of the Virgin Mary statue, which stood in their house.This prophecy was fulfilled.

Before the adoption of monasticism, he spoke about mirotochenii icons and statues of the Virgin, which, he said, was to get people to change their lives.This event took place in 1984.

Saint Charbel also spoke about the appearance of a woman who will speak through the mouth of the Blessed Virgin, and will bring a lot of suffering that happened a year ago foretold them mirotocheniya in 1983 in Argentina.

He has written and prophesied.Basically, it bothered the fall of the true faith, the spread of hypocrisy, a lot of temptations and the lack of moral spiritual religious leader.

What preceded the miracles?

monk died on 71 th year of life, spent the last 25 years in seclusion at work in the vineyard.He voluntarily lived in spartan conditions: meal once a day, sleeping on the floor of his cell, the beam instead of a pillow.He grew grapes, worked tirelessly and successfully healed the peasants from the surrounding area, no denying help and support.

Perhaps his righteous life was the reason that he continued to heal people after death.The beginning of this steel amazing events that took place a few days after the saint Charbel left the earthly world.

Home inexplicable

monk was buried at the beginning of 1898, and the next day the monastery of Saint Maron, where his body rested, noticed a strange glow, attracting crowds of onlookers.Then it has nothing to do with St. Sharbel.But in the spring of 1899 at the behest of the circumstances it was necessary to open the vault and then discovered that the body was absolutely incorruptible, flexible and elastic, without the characteristic putrid smell.Were caused by doctors, confirmed the death of a monk.

reasons for this phenomenon have not been able to find out, but in the body of perspiration appeared as a pink fluid - ichor, it is not hardened and smoldered.Above this mystery fought the council of physicians, put forward the version that Saint Charbel once ate too much in life.However, denied this version, but other explanations have not been found.

healing power

In 1909, the body was placed in a coffin with a glass lid, and left on public display.By the coffin pulled strings pilgrims who were healed from mental illness, rising to his feet, we began to see and hear.Those who could not come, sent letters with their photographs and hair, so that they were attached to the coffin, and then sent them back.

Each healing was documented, and the rest of the cured pilgrims things - tires, crutches, orthopedic shoes and letters - are stored at the International Center of Saint Charbel in Lebanon.

sanies stood for nearly 20 years, but the body is not turned into a mummy.Moisture was taken out of nowhere, that the input of scientists and doctors in bewilderment.Lost in conjecture, they could not and still can not explain what is happening.

How to ask for help?

Anyone who needs healing and wants to seek help from the saint, will print the images that can be applied to the sore spot.

Also effective is the prayer to Saint Charbel, which exists in two versions.There is a nine-day treatment cycle directly to the saint, who is nine prayers read in order, each on a specific day.Daily reading them, ask the Holy believer about what he wanted.As a rule, this applies to health.

There is a separate method of treatment, in which the believer asks God to feel the support and care of the monk, a healer, and get help from him.

Whatever selectable suffering prayer to Saint Charbel, a nine-day cycle or a traditional single appeal, the facts speak for themselves - it really can help to recover or at least improve their health.

view from the standpoint of science

course, today tense debate about why people miraculously recovers, to make a pilgrimage to the grave with the body of the Lebanese monk.Many studies, however, scientists and doctors can not scientifically explain the phenomenon of St Charbel and understand how the body, which lies in a coffin for more than a century, it looks as if the man died a few hours ago, and brings healing to pilgrims.

repeatedly conducted various experiments whose purpose was to shed light on the ongoing miracles.By the research involved the most eminent experts in the field from around the world.Above the body held at times absolutely barbaric procedure, in spite of everything, it remained in his state.

not remained aloof from the study of this phenomenon and our country.Writer Anatoly Bayukansky, has visited Lebanon and talked with those who helped the monk, in 2013 issued a new book about him called "Saint Charbel.Help from the sky. "In it he described the life of a healer, a detailed description of all the miracles that he performed during his lifetime and after his death, and made no attempt to explain them rationally.

But it really matter how it happens?If a person will know exactly why he is recovering, it is called a miracle is already impossible.Also, it will be possible to predict the probability of healing, and someone's unclean hands put the matter to the stream.That's when the magic will be gone, and people will lose hope and faith that they so often need.