How to be slim: exercises on the ball for weight loss

Women are meant to be attractive to fascinate men, eye-catching.With age, or just after the holidays our figure varies considerably, and not for the better.It's time to think: the effective charge for weight loss does not hurt.To do this, you can start going to the gym or just for yourself to develop an effective set of exercises for weight loss.

modern fitness instructors have recently started to use the exercise on the ball for weight loss, they are called fitball.Using the gym ball and doing exercises on the ball regularly for weight loss you can not just pull up different muscle groups, to forget about the problem of women's cellulite, but also lose a few extra kilos.

exercises on the ball is very effective for weight loss.Engage with fitball easy and fun, especially if you play your favorite music.The beauty of these exercises is that they can practice at home.Feetball sold everywhere: in sports shops, shopping malls, markets, and it is useful for games with children.What is the exercise on

the ball for weight loss?This is a fun and practical ball game, strengthens muscles and improves mood.

Talk about fitball.They represent a large gymnastic balls.The modern market offers a variety of balls of colors and decorations, sizes and prices.There are models with special handles, they are called horns, as well as simple round fitball.Some companies produce a fitball pupyrchatoy surface.These balls have a massage effect, removing any unwanted wrinkles and bumps on the skin.Gymnastic balls not only strengthen the body but also help to normalize the vestibular apparatus.During the exercises with fitball need to keep the balance, keep your back flat and your neck.All this contributes to postural alignment, develops tolerance to smooth the position of the spine.

Fitness, complete classes with gymnastic ball, every woman will find a figure of their dreams.Fitbol affect all parts of the body, depending on the exercises.Add to employment with fitball healthy diet, give up bad habits, start to walk more, and soon you will have an attractive shape.

Here are some examples of exercises with fitball.The first and most fun - jumping.Turn on the music or your favorite TV series, take the fitball and start bouncing motion, not looking up from the surface of the ball.By doing this a fascinating exercise every day for at least fifteen minutes, you will be able to pump up the legs to make them fit and slim.

The following exercise will be good for the waist.Sit on a fitball, feet firmly pressed to the floor.Follow the twists and turns deep body, on each side of at least fifteen times.

now exercise for the most problematic part of the female body - the buttocks.Sit comfortably on the floor, bend your knees and place it between the thighs fitball.Commit slow compression of at least thirty times.Next, begin to compress fitball twice and at least thirty times.Then, four and eight compression, with longer hold the thigh compressed.

Lie on the floor, feet up.Pinch fitball between his knees and begin to swing the press.Commit first single lift, then double, quadruple and eightfold, all in fifteen or twenty times.

fitball Hold hands at chest level and start to compress it, straining the muscles of the chest.This exercise will help tighten the chest, if you do it daily for at least five to ten minutes.

Engage with gymnastic ball and forget about the problems with the figure!Exercises will be fun for you to exercise, will be able to decorate the gray everyday life and help you become even more attractive.