Making suburban area: the need dictates time

Many today are privatized suburban areas, not knowing that these areas of law are not their own.In order to be entitled to dispose of the land, you must design suburban area in the property.

For starters, understand that this suburban area.This is the land on which the citizens of the rest and grow crops.On the dacha allowed to build economic and residential buildings.It differs from a garden site that you can not only build a house on it, and register the right of residence in it.At the garden site is allowed to build a dwelling without the right registration.Therefore, many citizens who are the owners of garden plots, non-fundamental construct residential buildings.When making such a property will be considered a temporary building and, if necessary, it is easy to carry.

If you offer to buy a suburban area, which is not formalized property rights, should not go to such a deal.Not to be left without money and land, ask the seller first to conduct a proper design of suburban area.The fact that the

land is privatized, shows a document on the state registration of property rights.

If you have not taken advantage of the law on "dacha amnesty", remember that the design suburban area under the simplified scheme allowed until 2015.If the site has a fundamental structure of living, after this period you will have to pay a fine for illegal construction without approved project documentation.Making suburban area without buildings under the simplified scheme until perpetuity.

To start the privatization of land and residential buildings in the country, you need to have a membership book of gardening or dacha community.Without this document design suburban area impossible.If a book is lost, it is necessary to apply to the chairman of the association with a statement about restoring books.The new "holiday party card" you can issue on the basis of archival documents that show that you regularly make contributions and lead country economy for several years.

Another obligatory document for the privatization of land is a help local authorities confirming the right to use land.This can be a very old document issued during the Soviet era.The main thing that this help was printing.In accordance with federal laws 137 and 122, this certificate is valid and certifies your right to the ground.If you do not help, the basis for the state registration of property rights may be one of the following documents: an act of local authorities on the transfer of land for the use you;certificate of title to land, issued by a public authority;ispolkomovskaya extract from the business books.

Making suburban area is performed in the presence of the cadastral (land passport).This document, which is the old way many call-up suburban area, you can get on the board, the chairman of the association.Typically, in terms not listed buildings.In order to legitimize them, you must draw up a declaration describing the materials of construction, size and location of the buildings on the site.The board will also need to get a conclusion that the suburban area is assigned to a specific person, and they made up the description of the case.

If dacha has residential building, it is necessary to obtain a passport on him to the Bureau of Technical Inventory.

When all the papers are collected, in the presence of an identity document, should apply to the local administration.There you get permission (order, act) to provide suburban area in the property.With this document should contact the local branch of the Russian State Register.

Making suburban area with your hands can be considered complete only after you have paid the state fee and receive a certificate of state registration of property rights.