How to write a story based on what he heard?

write a story based on what he heard to some may seem really difficult, despite the fact that there is nothing complicated about the process there.However, if you are not versed in such matters, panic ahead of time is not necessary, because of the article, you'll learn how to ease the process of writing.


As in any other writings or other texts, the story based on what he heard should contain any beginning.In it, you can either express their own point of view on that question that was raised while reading or very summarize, what was it, what you have heard.


story about heard should include several things:

  • summary;
  • explanation;
  • opinion.

So summary.This does not mean you have to completely retell everything that you hear, do not, you're not the presentation.The writing should cover only the essence of reading teacher and transfer it in brief, concise form.It follows from the second paragraph.

explanation.In order to properly and adequately written as a summary of, and

a personal opinion, you need to define the meaning of what he heard.Yes, there are tex "about nothing", but it is unlikely you will choose to compose such a fragment.Most likely, you'll have to listen to an interesting, informative story on which you have to make your own.You must write in the retelling is not just a summary of, and the meaning of it.This will not only help in the future to make your own opinion and do a decent job, but also take you in the eyes of others, because the ability to grasp, squeeze and process the information in his head - a very useful skill, which can be useful to anyone in the future.

course work without any personal opinion or attitude to the subject under discussion?Without it, you just do not get high-quality text, no matter how you try, as usual narration is not limited.Since this topic is considered to be one of the main elements of a decent story, we learned it separately.

Personal attitude

not really matter what you got topic.Even if you do not know much about it, even a little bit you should have an idea about it.No matter, will be the subject matter in the pollution of nature or something else, the main thing - is struggling to try to convey to potential readers of his point of view, an opinion, because the story, especially the essay-story based on what he heard, is no different fromconventional and familiar texts, where the main role is given to personal impression.

Among other things, you have to try to explain how you understand what listened to make a great story.On the basis of what he heard would build the foundation of your works, so if you do not fully understand what was discussed, try to spend some time to think, because it's really important.You must make it clear to the reader that they themselves are aware of what are writing, otherwise it will be useless text from nowhere who took reasoning.

Conclusion So now you know how to write a story based on what he heard.Use this knowledge wisely and create such texts that you can use them to really be proud of.It may not always turn out right the first time, so do not be amiss to remind that only practice can help.One theory is always enough, so if you have some spare time and a desire not to blunder at a crucial moment, when the time comes to write the same story, ask your friends, parents or brother / sister to help you.Have someone read to you one or other text, and then you'll have to try and write an essay.It is advisable that you just helped practiced adult, competent person able to notice your mistakes (it's not just about spelling and punctuation) and forward on the right path.