What is the limit and where it came from

word "limit" has a negative meaning resistant and often used as an ordinary expletive.It is synonymous with stupidity, limited interests and wanton aggression.At the same few people think that such a limit and where it came from in the Russian reality.That, at least, is interesting.

From the history of the issue

answer to the question of what it means to "limit" should be sought about in the seventies of the last century.The capital of the Soviet Union, the city-hero of Moscow, has traditionally been attractive for the entire population.The standard of living in the capital was very different from the average.It is to say that those wishing to settle in Moscow for permanent residence had a lot to do and it was not that easy?On the way was a wishing administrative barriers as a residence.Without stamped in their passport to live in the capital and finding a job was impossible.Meanwhile, Moscow is strongly needed in the workforce, without her constant influx exist multimillion metropolis could not.Num

erous construction and utilities to the city just stopped without hands.

Soviet way of solving personnel problems

work on construction sites and in the structures that provide livelihoods of the capital, Muscovites are categorically did not want to.For owners of the Moscow residence it was not prestigious and profitable.These are the circumstances of economic and social involvement was due to the capital-town labor.Her number was limited to administrative approved planned norm - limit.It was here in Moscow colloquial vocabulary included the definition of "limit" (with the accent on the last syllable).This is the common name of guest workers who have agreed to the heavy and undervalued work for the sake of the future of the Moscow residence permit, which they had been promised work for the benefit of capital.

Moscow limitchik

guest workers lived in special hostels, mostly located in remote from the center areas, often at the Ring Road.In order to decide to move to Moscow and a willingness to work hard for the promised future stamp in the passport, it was necessary to have a great strength of character.Or just do not have roots in their home areas.Without an understanding of these circumstances can not answer the question of what is the limit.

places of mass stay limitchikov Moscow often became centers of social tension and increased criminality.Winners limitchik Moscow residence permit, to put it mildly, did not like.The main motive of their aggression was a clear sense of social injustice.And the native Muscovites there is no need to explain what the limit.The negative attitude to it can not be changed even by the simple fact that a significant portion of today's Moscow is built-workers limitchik.But over the years, some of limitchikov yet received a residence permit in Moscow today prefer to call themselves "Muscovites in the first generation."Migrant workers

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the question of what is the limit became increasingly moving away into the sphere of history.At the beginning of the dashing of the nineties, at the height of the economic crisis, construction projects in Moscow was not so much, and accordingly, has fallen sharply need to newcomer labor.The era of limits in its classic sense is over.It is time guest workers - guest workers from the now independent countries that were formerly Soviet republics, mainly from Central Asia, as well as Ukraine and Moldova.