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At the end of the first millennium BC, the Celts were the largest barbarian peoples of Europe.The Druids were the priests of the Celts at the same time and doctors, teachers and judges.They are highly respected and have real power over the population.

calendar, which was used by the Druids, was associated with trees.The Druids believed that the date of birth of a person affects his character and destiny, and their horoscopes were relying on "wood" calendar.Thus, each of us has a tree-protector, confer specific qualities and characteristics.

Apple (December 22 -1 January 25 June - 4 July)

APPLE - tree is very sentimental, sensitive.
If she accidentally meet a partner, corresponding to the spirit and taste, their marriage will be bliss.APPLE always true in love, both in free and in matrimonial.

Apple unselfish, wasteful, easily lends itself to fraud.Would give his own shirt would share the last piece of bread.At the same time, however, the apple, not a simpleton.Not thinking about tomorrow, she lives from day to day, sometimes making debts and forget about them, that in general for her naturally.It is - full of fantasy philosopher, rejoicing life and do not want to surprise anybody, nor persuade.Do not take it, however, for being frivolous.

Fir (January 2 - January 11, 5 July - 14 July)

Krasiva rather cold, austere beauty, loves vintage jewelry, as well as the login prompt lamps, perfume, old things and full of grandeur holidays.Capricious and not always easy in dialogue and living together.Development of a sense of isolation, so often feel lonely even in a big team.

Not amenable to outside influence, but rarely expresses his opinion, is not highly talkative and fun.Very proud, persistence in achieving goals.

in love is rarely granted.Rigor and intransigence.

Elm (January 12 - January 24, July 15 - July 25)

large, slender, beautiful.It is very attractive to others, but is in itself something chilling.Not too much, but watching him, dressed with a certain ease, often can not part with the old favorite sweater.
ELM not pretentious and does not like to complicate their lives.It is characterized by calmness and poise.The most significant drawback - slow.The tendency to moralizing - is the most obnoxious feature.

Contrary to appearances, he was in poor health.Straightforward and open, disarm generosity.I believe in human kindness.The thing that protects, always noble, and he believes that sooner or later will achieve recognition.Stronger than the other, experiencing failure.He is able to do much for the good of his family and has a strong sense of responsibility, duty.

Cypress (January 25 - February 3, July 26 - August 4)

Slim, sturdy, with strong chiseled silhouette and simple regular features.However, there is in him something severe, something of human nature.Not devoid of sophistication, there is in him something of the person untainted by civilization.Satisfy small and adapts to the situation.Can live under any conditions and at the same time be happy.Quickly reaches maturity and independence.

not attach importance to success in life, not chasing fame, for money.The only thing he wants - to be happy.He avoids anything that would put it faces.

Poplar (February 4 - February 8, August 5 - August 13)

He feels bad in distress, but does not like, however, to live apart.Feeling the need for comrades, but suffers from the surrounding persons, not of his own choosing.Very sensitive to the infringement of freedom and easy to be pessimistic.He tries not to show it, but no one can be mistaken for a long time on this.

His love is sensitive to the slightest trouble and even the little things can bring him out of balance.At times, it moved by itself, but more often it is possible to hide, and this is a kind of reticence pleasure.
Courage and pride help him overcome the most difficult tasks, and on his face rarely seen trouble.Those who know him a little, it is often mistaken for a particularly fun and relaxed.

Kartas South (09 February - 18 February; August 14 - August 23)

Easily adapts to any conditions.However, he also dreams of convenience, but, if necessary, can spend the night under the open sky.It possesses good health.Everywhere he feels at home and do not know what shyness.Dynamic, confident, forces to be reckoned with at the same time very sensitive to jokes about his person, and do not really understand them.

He likes to hit, grab the guard, to be the center of attention, ready to make any sacrifice to achieve this.He believes that he has to make decisions and pronounce the final word.With brilliantly solves the most complex issues.I do not know the dangers, and has the gift of nepredusmotritelen get involved in unexpected situations.Fortunately, however, are able to easily get out of them.Proud, proud, straightforward, and the incorrigible optimist, which often leads to careless actions both in business and in personal life.

Pine (February 19 - February 28/29, August 24 - September 2)

fierce resistance encounters with his head and not allow themselves to overcome bad luck.Thanks to the courage and ability to take risks always go ahead.The work is able to be a success, regardless of occupation, which elects.

pine distinguishes persistence with which she is the chosen path and from which it is difficult to bring down.He knows how to get out of the difficult situation.Very accurate and fast in action.

Despite the friendliness of use and the ability to be nice friend, it does not happen too much complexity and generosity.Our own well-being and convenience - especially.Failures other not banish sleep from her eyelids, although happens, she mentions them with compassion in friendly conversations.Only one shows weakness - in love.Sensual and impulsive - easily interested in, and then it is too late.

Iva (1 March - 10 March, 03 September - 12 September)

With his singing melancholy beauty of the IIA is very attractive and unique.Even if only the visibility defines the basis of its charms (especially if the IVA - female), you feel it as something mysterious.It is full of vague thoughts, unconscious desires that sometimes she can not identify.
very sensitive, loves the sun's heat, stay near the water.It responds to all the smells and tastes.Like no one else can use the minute of joy and not indulge in any of them.

Do not believe foreign meekness Willow.Contrary to her, she businesslike and determined, he knows what he wants.It does not impose anything on anyone, because it developed a sense of respect for others, and have no desire to command.
There is in it something of a poet.Her melancholic maxims about the approaching autumn and fleeting life should not be taken too seriously, and regarded as a manifestation of pessimism.IVA is a very difficult partner, because they do not have the ability to adapt quickly, and does not like to compromise.

Her vulnerability and helplessness often only tactic.Time for fun and sometimes for personal gain, it can play brilliantly from itself weak creature.Generally in life he knows how to defend himself perfectly.

Lipa (March 11 - 20 March, 13 September - 22 September)

Unheard charming and knows how to use his charm.Anyone can turn the head.Dreams of stability, security, full comforts of life and often does not realize that all this has more to her values.It easily adapts to any conditions.It is enough to have a tent to create an atmosphere of home convenience.Calm in appearance, and even a few limp, silent, shy, with serene and pessimistic.

LINDEN often goes through life with a sense of boredom.This is its main enemy.
Sometimes unstable, especially sensitive to flattery.Full of contradictions, very difficult to decrypt.One thing it is certain: it is very nice.Dealing with it is very nice and easy to remain a feeling of mental comfort.LINDEN patiently listens to his interlocutor, respectful of their neighbors, they do not seek to rule over them.Its all love, even when it is not really possible to rely.

has a practical turn of mind, a penchant for technology, resourceful and accurate.

Hazel (22 March - 31 March, 24 September - 03 October)

often weak nevzrachen.Do not impose your "I" in the opinion of others.But if you get to know him closer, it is impossible not to succumb to the charm he exudes not see his original mind.

hazel satisfied with small, adapt to all kinds of conditions of life and understands everything.His appearance makes almost magical effect.If you want, you can like, can make love yourself.He knows how to be kind, wise, patient, but can be dangerous, evil, harmful.All the magic in it - white or black, depending on his mood or a moment of their own whim.Without the balance of good or evil sophisticated - this is the hazel, and not without reason people born under this sign, in the Middle Ages was often accused of witchcraft.

bonding over someone, he will do everything to facilitate his life.But be careful, if you do not conquer his sympathies.
Despite the modesty and restraint, never goes unnoticed.Very original, unlike anyone else, life is treated differently than all.

Rowan (1 April - 10 April, 4 October - 13 October)

for fragile exterior hides a persistent nature.Sweet and charming, and for tripping can be seen from afar and know her.The smile almost never leaves her face, not so much because of the inner gaiety, but because of self-control.Able to emphasize self-esteem, he likes to dress well.It has a good taste.

quickly get used to the changes in your environment.He loves to deliver fellow joy, even to the detriment of themselves.Not selfish, but somewhat self-centered.On their own, but it can sometimes put themselves in a dependent position.Seeks, however, to live an independent life.A great sense of responsibility makes her feel guilty for everything that happens (guilt).Contact her difficult and complicated relationship.It lacks simplicity.

on it you can always rely on.Sometimes naive and allows himself to be exploited.In love, it gives a lot, but also requires a great deal.Always check the feeling.It is impossible to cheat, you can not disappoint, it does not forgive.

Maple (April 11 - April 20, October 14 - October 23)

neat, well-groomed, sometimes even a little flirtatious.It is often where the most interesting.Follow the fashion.It does not belong to ordinary individuals.Full of energy and vigor, indefatigable.MAPLE, as they say, always rise to the occasion.It can be counted among the individualists.

Although by nature reserved and timid MAPLE, it can take the most risky decisions, which are based not so much the material factor as vital interest.He does not like to linger at home, eagerly learns new people.He has the gift to call people on frankness.But we should not be afraid, if something told him - he never condemns the actions of others, and do not talk about other people's secrets.

It is usually full of plans, often unusual and extravagant.He likes all kinds of news, enthusiastically defends the new ideas, but he rarely realizes its own projects.This, however, does not prevent him to get satisfaction from their wide horizons.There is in it and a drop of cynicism.He does not like and is not afraid of public opinion.On the contrary, he likes to be talked about.

Walnut (April 21 - April 30, October 24 - November 2)

naturalness in his eyes is not an advantage.He cares about style, subtle and refined manners, but in reality he was just shy.WALNUT often consists of contradictions, sometimes moody, aggressive, selfish.But he is also hospitable, polite, brave in intentions.

It can be as loyal and faithful and inconstant.You never know how it goes in a particular case and how to handle it.

without any grounds gives and denies their friendship and love.Sometimes he likes to suffer and be happy to make others suffer.He should certainly complicate the situation.Tormented by the need to display its exclusivity, jealous and friendly, nut no different balance.If you love it or be held with him in friendly relations, it will be constantly exposed to the unexpected.

Jasmine (May 1 - May 14, November 3 - November 11)

agile, lively and sociable, attracts free and skillful discourse, in addition to his desire to become the center of attention.

Usually it is expected of him creating a relaxed atmosphere in the society.All seems well-balanced, fun and without the problems of life.Only the closest know how it is, in fact, sensitive and able to be disappointed.Therefore, no matter how JASMINE tries to hide it from birth - a pessimist.

What others is distrust, he turns into a judgment and leads to a cautious and far-sighted action.
He is not alien to the sense of responsibility, but it does not always cause in him the best mood.Married life is not easy with jasmine.Moreover, he quickly becomes disillusioned and gain bias.

Chestnut (15 May - 24 May, 12 November - 21 November)

CHESTNUT very handsome, even decorative, but do not try to conquer surrounding its appeal.He needs space, full of vitality and strength.It has an innate sense of justice, any violation of it will be for him an incentive to involuntary protest.He is ready to defend its case by any means, regardless of the consequences.Hostile to thrift, to all kinds of diplomatic and tactical ploys than often inadvertently alienate people.The lack of flexibility in dealing with other causes that it changes a lot of training and experience a lot of frustration, remember that for a long time as a very impressionable and sensitive.

Despite the persistence and endurance, is not stubborn.He knows how to be careful and cautious, so usually does not have financial problems.It attaches great importance to the rules of morality, and inclined to Puritanism, despite some sensuality.Surprisingly, there is a desire for the comforts of life.Sometimes the impression unadapted to life, but it is only a consequence of hostility and lack of trust in themselves and others.

Ash (May 25 - June 3, November 22 - December 1)

This is a great strong tree.It looks nice, has a slim silhouette, elegant and free in his movements.Like yourself.However, to live permanently with him is not easy.It has a lively character and very demanding.It seeks to ensure that the care of the thought and lived as he most like to do just what he wants.And because it has an attraction to a separate and independent life - not all of it is well tolerated.

laugh at life's difficulties, giving the impression of irresponsibility and lack of will.But it is only an appearance.ASH knows very well what she wants, and even better - what he does not want.Proud of all that relates to their own success and prosperity.

In pursuit of his own happiness is so selfish that may break all interfering on his way to the goal.Selfish, but not a miser.Generously shares everything.
This whimsical nature of love is in the very different characteristics: there is cautious, constant and prudent.Actually, this area has the greatest successes of ASH and knows how to choose well, weigh the pros and cons.

Hornbeam (June 4 - June 13; 02 December - 11 December)

beautiful tree, but without much charm.From an early age it is often very beautiful, but over time it loses quality.Graben refers to the world around him with indulgence.This type of aesthetic.His attention is attracted by more form than content.In his personal life he is primarily interested in their own superiority.

has a pronounced tendency to discipline and obedience.He loves differences, dreams of awards and honors, longing for admiration from others.Most of all he likes to submit to the established order, and therefore rarely takes the initiative.Decision-making is accompanied by his fear of making a mistake.

This has a sense of responsibility and justice.On it you can rely on.