Philanthropy, or do you call a person who loves people

What do you call a person who loves people?You can answer in one word - a philanthropist.And nothing more to explain.Philanthropist - so great!Beautiful word sounds noble.But the term refers, in fact, much more than an abstract humanity.First of all, a philanthropist - a man embodies the practical forms of love for one's neighbor.

term history

have already been told the name of the person who loves people.There is a term of 2 other Greek words meaning "man" and "love."By the way, in the same ancient Greece there was a development of the institution of charity, and many prominent historical figures that were engaged in very active.So, Gaius Julius Caesar provides various assistance to more poor as a tool to maintain his popularity among his subjects.However, in those days, charity came to the needy is not in money, but in the form of supply of food, clothing, home repair, treatment, and so on. D. That is the name of a person who loves people.

Later charity has become one of the most significant phenomena in the Russian and Western societies.And if in the European countries, philanthropy develops and to this day, the charity in Russia has disappeared with the revolution.In the USSR, all were equal, respectively, were not rich and poor, so there was no aid facilities and those who have done it.

People need to love, not in word but in deed

On the one hand, in our society there is a huge shortage of humanity.People are increasingly moving away from each other, not even interested in the affairs of their parents and relatives.It is no secret that the consumer attitude in modern society already applies not only to consumer goods, but it has already been "scalded me right through", and human relationships.On the other hand, there is a revival of the culture of charity and various studies suggest that people donate every year more and more.

Another question is in what form it takes.We see how in other charity events are present, women and men dressed in furs and diamonds, which raises money for the children's home, hospital or for targeted assistance.Frankly, such events have little in common with true philanthropy.In this case, many of the characters is to simply to attract attention and create newsworthy information.Not to mention such things when many charities are just a cover for laundering and pumping of people and budget money.But let's not talk about sad things, because the world must be true philanthropists ...

What should a person who loves people?

What is the charity - philanthropy, sponsorship, patronage, patronage - it does not matter.The main thing - do not form and the content.This philanthropist - a subject who donates his time, money, personal comfort and convenience to improve and alleviate the plight of those in need.

modern philanthropy far from its predecessors both in size sacrificial amounts and technology assistance.Today, no one, at least in the civilized world, and among the really solid, large-scale philanthropists, does not give money, so to speak, "just so".These people came up with the whole system of funding, which include foundations, companies, organizations, controlling the income and expenditure of funds.

modern philanthropy

As for the objects of charity, but now need help sick people, poor, suffering from hunger, severe weather disasters.Philanthropist may also assist any particular person, university, school or other organization.In the United States, where the most wealthy and influential philanthropists, many billionaires and millionaires exhibit willingness to share their fortunes with the needy people.In addition, some of them during his life give of their money, or bequeath them to pass after his death.

That's the name of person who likes people.I want to believe that this concept will never disappear, no matter how fantastic was our technological progress.