Lesson polite ready to answer greetings

Sometimes people become flustered.The answer to the greetings causes difficulties.In addition to "thank you" nothing does not occur.And how you can still respond to the wonderful wishes?This is especially important when the response to the congratulations should be sent in writing a respected person, to show the value of the treatment to you.Here are some examples.

How to write a letter of response

The letter recommended to express my gratitude for what congratulator showed attention to you.After all, he chose his words, thinking that you will be pleased.Agree, in our rapid time, not everyone will want to think about the postcard or gift.Take a sample templates, insert your name - and ready.It is sad.Template-greetings are mandatory.If you heard the heartfelt words, filled with inner meaning, you need to be polite.The answer to the greetings in prose can be short little: "Dear ... Please accept my sincere thanks for the kind words!Your attention to me not only a pleasure, it is priceless!Your wishes have breathed into me new hope!Thank you for your participation in my life.Sincerely ... "If the card came from a loved one, you can choose a different style:" Dear friend!Your sincere words give birth in the depths of my soul a feeling of happiness!So nice to know that there are a number of a man who loves you for who you are!Thank you with all my heart!Your ... »

A greeting colleagues at

When you celebrate at work, decided to lay the table.At the end of the festive meal, you can express your gratitude to a few kind words: "Dear friends!I am extremely happy and grateful for what she brought me with such open and optimistic people like you.Your sincere wishes and kind words give pleasure.Thank you for what you have! »
Most likely, the answer is in verse congratulations to the colleagues will appreciate more still laugh if to make it with humor.For example:

Vlacil days I empty,
sad, uneasy,
until he heard the speech,
sent me far away!

my dear friends!
your wishes - tough!
fulfill all certainly,
celebrate the holidays is excellent!

Or so:

From fiery speeches
spark in my chest
Turned into heat of the fire!Thanks
not ever come!
Let us not live up to this day!

Social Networks

wonderful opportunity to get greetings via the Internet sometimes makes a person a lot of problems.Well to answer all if received at least a couple of hundred pleasant wishes?You can cheat a little bit.Social networks allow for a mass mailing.You can write one version and use it.The answer to the greeting in this case it is better to make a universal "Thank you for the kind words!Thank you, remember that! "Or," Thank you!Your wishes me a pleasant and expensive! ".Send answers can be anyone who has shown attention to you, the next day morning.It only takes a couple of minutes, and people will be pleased.


When congratulating loved ones, words are not needed.You can just hug a person, demonstrating the full depth of his feelings.And add a few sentences, the atmosphere immediately changed, become more warm and pleasant: "I am happy!Thank you! "Or:" Beloved ones, you - my greatest asset!Thank you! "," Immensity my gratitude!Thanks for all the suggestions, and most importantly - for the fact that you're next! "If the dear people are far, the response to the greeting allows you to stretch an invisible thread between the heat.You can write: "your words are priceless!Let all come to pass, so that we can enjoy together!Thank you! "Or:" I'm sad that you're not around!I bless the Internet (telephone, etc.), because it allows us to feel each other!Thank you for your kind words!Let all come to pass and will become a new pretext for our common joy! "For the loved ones the best response to the congratulations - your good mood.They try to choose your words and gifts especially to please you.Give them back their joy, sincerity, radiant smile and a twinkle in his eye.Then the words do not come in handy.

If congratulated unpleasant man

If you received a postcard from an enemy or a friend, with whom relations have been lost or marred by a quarrel, you should not ignore.Write briefly and concisely.Perhaps the person is looking for a pretext to resume the relationship.Suppose that on a holiday, nothing spoil your mood.Give the person hope.Reply to this case can be tersely: "Thank you!", "Thank you!", "I am grateful!" And so on.Of course, if a person is unpleasant to the point that reading his greeting unbearable, it is better to ignore the message.This is your holiday, and you have to decide what is more important: the politeness, or pride.Do not spoil your mood for the little things.

answer to the greeting can be given immediately.It is quite possible to write a few lines, and the next day.So if you missed the message or not enough time in a festive moment, do not worry, respond later.