The Picasso Museum in Barcelona - a unique platform for the study of the great Spaniard

traveler whose route passes through the capital of Catalonia in Spain, you should definitely visit the Museum of Pablo Picasso.In Barcelona, ​​it is one of the most remarkable and famous places.


Art Museum was opened in 1963.The basis of the exposition was the most valuable collection of Jaime Sabartesa, a close friend and personal secretary of Picasso.Works of art titled "Collection Sabartesa" housed in a huge palace Berenguer d'Agilara.One of the attractive features of the Gothic buildings of the five mansions are numerous patios, thanks to which the Picasso Museum in Barcelona has acquired a special historical connotation.In 1970, in recognition of the city, which has spent adolescent years and studied at the School of Fine Arts, Pablo Picasso donated to the museum about two thousand works, among them paintings, drawings, sketches, prints, ceramics.


museum sees its purpose is to be a unique place, broadcast information, knowledge, new scientific approaches to the study of national creativity - unsurpassed painter Pablo Picasso.Therefore, the team is constantly developing new programs, services, events.


Picasso Museum in Barcelona can be found in the center of the street Moncada, in the Latin Quarter.If you use the services of Metro, the output should be at the station Jaume I, which is located on the yellow line metro.As with all the museums of Barcelona, ​​the exhibition "rest" from visitors on Mondays, all the other days opens doors welcome guests.Experts estimate that the Picasso Museum in Barcelona in the year is visited at least one million of art lovers.Periodically, the museum organizes on its site for temporary exhibitions, which are not connected with the work of the famous Spaniard.


More than three and a half thousand works of art masters stores and exhibits the museum of Pablo Picasso.It's early works, which were created in the decade between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1895-1904 gg.).It drawings, sketches, sketches which the artist was doing at the time studying at the School of Fine Arts, and which remained in the family home.There are magnificent examples of Impressionism "blue" and the beginning of "pink" period of Picasso.Among the masterpieces of the later time - the work given to the museum after his death by his widow.And boasts a series of paintings based on the themes paintings of Velazquez 'Las Meninas', the famous Picasso Museum in Barcelona.Photo exhibition in brochures look like this to all who want to see the picture 44-interpretation of the great paintings (a total of 58 Picasso wrote).In 1917, during the passion of Russian ballet, the artist brought to his hometown his future wife - a ballerina Olga Khokhlova.The works of this period, too, remained in Barcelona and ended up in the local museum.There is in it and a remarkable collection of prints that Picasso put off one copy of each of its total circulation of prints.

Emotions one day

creativity of this Spanish genius is a tremendous emotional power and originality.Biographers tell us that the mother, putting to bed a little Pablo, told him bedtime stories improvisation that invented on the fly under the impression of the previous day.The artist later confessed that in the same way he painted all his life.

ability to draw from Pablo Picasso opened in childhood, the first lessons he gave his father, an art teacher.The painting "The Yellow Picador", written by oil, was created just at the time under the influence of a bullfight.Now the work is kept in a private collection.The painting "First Communion" was written fifteen Picasso for art exhibitions, it is different to dissimilar creative manner masters of realism, but contains something touching charm that until the very end did not disappear from the works of masters.The academic style and created another wonderful genre painting of the young artist: "Knowledge and mercy."These unique web stores early Picasso Museum in Barcelona.Here you can see a self-portrait of the young artist's portraits of his mother and father.

Ceramica Picasso started when he was 60 years old.Sculptural composition with the participation of theater dell'arte character of Harlequin, which are exhibited in the museum before gain volume, were painted on canvas.

images of mythology and the motives of the Golden Age of Spain created in a variety of Picasso lithographs, etchings, engravings.Master experimenting with unconventional materials.Museum cherishes the works made in stone, copper, linoleum, celluloid, wood.

In conclusion

Barcelona Art Gallery - not only the Picasso Museum in Spain, as well as around the world.Vast legacy of the artist who has lived 92 years old, cherished as the world famous museums and numerous private collections.During the works of the masters, lifelong search for new forms of expression and boyavshegosya most controversial experiments relentlessly hunted by collectors and major museums.

He gave us the world-famous "Guernica" and the image of the dove of peace, had some mysterious power of attraction, which is contained in his works.It is no accident Picasso is not only the most expensive artist of the world, but also the most studied: works of the great Spaniard's amazing energy, expression and originality.