Cancer and Taurus.

What is the union of Cancer and Taurus?Compatibility of such marks suggests that this combination may lead to a wonderful marriage of full understanding.But first about the characters.

individual horoscope Cancer and Taurus

Cancer.This is the most mysterious representative of the zodiacal circle.By nature a dreamer, has a well-developed intuition.Surrounding it seems strange and even incomprehensible.But this is only a first impression.In fact Cancers - good friends who have always kept their word and come to the rescue.It is interesting interlocutors able to support any conversation.

They do not obey the laws of logic, and have more confidence in your sixth sense.It may seem that they are a little crazy.Their thoughts and actions could go beyond the limits of understanding.Their behavior is impossible to predict.Above failure they laugh loudly, but a breeze can cause a real tragedy.Sometimes these traits lead to confusion and annoyance of others.

in work are in good faith, they are suitable p

rofession musician, teacher, physician, they have the ability to hypnosis.

Taurus.On the one hand, he was too practical and rational, the other - a sensitive and gentle, loving comfort.He tries to find the positive in everything hand, knows how to enjoy the little things.It is present soeobraznaya carelessness and laziness, but it is not off-putting, but on the contrary, draws.

Although the nature can be called pliable, at the right time Taurus is able to persevere and stand your ground until the last.But his stubbornness and moodiness even cause us to quarrel with any detail.

At heart a romantic, sometimes wakes sentimentality.Usually, he is calm and patient.Meet starts easily, seeks to acquire as large as possible connections with influential people.

Cancer and Taurus: compatibility, if Taurus - woman

This union was not entirely perfect, but he is not bad.This combination of horoscopes is easier to call comfortable.On the part of the stranger will not understand that before him is a couple in love.In public they behave somewhat detached.Both of these men do not like to make public relations.Feelings can not be called a rapid, partners too rational, and always think a hundred times before you do, recklessness in this pair will not.But this does not mean that Cancer and Taurus compatibility is doomed to failure, because the partners are completely satisfied with this model of relations.The downside of this pair can be called obstinacy Taurus woman, she will not admit his guilt and blame all the troubles will be at the head of Cancer.And that, in turn, because of its melancholy, is simply miserable.The couple needed compromises.

Cancer and Taurus: compatibility, if Taurus - man

If a woman dreams of Cancer quiet and measured life, Taurus for her real find!The couple can create a harmonious union.Similar interests and similar views on life - that's the key of happiness.In this pair can not identify a single leader, both on an equal footing are responsible for their relationships, work together to solve problems together rejoice success.This is the rare case where partners can fully understand each other.

Sexual Compatibility: Cancer and Taurus

Sexually complete harmony.They feel good together, they do not skimp on the affection and emotions in bed.The only Taurus needs regular variety.It's not about change partner, and about the change of the situation or of the diversity of marital sex life.For example, role-playing games.Of course, cancer will contribute around and try to meet a partner, but you can not say that it will be a mutual desire, because cancer can fully relax only in a familiar atmosphere.