What is the language barrier and how to overcome it?

Nowadays, knowledge of a foreign language is no longer a privilege, but a mandatory criterion for employment.If you are looking for an interesting high-paying job or want to go abroad for permanent residence, vacation or study, then somehow you have tried to teach or learn a foreign language.

But how often it happens, you have reached the level of understanding of a foreign language, learn grammar rules and exceptions to them, and can not say anything.The so-called language barrier prevents people communicate, interpret their thoughts and feel confident when in contact with a foreigner.

who faced a similar problem

This problem is inherent in almost all the people who started learning a foreign language to the development of the basics of grammar.

In many schools, children continue to learn languages, starting with the rules of spelling, sentence structure, time.The language barrier arises in the absence of communication.Any language can and should pronounce, not afraid to make mistakes.Therefore, the presence of the teacher, the teacher, tutor or media language is obligatory in such training.The method of pronunciation of language is the fastest and most effective.

Why difficulties arise?

trouble expressing their thoughts in a foreign language there, as has been said, with no or minimal communication in the language.But how this is possible, because you can have a good idea to write an essay, and a letter to his foreign friend?

may even conduct business negotiations.But there comes a time when you need to express verbally, you have immediately lost all knowledge of the language as if forgotten, and you just stand there and be silent ... The language barrier prevents people deal with the fear of making a mistake, to be misunderstood, and with the fear of becoming an object of ridicule.Only after learning the rules and focusing on the correct sentence structure, you will be afraid to speak a foreign language.To the language barrier did not arise at all, you must begin to learn the language properly.

Where to start learning a foreign language

Each language has its own rules and exceptions from that and not start.It is enough to know a few basic techniques in the construction of proposals that could have something to ask and answer in the target language.Overcoming the language barrier when properly begun the process will be successful.Therefore, together with writing phrases pronounces them.

asks for help from the teacher, ask you corrected the error and pointed.Initially, the study may seem very difficult, but eventually you get used to this kind of loads, and it becomes easy and interesting.The most important thing - love to learn a foreign language and a desire to know him.

language barrier.Its causes

The first and most important reason - remembering certain rules of words and phrases.No language can not be learned only by the dictionary.Words can not teach without a context and jagged phrases, and idioms can not be applied universally.Language barrier - psychological problems.

And to solve this problem is necessary if only to feel discomfort.Remember that many words have different meanings in different sentences.Use the same word in business and everyday communication can be considered ugly, and not every foreigner will be able to forgive you of your mistake.

second reason - thinking said.Since childhood we have been taught that before you say something, need some time to think.But in practice, most often it is not.

in our head can be born every second a few thoughts that flow never stops.In conversation, we can relax and just talk, without paying attention to your thoughts.This mechanism should work in the study of a foreign language.Once you start to think about every sentence, its correctness and accuracy once you hesitated to answer the simple, not a philosophical question, errors can not be avoided, so that the language barrier is getting higher.

How do you know whether there is a language barrier, before traveling to another country

Watch any movie in a foreign language you are learning.Movies should be adapted and designed for an audience of people who speak this language.The actors speak so fast that you almost did not catch a single word, to say nothing about the meaning.And now look the same film with foreign subtitles.

Put occasional movie on pause and repeat the phrase for the heroes.You might wonder how can sound this or that phrase, as you once thought you knew quite well and actively use it.

How do you know that you know a foreign language

¬ęThere is no limit to perfection" - we hear from parents, friends, acquaintances, on radio and television.And it is true.But when will that thing even remotely perfection in knowledge of foreign languages?We continue to learn the language, watch movies, read books in the original language, music, literature already understand the business and can understand any business topic.But understanding will still be small.You must be able to communicate and be understood by others.

Many a language barrier arises when the false fear that they are still not know the language and can seem illiterate and ridiculous.We must start to speak in the target language from the very first days of acquaintance with him.Then do not be such a fear.

Coping with complexes

Cultural and language barriers prevent people feel comfortable in an unfamiliar language environment.To defeat them, you must know a few tricks.

If you are thinking how to remove the language barrier and be fluent in a foreign language, try to start to relax and recourse to a translator.A few sessions with a good specialist will certainly give better results than a few weeks of self-study.Removing the language barrier - one of the most common reasons that apply to interpreters.He learned to understand fluent speech, to speak and to respond without hesitation.The expert explained how to overcome the language barrier.

How to cope with the problem?

If you choose the hard way, and decided to deal with the fear of speaking a foreign language on their own, then you have to make great efforts, but to deal with this, too, can own.If you are looking for ways on how to overcome the language barrier, then follow these guidelines:

  1. Watch movies in the target language, and repeat the phrase for the heroes.
  2. Listen to audio books and refer to the printed version.
  3. Start with adapted literature and movies, and then move on to more complex materials that are designed for native speakers.
  4. Sing songs and learn poems.
  5. Talk with friends.
  6. If the mass of resources on the Internet where you can find people who are willing to learn the Russian language and can help you learn a foreign language.

as explained in another country

In practice, it may be much more complicated than in the classroom with the teacher.If your teacher he never had experience with foreigners and it was a very long time, then you will have wasted your time, working with him.From accent no one is immune.Arriving in a foreign country, you might think that all learned some other language.

you to understand native speakers, and you easily understand it, you need to have a practice of communication with the media.The surest and quickest way to learn a foreign language - a dive into the language environment, imbued with the culture of the people, watch movies and read books on the language of interest.

arriving in another country, you are sure to come across the need to ask something to say at the airport, taxis, hotels, restaurants, on the street, in the museum.You can walk short foreign language courses for tourists, but if you learn the language, not only for the seasonal tourist travel, but also for business, then these classes, you do not have to be limited.

How quickly learn English on their own

order to master any foreign language, including English, you must work hard.And if you're going to learn the language of their own, the effort will have to make twice as much.

Among the huge amount of information is very important not to get lost and find a really desired.Organize information, break it into blocks - that's what is important to learn how to do before you start learning English.Make for yourself program.

Remember how you went to school.First, in the lower grades, you mastered the alphabet, letters and sounds.Then, learn to read and write.Transfer all received in junior high skills in the study of English.Learn the alphabet, remember how to read a combination of letters and sounds.Listen to spoken English as often as possible.

can buy most ordinary books for children or special literature for adults who are just beginning to learn English.Surround yourself with the language.You must listen to music, audio books, watch movies in a foreign language.Start with adapted resources, with subtitles and translation, gradually complicating and increasing load.

How to make the entire program of English

The easiest way - to find the textbooks of different levels of difficulty and to seek information, focusing on the content of these manuals.But be prepared that make the whole program you will not succeed.As the training you will have questions, some topics will be given more easily, while others - more difficult.In various forums you can help deal with many difficulties.But to learn the language without any material costs is almost impossible.It is better to find language courses in groups, where you will interact with the teacher and the same people, like you, who wish to learn a foreign language.Walk a few months on such courses, and you will have achieved a good base to learn the language.

How often engage

The more you repeat traveled and practiced, the better for you.The ideal situation would be the daily training.But not to stay at one place.If today you have given all your time grammar and completing quests tomorrow enjoy a speaking or listening.Education should not have cause unpleasant feelings, it should be an enjoyable, varied, not too annoying.

known that interesting for us to remember the information faster.If you like sports, read or listen to news from the world of sports in the target language.If you like to do hair and makeup, then see video tutorials foreign bloggers.It is not necessary to pay attention only to serious literature.Read stories, funny stories, jokes, watch cartoons, teach poetry.

most important thing - systematic.Give a foreign language better than one hour every day than seven hours once a week.

Do not forget that you have to help the person who can fix errors that occur.If you can not deal with a tutor, then find friends on the internet, which will be ready to help.Or learn a foreign language with a friend.Correct the error of each other and communicate as much as possible.Watch out for the correct pronunciation.

If you do not want to become an object of ridicule, do not forget that the business and language spoken are slightly different from each other.Use some of the words spoken in the official lexicon of a conversation can be considered bad form.Success in training!