Compatibility of the zodiac signs for years: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake

Increasingly, young people choose a partner based on rational approach.Compatibility of signs over the years of birth - an important success factor for building strong, healthy, long and happy relationship.

Signs by year of birth are divided into 12 basic types.Let's take a detailed look at the compatibility of the zodiac signs of the first six years: Rat, Tiger, Ox, Snake, Rabbit and Dragon.


attractive appearance, have a lively and purposeful character, very economic and economical up to avarice.

- Rat perfectly get along with the Dragon.Her rational, sober mind and his confidence and strength perfectly complement each other.

- In alliance with the bull, she will feel secure and confident in the future.

- Rat Monkey easily interested, but their relationship is often not durable.

- Rat and cat can not understand each other, they just happen to live in different worlds.

- freedom-loving horse is always in conflict with the owner of rats, so such an alliance would be damaging to both.


most often reliable, calm, patient and quite predictable.True love for them can be a sport, so the Bulls can be several marriages in their lifetime.

- Cock and Bull got along well in marriage, because both of them are conservatives, but the cock gives life Bull desired brightness and fascination.

- a rat, he will converge because of its good faith and the patience of both.

- Snake also shows bull favorable compatibility zodiac signs for years.Although such violence and scandals happen occasionally, but the Union as a whole and long lasting.

- Worse Bull have under one roof with windy Goat and powerful tiger.


sensitive, irritable, courageous, who can not obey.In the family they show laziness, carelessness and actually become another child for her husband.

- would be a good companion dog Tiger because loves to take care of others and to help his companion to become successful.

- Horse and Dragon also perfectly complement the Tiger.

- Côte lead him in bewilderment.

- Monkey is too tricky for Tiger, and can often be deceiving.

- Snake seem too smart.

- Bull brings Tiger to white heat by their chicanery.


As expected, tend to walk by themselves as long as possible.For a successful marriage with Puss the most important thing - to understand it, to find common interests and learn to forgive his lack of responsibility towards the family.

- It is best manifested signs of the zodiac compatibility data with a goat.Cat like her artistry and caprices he a deaf ear.

- Dog and Pig also easily converge with Cat, although pettiness Pigs can be a little on his nerves.

- Rooster frankly annoying Kota bombast and boasting.

- Worse manifest Côte married to Rat and Tiger.


very charming, open, honest and cheerful.They love to take care and nurture, but not in marriage.

- Very successful and lasting union of a dragon with a rat there.

- Snake pulls him like a magnet, its unusual beauty and urbane.

- Dragon pulling a monkey, although she sometimes makes fun of him.

- Rooster also shows good compatibility with the Dragon zodiac signs for years.

- Relationship with the Tiger will bring a lot of anxiety and conflict.

- with dogs have complicated all because she does not believe in the success of the Dragon, and generally tends to see life in black tones.


differ self-confidence, ambition and determination.The relationship can be windy using its exclusive appeal to the opposite sex.Snake chooses a partner to your liking.

- Compatibility zodiac signs data is best manifested in the marriage between the Snake and Bull.True Bull must play in these relationships lead.

- Rooster will be comfortable with the Snake.This is useful for both relationships, because they will be able to smoothly and effectively correct their shortcomings in such an alliance.

- But Pig in a relationship with the Snake becomes dependent and almost loses his will.

- The worst of the Snake is a tiger who can break it with his imperiousness and criticism.