Recreation on the beach in Anapa: choice and prices

Anapa is famous for its sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance to the sea and excellent facilities for families with children.Moreover, the resort also favorably prices.Here you can easily choose to stay in the room in a boarding house or a base for an inexpensive family accommodation.

Recreation Anapa: cheap and comfortable

to go on the Black Sea coast with the whole family is not always possible.Pleasure is not that cheap.And I want to improve the whole family.Which database is better to choose for this and where?

Recreation on the beach in Anapa are usually 3-5 minutes walk from the sea.Summer housing area from 12 to 20 square meters.m, as, for example, on the basis of "Emerald" can accommodate a family of 3-4 people.They have the necessary furniture - a bed, a bedside table, wardrobe, television, refrigerator.They have a bathroom and a veranda.Room rates range from 600 to 1,200 rubles per person per day, depending on the season of travel.

base or guesthouse?

What is best to choose and what is the difference of the two options for accommodation in Anapa?And resorts in Anapa - which is better for family travel options?

Since certification in this area is still conditional, so the separation of these two categories of temporary accommodation appropriate.As a rule, a little guesthouse higher level of service than recreation.In the pension there is, in contrast to the recreation center on the beach in Anapa, a certain level of services - food, territory under protection, living conditions are provided.Is your coffee shop or a catering option.For example, pension "Yuzhanka" in the village of Sukkah cost for a family of three people in 2800 rubles per room.Three meals a day costs 500 rubles and paid in addition, at the request of guests.The triple room has a split system, a safe, all the necessary furniture - acceptable conditions for temporary residence.

What should I pay attention?

Selecting booking recreation on the beach in Anapa to consider such things:

  1. better to carry out the analysis and gather feedback on the proposed location, it is not necessary to rent housing from private owners at the station because of the high risk of losing their money and property.Moreover, it is not known how to provide basic norms of sanitary safety.
  2. Recreation on the beach in Anapa will be the higher in price than closer to the coast are located.Sometimes the best option is to find a base away from the coast, but to win as a residence.
  3. better to worry about the availability of insurance at the resort during the holiday, in order to avoid unexpected costs.
  4. necessary to check whether a holiday home in Anapa and recreation at sea the relevant documents for the provision of services.
  5. is useful to contact representatives of the database and update the details of the trip, the correspondence will be confirmation of guaranteed obligations of the host country.
  6. To order or not power - it is better to decide on arrival at the base.If you like quality food, you can always order the food in place.Otherwise, you can find options for self-catering.