Manor Block "Shakhmatovo" address, reviews, photos.

Manor Block "Shakhmatovo" is inextricably linked with the name of the favorite by many Russian poet.It is twenty kilometers from Solnechnogorsk.


In 1875, "Shakhmatovo" became famous Russian botanist, Rector of the University of St. Petersburg, Beketov - the grandfather of the poet.He created the family nest here, laid the traditions and way of life.

Alexander Blok's grandfather brought to the estate in the age of six months.All his life Alexander came to the estate in the summer.Here he know the world, he wrote his best poems, sad and cheerful, thinking.Here he met his love - Love Dmitrievna, the daughter of a neighbor Mendeleev, who lived in Boblovo.She became the wife of the poet.Alexander Blok warmly and sincerely loved the family estate.His fascinated and inspired by the romance of the estate, the magnificent nature?It surrounds it.Here they were written nearly three hundred works.

Manor Block "Shakhmatovo", or rather, its main house was rebuilt in 1910 on the project of the poet.In 1921, during the peasant rebellion estate was burned.

Revival manor

Estate Museum Block Shakhmatovo started to be created in 1984 at the same place where the estate.However, the exact details of his whereabouts have not been preserved.According to the memoirs of indigenous inhabitants of these places we found out exactly where the "Shakhmatovo" - farmstead Bloc.The museum welcomed its first guests in the main house of the estate at the beginning of August 2001.Today, completely recreated the main house, carriage house, an outbuilding, a barn.

Manor Alexander Blok "Shakhmatovo" not great.It is surrounded by century-old fir and linden.It's nice to walk along the shady paths, admire the reconstructed home of the poet, a wing, which is buried in the thickets of wild rose, lilac and jasmine.

Estate Museum Block "Shakhmatovo" offers a tour of the house, who tell visitors about the life of its owners, their habits and dreams.

Since 1970, his beloved Blok clearing are the famous and now very popular all-Russian festivals of poetry.It has become a tradition to hold them on the first Sunday of August.Alexander Blok Museum occupies two floors.On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, a room grandmother, dining room with access to the park, the blue living room, study grandfather room Lyubov Dmitrievna Blok - the wife of the poet.

Tours are held daily at the museum.Guides tell visitors about the color of the nation, famous people who visited the estate, on the rich and colorful life of the intelligentsia at the turn of XIX-XX centuries, about their daily chores and hobbies.

Manor Block "Shakhmatovo" whose address - Moscow Region., Solnechnogorsk district, Solnechnogorsk Str.Quay 11 is waiting for guests, fans of the great poet.Thousands of our compatriots have already visited this historic site.Many lovers of poetry will be interesting manor Block "Shakhmatovo."How to get to her, we describe in this article later.

main manor house

The interior of the house recreated the memories MA Beketova - aunt of the poet.In his memoirs, she exhaustively described how the house looked the room, which was furnished in them, it describes even such details as the wallpaper on the walls and fine decorations.This information proved invaluable to those who restored the manor.

The exhibition presents as authentic items that belonged to the family of the poet, who has kindly given to the museum family unit and typological items.Crossing the threshold of the house, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of everyday life estates Russian nobles XIX-XX centuries.

Room EG Beketova

Known translator, the daughter of the famous Russian traveler and explorer of GS Karelin - EG Beketov - was the grandmother of Alexander Blok.Her room is on the first floor of the museum.The situation there is very modest - an elegant polished table by the window, a chair with armrests mahogany, big and comfortable chair.

Blue Living

According to many visitors, it is surprising how modest, and sometimes even austere decor Shakhmatovo.Manor Block (photo and video inside the house for whatever reason, are prohibited), has a very interesting room, which the poet mentions in his poem "Retribution."This Blue lounge.Its walls are covered with blue wallpaper, which bear a lighter blue lily.

here every night going to all the residents of the estate, play charades, reading aloud, listening to music, met numerous relatives and friends.The decoration of the room is an old black piano, which gave the museum Marietta Shaganyan.Once this instrument has played a great Sergei Rachmaninoff.

White dining

This room is also decorated quite succinctly - the white ceiling and walls, a table covered with a white cloth, so watch with little weight on the wall.From the dining room there is an exit to the park.

Cabinet Blok

Manor Block "Shakhmatovo" recreates the atmosphere of the cabinet in which the poet worked.It is located on the second floor.There is an old desk, which went to the poet from his father.It has its secrets - secret drawer where the unit kept the letters to his wife, some manuscripts.Today, visitors can see authentic bamboo bookcase, wicker chair and a bookcase that had been brought from the poet's apartment in St. Petersburg.In addition, there is a road box and bench.The rooms are spacious, there is a lot of light thanks to large windows that offer a magnificent view of the surroundings.

outbuilding at the entrance to the courtyard from the station is the wing.Today there is a permanent exhibition "Beyond the last days ...," which tells the story of the acquisition Shakhmatova, about famous people who visited the estate.The estate came to visit, and great-grandmother lived in a wing of the poet AN Karelin.In 1904, it began to live Block and his young wife.


«Shakhmatovo" (manor Blok), surrounded by a small but very picturesque park.Today, it remained rare plants that are planted Block and his family.It is especially beautiful in the summer, when the manor just buried in flowers.

village Tarakanovo

Continue acquainted with the exhibits of the museum in the village can be Tarakanovo, which is located three kilometers from the estate "Shakhmatovo."The remaining buildings of the former School of the County, which has survived from the time of Blok, an exposition dedicated to the life and work of the poet.Here are copies of his drawings, playing his manuscripts and numerous photos of the Bloc and Beketov.Here you can see portraits of friends and the very first edition of poetry, favorite books of Alexander Blok.You may find it interesting to see the metric book from the Church of the Archangel Michael.In her funeral in 1902, the poet's grandfather Beketov.Here I was married and Alexander.

The village Tarakanovo kept apart the County school has two buildings - the house of the teacher and the ruins of the church of the Archangel Michael.

«Shakhmatovo" manor Blok - how to get

If you are traveling by car from the capital, the Solnechnogorsk you should turn right to the village Tarakanovo.At the next fork, a few hundred meters, turn right again.There are no pointers.Drive through to the T-junction, where you will see "On Shakhmatovo."Prior to the goal you will be only five hundred meters away.

From the train station "Sunflower" can be reached by bus number 24 to the stop "Tarakanovo Village" and then walk for about 2.5 km.

"Shakhmatovo" manor Blok customer reviews

Basically visitors to the museum-estate are satisfied with his visit.Employees who know and love their work professionals who talk a lot about the life of the poet.Big impression restored manor house surrounded by a wonderful park.

Manor Block "Shakhmatovo" somewhat disappointing some visitors to a small number of original exhibits, as well as a ban on photography and filming inside the museum.But at the same time, they are grateful to the staff of the museum for the reverent attitude to the memory of a poet and a great job to restore the estate.