What function is performed by molding on the door of the car and what they consist of?

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Today moldings on the doors are very popular element of the decor.And they are widely used not only to many car owners, but also by the companies for the production of cars.In this article we will discuss all these details, look at their functions and characteristics.


See moldings on the door of the car is now not uncommon, as they are set both on the domestic transport and foreign cars.But despite the fact that the moldings of all drivers know about the functions often keep back, considering that this item performs only a decorative function.It is fundamentally wrong - moldings on the door of the car can save it from unwanted scratches and minor injuries that occur at times when parking.Also, this small detail can protect your paint from the sudden opening of a door next car, which is not uncommon in large metropolitan areas.In addition, the moldings on the door of the car may be a good disguise irregularities in the form of dents, cracks and chips.Therefore with minor injuries may be dispensed with expensive body work, just spend a few hundred rubles for the purchase and installation of new decorative element.

where to install moldings

Now there are a lot of decorative elements that can be installed on any part of the body.In the automobile molding can be found on the front and rear door sills parts, bumper pads and many other items.And each of these types may have a different shape, size and color.Regarding the latter, often moldings are solid color.Factory moldings on the door (that is, those that have been installed on the car more on the line) may be colored black, can be made, "chrome", but more often they are the body color.


now widely accepted material such as vinyl or polyurethane, which is also called PVC.Molding front door has high elasticity and does not lose its shape even at high temperatures.Also relevant for today are rubber, which unlike the previous version did not have color, but with the little accidents most effectively protect the vehicle from scratches.

are established they are often the drivers themselves, and often used rubber bumpers on the corners - this place is most vulnerable to mechanical damage.Rarer metal moldings can be found on the car door.They can be seen on the retro cars, the WHA "six" and the legendary "Twenty-four," "Volga".Installation of such products was relevant in the 60-80s of the last century, after which the metal is gone down in history, and it changed their vinyl counterparts.Now, the plastic used in the production of European, Japanese, Korean, American cars.Even the moldings on the door Mercedes is now made from PVC.

As you can see, laths - is not only beautiful, but also practical!