Cave bear - it is a strong leader of an enemy tribe

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Bears - the largest of the known predators in the world.The most severe of the photographed was a bear, American scientists found on Kodiak Island.They sedated him and weighed.Weight 870 kg proved to be a bear.

Why the bear can be called unique animals?

Bear - in every sense a unique animal.Outwardly, he is clumsy, but actually is fast and swift.The speed of his career can be compared with the speed of running horses.Blow his feet, he can easily kill a human.Nowadays, even a grizzly (which is not the greatest in the history of the bear) is the hunters a real horror.They are not at risk to hunt him, taking with automatic weapons.No wonder the Indians at the time equated the killing of the bear to the murder of the leader of an enemy tribe.It is the leader, but not the best warrior.Interestingly, the same cave bear was much larger than a grizzly, but it successfully Neanderthals hunted for thousands of years.In ancient caves in which these people lived, they found many skulls these great bears.Neanderthals were not automatic weapons.Therefore, the manner in which they killed cave bears, probably will remain a mystery.Let us more of cave bears.

Giant Cave Bear - the largest bear ever

largest bear ever be called short face of a cave bear.Weight of some of its males reach two tons.If the competitions by bite force in animals, cave bear would be a multiple champion.He ate not only elk and deer as the bears of our time.From his teeth suffered tigers, lions, woolly rhinoceroses.However, these animals are already extinct, so the "dropped out of the competition," the title of the largest animal and knocked out of the competition for the title of the largest predator of the cave bear, but sorry ... could compete with him, perhaps, larger predators are very very distant past.Inhabited short face bear cave?This kind of bear lived in North America, approximately 12-44 thousand years ago.He appeared on earth approximately 300,000 years ago.

It looked like a cave bear?

This bear was very large.Based on the findings of archaeologists, the height of the shoulders of the "Bears" was equal to 1.5-1.8 meters.When the cave bear got up on his hind legs, his height reached 3.5 meters.If we talk about the weight of cave bears, males weigh at least 600 kilograms.There was also pronounced sexual demorfizm.This cave bear is not for nothing called the short face.It is actually a very short snout, adapted to the use of animal food.There were cave bear teeth.They are more like Tiger.In addition, its distinctive feature is the powerful jaw muscles.It allowed the bear to cause death grips - bites.Interestingly, the structure of the skull that bears more like the structure of the cat's skull.The structure of his body (low back, high before) body structure is more like hyenas.

By it fed short face cave bear, and whether it is possible to recreate the reality?

As we mentioned, this bear preferred animal food.In addition to the above, it is the large scavenger animals.Perhaps short face cave bears became extinct because disappeared large herbivores, which were the main diet for them.In principle, according to scientists, the cave bear is quite possible to re-create with the help of genetic engineering.Its genetic code is well preserved in the future, with the development of computer technology, it is quite possible to be recovered.The problem is only one - who will become a surrogate mother for him?Spectacled bear, the closest of the "family" for him, ten times it is less.

What was life at the cave bear?

According to scientists, the hibernation of bears was held only in the caves.However, the statement did not proved.Yes, it is logically impossible.Wherever there was so many caves on all comers?Maybe they arranged themselves dens in the remote bush forests, as cave bears live only in the forests.Also, these bears have been to the liking of the mountain areas, as the remains of a cave bear were found even at the height of 3000 meters above sea level.

Scientists believe that the Florida cave bear lived about 20 years.Perhaps the reason for this was the exhaustion of its forces, causing him to fall prey to the old hyena, mountain lions and wolves.People also did not stand aside and destroyed this type of bears.And then the animal suddenly disappeared.Much earlier than the extinct Neanderthals, mammoths and mountain lions.Scientists have many theories about the causes of their extinction, but each of them has a defect.

If you know the truth, then perhaps we will know why other extinct species of animals and Neanderthals.Unfortunately, it was too long a period of time, because of what people learn the truth is very difficult.