"Walter" - a pneumatic gun.

Walther P38 - it is self-loading pistol 9mm caliber produced in Germany.Warranty life is 10 000 shots.It was a weapon developed in Thuringia, in the city of Zella-Mehlis, in the enterprise "Walter K. Vaffenfabrik."


In 1936, Fritz Walter, together with the engineer Fritz Barthlemensom received a patent on the mechanism of blocking of the channel in the trunk.The principle of operation of it is the presence of a rotating vertical tabs.This development marked the beginning of a new generation of German military pistols under the name "Walter".The first implementation of the system was implemented in the fourth embodiment develop weapons.However, the successful implementation of the mechanism was not immediately fulfilled.It preceded the four variants of the assembly failed, which used a hidden trigger type.After this model PP 1929 was finalized.It changed the design of the fuse and the firing mechanism.Now it has become an open position of the trigger.In 1938, a German pistol "Walter" was adopted by the armed forces of Germany.Its use is widespread, and eventually almost completely replaced the "Luger Parabellum,"."Walter P-38" was the most massive weapons of the German army.Its production, in addition to the territory of the Third Reich, it was also established in Belgium and Czechoslovakia.In order to reduce the complexity of the manufacturing process during the war, and especially in its 2nd half, production technology, "Walther P-38" has been simplified.Weapons of war years had a rougher finish and design without index holder.As a trophy gun "Walther P-38" was also used in the Red Army, partisans and soldiers of some other countries of the anti-Hitler coalition.

history in the postwar period

After the war, arms production in Germany for a long time it was stopped.Do not gun manufactured and "Walter" (combat).Production resumed on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany only in 1957 under the name "P-1" Walther supplied weapons for the Bundeswehr.Since 1957, we produced two models: a pistol "Walther PPK" and "P-1".Both the postwar sample are lightweight (100 g) frame of cast aluminum-scandium alloy.While designed for the needs of police gun P-38s, "Walther P-1" was made mainly for arming the country.Thirty-eighth model produced in small quantities and also with a steel frame.However, it was used only for commercial purposes.In 1976, "Walter," pistol "P-1" has been greatly improved.To increase the service life, as well as the ability to use cartridges with a more powerful charge in its structure were added the following elements:

  • Framed, in the area between the gate delay and gate closing device has been mounted transversely nog.This item allows you to take on the load of the barrel when fired.Thus it was possible to extend the life of a lightweight frame.
  • in the trunk began to use the plug pressed into the liner made of stellite.This material is characterized by high wear resistance.Due to this increased lifespan trunks, even with intensive use pistol in military terms.It is also allowed to use the revision of ammunition with more powerful powder charge, such as a 9 X 19 mm NATO.

Structural features

Job automation pistol "Walter" is due to the recoil energy of the barrel with a short course of it.Latch located between the tides in the trunk and performs vertical rotational movement, carries locking.To fulfill its decoupling from the gate, it is necessary to lower the rear part of the latch.It, in turn, is spring biased longitudinal rod, which is located in a flood in the breech in the barrel.The mechanism of action pistol "Walther P-38" can be described as follows: when the rollback barrel rod stuck in the frame.As a result, the latch is rotated in a disengaged position.After compresses the two return springs.They are located on the guide rods in the grooves in the frame (the top).Then, when spring decompression valve pushes the barrel, and a spring-loaded pin mounted in the same position, thereby releasing the latch.That, in turn, under the action of the bevel rises and engages with the shutter.

General construction

Pistol "Walther P-38" has 58 components.Among them:

  • trigger mechanism (USM) - has a double effect, equipped with an open trigger.The handle is twisted action spring cylinder type.Trigger pull the trigger when in the cocked position - 2.5 kg, while the DA mode - 6.5.Shutter Rod mounted outside on the right side of the frame.
  • check box - used to manually control fuse.Hosted by the gate on the left.When it is lowered is carried out safely lowered the hammer cocked.Also, there is a blocking striker.Limiter rotation for the hammer falls, with the opportunity to return to the starting position to the state of the platoon he is absent.
  • trigger.

Features of Structural

device trigger element pistol "Walther P-38" creates certain inconveniences in its use, especially in the context of military operations.This is because the preloaded position the hook is often associated with the included fuse.Working mechanism has the following nuances:

  • trigger element is installed in the front position when you turn off the fuse.This is done by turning the flag up.
  • If the fuse is turned off, the hook remains in the same position it was in before lowering the flag.
  • When cocking the hammer hook moves to the rear position.
  • If platoon or juggling the shutter absent, then when the trigger fuse element will remain in the forward position.
  • If the fuse is in the ON position, the gate will not be a brake that it can distort.At the same time the trigger is removed from the lock and the trigger moves to the rear position.
  • To statement to fuse, even after it is turned off occurred at the rear position of the trigger, you need to cock.After that, the fuse should be included.
  • If the trigger lowered manually by means of sticking and pressing the trigger hook takes the front position.
  • Once the fuse is turned off, you can carry out self-cocking a shot after charging.In the second case, the descent will be more mild and short.
  • takes the role of dissociating-release thrust.After the shots fired surface of the gate comes into contact with it.From this latter is lowered and thus performs a disconnection with the sear.Single lamp is possible if the trigger is lowered until it stops.This effort from pressing the trigger, he assumes.
  • In order to prevent premature shot at "nedohoda" gate to the locked position, it is necessary to make the lock striker with an automatic fuse.It is on the trigger.To unlock the need to translate the striker bolt in the front position, using the lift lever.It is on the same level with the trigger.


store in the gun "Walther P-38" contains no more than 8 rounds.Latch it is on the back (front) side of the handle.Latch store performs action spring.Over the hammer in the back plate gate is a pointer.As it is possible to detect the presence of a cartridge in the chamber.The pointer takes the form of a thin rod protruding edge.Dismantling pistol "Walter" is carried out quite simply.Once all cartridges are used up and the store is empty, the shutter needs to be translated to the rear position.In the event of the need to return to it previous state can be lowered to the gate arm delay.It is on the same level with the trigger element of the frame on the left.If the handle of the gun is not an empty shop, then to remove the bolt, it is necessary to pull back slightly.Then, it should be released.If the magazine is already loaded, this action doshlet cartridge in the chamber and will "Walter" (gun) to the alert.

Specificity design gun "Walther P-38"

  1. This firearm used two return springs of small diameter.They are arranged parallel to each other in the frame, beneath the gate.
  2. ejector has an arrangement on the left, making cartridge cases deviate to the left.
  3. To enable the fuse box must be turned down.
  4. Shutter traction mechanism has an external location.It is located on the frame on the right.
  5. distinctive feature of the gun "Walther P-38" - a short bolt with a large opening at the top.This design is a requirement shutter troops.Thanks to him, it is possible to produce fire through the viewing slit that is in the armor.

Species pistol "Walther P-38" and its modifications

  1. Walther AR - the prototype 1936, HP - the second prototype.
  2. Pistol P-38 ("Walter").Years of production: from 1939 until the spring of 1945.From late 1945 to 1946 from parts made earlier was made even a small number of guns of this model.And then, from 1957 to 2004, the weapon was manufactured in a number of on the territory of Germany.
  3. "Walther P-38.K" - a modern version of the pistol with a shortened 72 mm barrel.Was commissioned in 1944, the Reich Security for arming individual departments employees SD, SS and the Gestapo.Company Spree-Werke GmbH has released thousands of guns of this model.Fly is made flush with the shutter-housing is part of it.But fully preserved adjustment function.On the gun "P-38.K" stigma Walther replaces cyq.After some time, this model was used to arm the Ministry for State Security in the GDR.In the period from 1974 to 1981 by "Walter Vaffenfabrik" for the needs of the anti-terrorist special forces personnel in Germany has been released about 1500 pistols "P-38.K."And 200 of them used cartridges with 7.65 "Parabellum".

Walther Umarex

"Umareks Walter" - a pneumatic gun caliber 4.5 mm.The manufacturer - German company Umarex.In fact, this model - a copy of the self-loading firearms gun "P-38" produced in 1938 and became one of the most popular weapons of WWII.The appearance of modern weapons with precision repeats his old prototype.Air Pistol "Walther PPK S" ("Umareks") is made of ferro alloys.It uses a system of "Bloubek."It copies the action of automatic firearms brand "Walter".Air Gun is equipped with trigger element single action.It allows you to make a preliminary squad.Shop "Walther P-38" ("Umareks") holds 20 balls.Shot has a muzzle velocity of about 115-120 m / s.Dimensions of the gun - 21 x 13 x 3 cm. Removable barrel - another feature that has the weapon.

Model "P-99m"

Pistol "Walther" traumatic is an improved version of this type of weapon.This is not a conversion of military weapons Walther P-99.This model appeared almost at the same time with traumatic gun "Walther PP".In this regard, there was opposition to each other weapons.Comparative characteristics of these guns is almost identical.Both models use the same weak and inefficient ammunition.The main differences - the appearance and the number of rechargeable cartridges at the same time.On the latter point, the undisputed leader, thanks to a roomy store 15 rounds, is the "Walter" - pistol "P-99m."However, a significant advantage of this can not be named, because if one shot is not able to stop the enemy, all the 15 could not be considered reliable protection in self-defense.The appearance of traumatic gun "Walther P-99m" pretty interesting and attractive.Actually, it is this side and it is the most captivating because of its practical characteristics of the "Walter" (gun) does not meet the full requirements needs.For example, such as ease of maintenance and wearing comfort."Walter," pistol "P-99m," is of medium size.On the one hand, it is not a pocket because no one standard pocket it will not fit.But for large models it is also not possible to include.Weight traumatic gun, due to the small amount of content steel alloy is 600 grams, which is 1.5 times the weight of the model P-22T.Plus gun "Walther P-99m" is a strength.This is due to the use of aluminum alloy in the manufacture of weapons, and the lack of openings in the housing-gate.However, the trigger gun is also made of the alloy, with the result that it is particularly sensitive to various types of contamination and cleaning, which in turn has led to a small period of validity of the firing element.

P-88, P-99 pistol

"Walter" (gas) - an analog of the military model.Deciding to acquire such weapons, it is important to follow some rules.Firstly, before the opening of the packaging with gas cartridges its outer side to check for the presence of white or yellowish powder.In case of detection thereof, to open the box is not recommended, since the presence of plaque indicates leakage cartridges.In addition, when they need to purchase to verify the manufacturer's designation on the label on the bottom of the liner, as well as check for compliance with the actual content of the information on the packaging.