How to improve FPS at CS GO?

CS GO - one of the most popular games in the "incentive".Valve Company has breathed in a good old shooter a new life.Therefore, the game had to reissue appeal to many users.Now a huge number of gamers playing "CS GO".What is the secret of this success?

Valve Company has improved the graphics, added a new weapon, etc.But most importantly - the gameplay remained intact."CS GO" - it's the same kind and hardcore CS 1.6, which does not spare the novice and favorably to experienced gamers.All you need to drag to the "KS" - straight arms and high "FPS".And if the first comes with experience, the second can be obtained by reading this article.After all, here we will talk about how to improve FPS at CS GO.

FPS - what is it?

FPS (from the English fragment per second - a fragment of a second) - the number of frames displayed on a computer monitor or laptop in one second.The higher the value, the smoother will be the gameplay.Generally, for a comfortable game only need 30 "FPS".In this case, all the gameplay is smooth without sagging.But this applies not to all the games.

more aggressive and more dynamic game, the more "FPS" is necessary.Agree, because 30 "FPS" in the strategy and fighting game will look very differently.In this article we answer common questions about how to improve FPS at CS GO.If you do not know the answer to this question, we recommend that you read this manual.

"FPS" shooters

shooter "FPS" plays a key role.As you know, shooters are very dynamic and full of action game to the eyeballs.30 Therefore, "FPS" for a comfortable game may not be enough.What to do in such a case?It is necessary to increase this value.In this article we will talk about how to raise the FPS.

CS GO - it's not just a game, it's a real discipline of eSports.To become a champion, you need to make maximum use of all the ways to win.Increasing the "FPS" significantly affect your skills.Since the gameplay becomes even smoother, you can quickly and aims to respond to the danger.In addition, increasing the "FPS", you get a significant advantage over their enemies.So, how to improve FPS at CS GO?The answer to this question lies in this article.

Boost FPS (CS GO)?

What should be done to improve the performance of your PC?Gaming forums are full of questions and topics such as how to improve FPS at CS GO.To get started is felt in the game settings (menu "Help & Settings" section of "Video Settings").

All figures put the cost to a minimum, because the graphic component eats quite a lot of performance.The screen resolution is better to put less.After all, the higher the resolution, the smaller the "FPS".As for indicators such as "Brightness", "Screen Format" and "Distance from Screen", they can be adjusted by itself.The fact is that they do not take the performance of the PC, respectively, do not reduce the "FPS".

In the "Advanced" settings also have to be put on at least.When finished, click "Apply".Voila - now "FPS" has grown significantly.Specific figures are difficult to call, because all depends on your PC, but this way you can increase the FPS is between 30 and 90. If you still little of this, it is possible to register in the console command rate 35000. She will give you another 10-15 FPS.

Also before the game you must close all unnecessary programs, windows, because they, too, guzzle "FPS".For example, if you play the game with the included Antivirus and browser, it will lower your FPS somewhere in the 10-20 values ​​(depending on your computer).

If you want to know the exact value of its FPS, you can use a special program called Fraps.


CS GO - eSports is a discipline in which there are a huge number of professional players.To compete with them, will have to resort to special measures.One of them - increase in "FPS".So the gameplay will become much smoother, and accuracy will increase significantly.