Favorite makes an offer: How to encourage it?

Imagine: you're dating a guy, you are all wonderful, you love each other, have shared their plans for the future together and plan together.It would seem then to be followed by a romantic marriage proposal, fairytale wedding, "they lived happily ever after" ... But the ring and offers still no.Why is that?

Psychologists say that in connection with emancipation, feminism and the changing role of women in society, men feel weaker than ever before.And just feel - and then behave accordingly.This does not mean, of course, that you must carry his slippers and the newspaper, but most try to show that you need it, protect it and love.

He's afraid of being rejected. Strange but true.After all, men do not need to read between the lines, and they are often quite insecure.And this is a big and important step, so let him clearly understand that when he gets up on one knee, you are required to answer in the affirmative.

your relationships do not involve a wedding. Anyway, he thinks.For example, if you've never talked about marriage and children (4-5 years of marriage), most likely it so bad, and he did not plan to.In this case you should sit down and talk seriously, bring to a loved his thoughts and desires all to discuss and decide together.

He just does not respect you. Unfortunately, this option is also possible.Analyze your own attitude: if he knows how important it is for you wedding, but his behavior seemed purports to hurt you - whether you need a man around, and even a lifetime?

He had financial difficulties. For men it is very important that they should feel confident as the miners who provide the family.If his difficulties are temporary, just be patient, but if not lucky all the time, maybe he has some psychological problems that do not allow to be financially successful and should turn to a psychologist.

You is not all right in bed. man can not be with a woman with whom he had a bad sex.Fortunately, it's fixable, in particular, in our column "Sex" you will find a lot of options, how to spice up your love life.

It is not made for marriage. If he has in this respect a position of principle, you can either accept and take it for what it is, or to leave it and move on.But the break and try to change the generated identity makes no sense - just wasting your time and spend the nerves.

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