Children's fears: a child is afraid of the hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner?

From birth, the child begins to explore everything around them.This kid gets acquainted with many unusual things.And of course, everything that the child is not clear, it's scary.This is the reason many children fear that they appear between the ages of one to three years.

What is it may be afraid of the kid?For example, objects that make loud noises.Almost every house there are quite a lot - a vacuum cleaner, an electric grinder or coffee grinder, blender, electric.All of them are buzzing, humming or chattering, and it often frightens young children.The kids can not understand why such terrible things are necessary and why mom or dad touch it, take them over.How can that be when the child is afraid of, for example, a vacuum cleaner?If possible, it is better just to use this device less often.Most refuse to clean with a vacuum cleaner is unlikely to succeed, but it can be done, for example, when the baby for a walk.There are way out: to lead the child into another room, give him a toy, or let him sit, for example, Dad, but this time, shut the door, turn on the vacuum cleaner.

is far away from this device, the baby is unlikely to be afraid, even if you hear noise.But that in no case can not do is force to drag a child to work, humming a vacuum cleaner, to prove that nothing terrible it is not.Eliminate the fear so it does not turn.The kid will cry and even more afraid, and his experiences psychological trauma, even if not very serious, can still affect later.The same applies to other similar fears.Parents should remember once and for all, that you can not get the child to stop being afraid of something.Chances are, with age the fear will disappear.You can try to explain in a calm atmosphere to the kid that object, which he fears the most common, and nothing bad in him.Not the fact that will help to explain, but it's worth it.

happens that a year and a half in children appears the fear of bathing.Psychologists attribute this to the unpleasant experiences that occur in a child, for example, if it burns your eyes or foam soap into the mouth water.In this case, you can not force your baby to swim and the power to put him in the tub.You can try to persuade a frightened toddler, saying that the trouble will no longer be repeated.Sometimes it helps to change the situation.

For example, if before the baby is usually washed in the bathroom, it is now possible to put a baby bath in the kitchen, turn on relaxing music.If the child continues to be afraid of, it is better to pour into the tub of water or less replace all swimming rubdown with a damp sponge.The kid is calmer, if during the wash mother tenderly talking with him or give him to do some toy.

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