The virus encrypts all files.

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Has it ever happened to you Email, Skype or ICQ in the message comes from an unknown sender with a link to a photo of your friend or congratulations on the upcoming holiday?It seems that you do not expect no bases, and suddenly when linking to a computer loaded a serious malicious software.You do not have time to recover, as the virus has encrypted all the files.What to do in such a situation?Is it possible to restore the documents?

In order to understand how to deal with malware, you should know that it represents and how it gets into the operating system.In addition, it does not matter which version of Windows you're using - Critroni-virus aimed at infecting any operating system.

Cryptographic computer virus: the definition and algorithm steps

On the internet, a new computer virus software, known to many, called CTB (Curve Tor Bitcoin) or Critroni.This is an advanced trojan-extortionist, similar in principle to the algorithm previously known malicious software CriptoLocker.If the virus encrypts all files that do in this case?First of all, you need to understand the algorithm of its work.The essence of the virus to encrypt all your files to expand .ctbl, .ctb2, .vault, .xtbl or others.At the same time, you can not open them until until they pay the requested sum of money.

Often there are viruses and Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Shade Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Onion.They are very similar to PTS their local action.They can be distinguished by the expansion of encrypted files.Trojan-Ransom encodes the information in a format .xtbl.When you open any file, the screen displays a message that your personal documents, databases, photos and other files were encrypted malware.To decipher them, you need to charge a unique key that is stored on a server secret, and only in this case, you will be able to do the decryption, and cryptographic steps with their documents.But do not worry, let alone send money to a specified number, there is another way to deal with this type of cybercrime.If your computer was just such a virus that encrypts all files .xtbl, what to do in such a situation?

What not to do with the penetration of the virus to the computer encryption

happens that in a panic, we set the antivirus program and use it to automatically or manually remove the virus software, down with him and important documents.It is unpleasant, in addition to a computer can store data that you worked on for months.It's a shame to lose such documents without the possibility of recovery.

If the virus encrypts all files .xtbl, some are trying to change their expansion, but it also does not lead to positive results.Reinstalling the operating system and hard drive formatting permanently deletes malicious programs, but at the same time and you will lose any chance of recovery documents.This situation does not help, and specially designed software, decoders, because soft extortionist programmed for non-standard algorithm and requires a special approach.

The dangerous virus extortionist for PC

It is clear that none of the malicious program will not benefit your PC.Why create such software?Ironically, such programs have been created not only for defrauding users the greatest possible amount of money.In fact, viral marketing is quite beneficial to many antivirus inventors.After all, if the virus encrypts all files on the computer to which you refer in the first place?Naturally, with the help of professionals.The same encryption viruses are dangerous to your laptop or PC?

custom algorithm of their work, so the usual anti-virus software will not be possible to cure the infected files.Removing malware will cause data loss.Only the movement of the quarantine will enable secure other files that malicious virus had not yet encrypted.

Validity encryption malicious software

If your computer is infected Critroni (malware) virus encrypts all files that do?.vault-, .xtbl-, .rar-format alone can not decode, manually change the extension to .doc, .mp3, .txt, and others.If within 96 hours you do not pay the right amount of cybercriminals, you will conduct an intimidating correspondence by e-mail that all your files are permanently deleted.In most cases, people are such a threat, and they are reluctant, but dutifully perform these steps, afraid of losing precious information.Sorry, users do not understand the fact that cyber criminals are not always true to his word.After receiving the money, they often do not worry about deciphering your locked files.

After timer malware is automatically closed.But you still have a chance of recovering important documents.A message appears that the time is up, and more detailed information about the files you can view documents in a folder in a specially designed notebook file DecryptAllFiles.txt.

encryption methods penetration of malicious programs in the operating system

cryptographers usually viruses get into your computer through infected messages received by e-mail or through phishing web download.It could be a fake flash updates or fraudulent video players.Once the program is downloaded to the computer by any of these methods, she immediately encrypts data without the possibility of recovery.If the virus encrypts all files .cbf, .ctbl, .ctb2 in other formats and do not have a backup copy of a document that is stored on removable media, consider that you will no longer be able to restore them.At the moment, the anti-virus laboratory do not know how to crack the encryption such viruses.Without having to key it is possible only to block infected files, move them to quarantine or delete.

How to avoid infection by computer virus

ominous virus encrypts all files .xtbl.What to do?You've already re-read a lot of unnecessary information to write on most web sites, and do not find the answer.It happens that at the worst possible moment, when an urgent need to submit a report on the work at the University diploma or defend his professorial degree, the computer begins to live their lives: broken, infected with viruses, crashes.You should be prepared for such situations and keep the information on the server and removable media.This will allow at any time to reinstall the operating system and 20 minutes to work on the computer, as if nothing had happened.But, unfortunately, we are not always so adventurous.

To avoid infection by computer virus, you must first install a good antivirus program.You must be properly configured firewall Windows, which protects against a variety of malicious objects through the network.And most important: do not swing software from untrusted sites, torrent trackers.To avoid infecting your computer virus software, be careful what links you go.If you have an e-mail came a letter from unknown destination with a request or an offer to see what is hidden behind the link, it is best to move the message to the spam, or delete altogether.

to at one point did not work, so that the virus encrypts all files .xtbl, lab antivirus software advised free way to protect against infection by viruses cryptographic: once a week to back up data and inspect their condition.

virus encrypts all files on your computer: how to treat

If you are a victim of cyber crime and data on your computer have been infected with one of the encryption types of malware, then it's time to try to recover the files.

There are several ways to free treatment of infected documents:

  1. most common method, and probably the most effective in the present moment - backup documents and subsequent recovery in case of accidental contamination.
  2. file recovery software.CTB-virus algorithm works in an interesting way.Once in the computer, it copies the files, encrypts them, and deletes the original documents, thus eliminating the possibility of their recovery.But with the help of software or software Photorec R-Studio you can manage to save some original files untouched.You should know that the longer you use the computer after the infection, the less the likelihood of recovering all the necessary documents.
  3. If the virus encrypts all files .vault, there is another good way to decrypt them - the use of volume shadow copies.Of course, the virus will attempt to permanently and irrevocably delete all of them, but it happens, and so that some files remain intact.In this case, you will, though small, but the chance of recovery.
  4. There is the possibility of storing the data file storage such as DropBox.It can be installed on the computer as a local display of the disc.Naturally, the encryption and the virus will infect.But in this case it is much more realistic to restore the documents and important files.

software to prevent virus infection PC

If you are afraid of getting a sinister malicious software on your computer and do not want an insidious virus encrypts all files, use the Local Policy Editor or Windows-group.With this integrated software can be set up software restriction policies - and then you will not be bothered by the thought of becoming infected computer.

How to restore infected files

If CTB-virus encrypts all files that do in this case, to restore the required documents?Unfortunately, at the present time, no antivirus laboratory does not offer decoding of your files, but the neutralization of infection, its complete removal from the personal computer possible.The above are all effective methods of information recovery.If you are too expensive your files, and you did not bother to make a backup copy to removable media or online disc, then you will have to pay the requested amount of money cybercriminals.But there is no chance that you will be sent the decryption key even after payment.

How to find infected files

To see a list of infected files, you can go to this path: "My Documents" \. Html, or "C:" \ "Users" \ "All Users" \. Html.This html-sheet contains information not only about casual instructions, but also about the infected objects.

How to block the virus encryption

Once the computer has been infected with malicious software, first thing to do from the user - including safe mode with network.This is done by pressing the keyboard F10.

If your computer randomly came Critroni-virus encrypts all files in a .rar, .ctbl, .ctb2, .xtbl, .vault, .cbf or any other format in this case is already hard to restore them.But if the virus has not yet managed to make a lot of changes, there is a likelihood of blocking through a policy of restricted access programs.