Remedy mosquito for infants.

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With the advent of heat raises the question of how to protect themselves from mosquito bites.Adults all means and ways to try to protect children from these pesky insects.Let's look at the question of why they bite people and what are the means from mosquitoes for infants and try to choose an effective method of dealing with them.

Why they bite

mosquitoes - are insects who need blood for procreation.And she needed only to females, males feed on nectar of flowers.The more females will be drunk the blood, the more eggs she can be postponed.Fortunately, the blood they need, not only human, perfect and animals.One bite in his short life has not finished with the female, so always have to think about protection against such attacks.

harm mosquitoes

mosquito bites - a nasty little thing.It is a substance that the insect injects to the blood does not clot, causing a person pain first and then possible allergic reactions and severe itching.Very sensitive to such bites kids, so you need to protect them, applying insect repellent to children.

And the consequences of mosquito bites baby?On the baby's delicate skin, are especially prone to allergic dermatitis may aggravate skin diseases.It is rare but possible:

  • Asthma if the bite in the face.
  • vomiting and diarrhea.
  • emergence of serum sickness.

This rare manifestation, but require immediate attention of the doctor.They talk about a possible infection of the baby infection.

Also, mosquitoes are carriers of these diseases:

  • Malaria.
  • Encephalitis.
  • viral infection.
  • Yellow fever.

Can mosquitoes become carriers of various parasites.It is therefore necessary to protect the use of safe and effective mosquito repellent for infants.

Young children bite - is:

  • allergic reaction.
  • Itching.
  • comb wound - this is an opportunity of infection.
  • bad dream.
  • opportunity to infect a dangerous disease.

What react mosquitoes and who attracts them the most?

Who will be targeted?

Studies have shown that mosquitoes in their tastes just like people, can be selective.They often prefer:

  • People with blood group 1 gets bitten more than with group 2 and 3.
  • The more a person identifies carbon dioxide, so it tastes better to mosquitoes.
  • Pregnant women suffering from bites more often.
  • Sweat attracts insects.
  • presence of alcohol in the blood.
  • delicious smell.
  • mosquitoes bite the most problematic areas, for example, varikoznikov - legs.
  • If slapping themselves, driving away mosquitoes, the skin is heated, and the heat they attract even more.
  • proved that a certain color of clothing attracts mosquitoes, it's bright and dark colors.
  • Kids gets because of their thin and delicate skin, radiant heat, so you need to use a mosquito repellent for children.

Species protection

course, mankind has invented a lot of means of protection against mosquitoes.Depending on where they are used, they are divided into groups:

  1. individually.Those that are applied directly to the skin.
  2. Home.Protect against mosquitoes certain territory, such as a bedroom.
  3. Street.Protect against mosquitoes outside.

more protection can be divided into:

  • Insecticides - those that kill insects.Typically, they are used in rooms.
  • Repellents - repel mosquitoes.Is used outdoors.

What are the safest means to protect children from the mosquitoes?

Protecting children from mosquitoes

When protecting our kids from the pesky insects all good.And there are so many of their:

  • Mosquito nets.They are engaged in the production of a variety of manufacturers.
  • Repellents.Available in a variety of forms.
  • ultrasonic repeller.
  • fumigator.It is inserted into a plate or a special liquid.For example, "Moskitol" "Fumitoks", "Raptor".
  • patch.It has worked well "Magikoplast."
  • Folk remedies.

Which mosquito repellent for children under one year is the best?

Protecting children from mosquitoes: reviews mothers

The easiest way to protect against mosquitoes, as mentioned above, is a mosquito net.It can be used not only to protect children from insects.It is perfect for the whole family.

Modern mosquito nets are made of high quality materials, they are thin and fine mesh so well lets air and at the same time do not allow insects to get inside.There are different sizes, the prices are quite reasonable.If a child is very active and does not lie in bed, it is necessary to use other means of protection.Mosquito nets - the most necessary and safe mosquito repellent for babies, but it can not fully protect.

Repellents should choose very carefully, be sure to take into account the child's age.They are issued based on the age group, therefore, for the little toxicity is minimized.One of the biggest problems - is to choose the right kind of repellent.These come in the form of:

  • cream.Suitable for very young "Moskidoz."
  • gel.The line "Moskitol" produces for infants gel "protection for kids."
  • spray.For example, "Moskidoz antikomariny" for kids, "Our Mother," "My sweetheart".
  • jelly.The most popular is considered "Floresan."
  • pencil.This form is also used for infants frequently, for example, "Gardeks."

very convenient to use a pencil as they are securely packaged, it is convenient to carry around.He has proven pencil mosquito known company Chicco.On the baby's skin to apply the remedy dot on open sites.

creams and gels applied with a thin layer without rubbing.They create a protective film, not sticky and do not penetrate the upper layers of the skin.Note that you can not be applied to the hands and face, as a child often draws them into his mouth or agent gets into your eyes.Moms respond well to the cream "Moskidoz" creams and French firm Babycoccole.

repellent in the form of lotions and emulsions, as a mosquito repellent for infants, are less secure.With great care of the clothes treated better in the absence of the child.These repellents contain more chemicals than is contained in creams, and protection from mosquitoes lasts longer (up to 6 hours).You can handle the clothes of someone close to the child.Reliable and proven company - "Johnson Baby" moms trust her defense of their crumbs from mosquitoes.

Sprays also have a different reputation: if the "Our Mother," "My sun" are in demand and have positive feedback, the most Gardex baby mothers do not favor because of poor performance.

Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller - an excellent choice.They distilled insects ultrasound, which is not audible to man.Such a means totally safe.It does not emit any fumes that can cause an allergic reaction.In addition, repellents produced in the form of trinkets, lamp, they are convenient to use.This is a very original and safe mosquito repellent for babies, photo demonstrates one of these options.

fumigator - is the most popular means of protection.It also does not require contact with the skin, but it works on the principle of evaporation of a substance which causes the death of the mosquito.It is possible to buy a liquid which is intended for 30-60 nights.Excellent reviews of the fumigator "Nekusayka."

fumigator as a mosquito repellent for infants, should be used with extreme caution.

  • It can not be left on all night.
  • includes the following 2 hours before bedtime, and the baby in the room should not be.
  • If a child after the fumigator will start coughing, sneezing, it is necessary to ventilate the room immediately and discontinue use of the device, rather, the selected liquid or plates.
  • Buy plate or liquid specifically for children, they are usually odorless and contain no chemicals.

There are patches that can also be glued to the clothes or baby stroller.They let manufacturers of children's products, such as the Wakodo, and they do not contain insecticides.

Disadvantages remedies

If you listen to their parents, a better mosquito repellent for children Reviews you can hear a wide variety.

Many respond well to a mosquito net - it's a great option, but if a lot of mosquitoes, it does not give 100% guarantees.

Repellents can cause allergic reactions, however, as a liquid or a pill for the fumigator.The patch is not always securely fastened, it's easy to forget he is just short-lived.

Efficiency ultrasonic devices, the poll shows, depending on the manufacturer.

Therefore, there is a very simple tips.

  1. Use repellents after the tolerance test substances selected child.
  2. Be careful when buying a fumigator and tools used with it.
  3. patch stick can not see a child in order to avoid falling into the mouth.
  4. ultrasonic repellents need to purchase from a reputable and well-established firms.

By following these tips, you can be sure that buying a mosquito repellent for children, are only good reviews.Do not forget that you get them to protect your baby.

Traditional recipes

What traditional recipes can be used as a tool against mosquito bites for infants?

become very popular essential oils of plants such as:

  • Lavender.
  • Carnation.
  • Lemon.
  • Eucalyptus.
  • Cedar.
  • Mint.

They can be applied to the child's clothing or add baby cream or milk, and then lubricate the skin of the child.You can also put on the mosquito net, which covered bed.You can use oil burner with these oils.But you must be sure to monitor the reaction of the child, to avoid allergy.

There is an excellent insect repellent for babies with vanilla.Vanilla is added to vodichku and sprayed from a spray in the room or on the clothes of the baby.Also it can be added in a sunflower oil or the cream, and spread open areas of the body.Of course, the main condition - is the absence of vanilla allergy in the child.

mosquito bites - what to do?

Any insect repellent to children under one year does not guarantee that a mosquito bite.What to do if bitten is still annoying insect.

  • necessary to relieve irritation, this will help "Fenistil".
  • From folk remedies to help: a salty solution, yogurt, plantain leaves, bird cherry, mint, a concentrated solution of soda, pale pink solution of potassium permanganate, tea tree oil.

Choosing an effective mosquito repellent for infants, can be no doubt that you and your child will feel confident warm evenings.These insects will not be able to break the dream of your baby or overshadow the joy of walking.