What better to do the ceiling in the kitchen: choose

If you're wondering what to do better than the ceiling in the kitchen, you should consider several options.Materials that are potentially suitable for this purpose, there are so many.Among them it is possible to include any suspension systems.Some are adapted to these objectives more than others, but they may be more or less adapted for use in a tough operation.

If we talk about what is best to do the ceiling in the kitchen, that is to say that the main qualities he must possess is the ease of cleaning and resistance to moisture.In apartment buildings humidity resistance is of paramount importance.Because of the frequent accidents with piped systems may be affected not only your ceiling, but also all repairs in the home.That is why the very best to eliminate the use of drywall in these homes.It can be used only in the private sector or on the top floor of an apartment building.

So what better to do the ceiling in the kitchen?Here are the options: use rail or PVC panels, as well as proshpaklevat paint and water-based paint.This applies to apartment buildings, and in a private home, you can make it what you want.

Drywall - this is usually one of the best options for finishing the ceiling.But he has only one drawback - the instability to moisture that can easily be corrected, if it does not fall on him from the roof.This can be used for glass fiber, which then can be painted or decorate a beautiful mosaic.Here it is necessary to proceed only from your preferences.

finishing the ceiling in the kitchen PVC panels - this is not the best option.Given that this material was extremely widespread as a finishing kitchen space, it is better not to use in a residential area.It is resistant to water, but it has several drawbacks.The first of these is a visual cold.In any color and texture of the material will still be one office - cold and uncomfortable.The second drawback is the low resistance to high temperatures.Just a couple of years of use of the ceiling in the kitchen, he transformed from a beautiful glossy coating into something strange and unattractive.His recovery is possible only through complete replacement of panels.Best

ceiling for the kitchen - rack.Its basis are the aluminum plates, which are applied by spraying of any color and texture.Thanks to the glossy surface of the rails they can take care of without any problems.In terms of cleaning then there is only one drawback - the junction rails.With that, the ceiling looks seamless, yet there remains a small gap, which will collect the soot and dust.

If we talk about what is best to do the ceiling in the kitchen, it is wise to give preference to combining construction materials.So you can not just make the interior beautiful and expressive, but also break the kitchen space in the area, which is a very important point.