How to lay laminate wood flooring: Recommendations

Laminate is the perfect flooring that is perfect for residential and office space.It is popular among consumers, because it has a beautiful appearance, because it is made from natural materials.To this floor served its owner for as long as is necessary to approach the issue in its styling with great responsibility.Sometimes there is a question: "How to lay laminate wood floor?"It is necessary to consider this situation as fully as possible.

If we put laminate wood floor, it is necessary to carry out all work efficiently, without undue haste, following a specific sequence.So you can avoid spending more time and possible alterations.

work should start with the preparation of the surface to be perfectly flat.To do this, release the repaired premises of all unnecessary items, remove baseboards, and then clean the floor from dust and dirt.Talking about how to lay laminate wood floor, it should be noted that the presence of significant defects on it or very large differences in height is necessary leveling of using sheets of particle board.They should be placed tightly against the wall, and each subsequent sheet stack with a small gap.Reliable fixation sheets achievable by screwing screws or by the use of nails.

Talking about how to lay laminate wood floor, it is necessary to say that it should be put under a special substrate capable of providing high-quality sound and heat insulation.It is placed on a dry basis, it does not use adhesives.At the moment, there are several varieties of substrates.Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem to the rolls in the form of mats.The most practical view is padded cork as it does not sag and has excellent insulating properties, while it is on the environmental adjustment.Sheets of plywood are also able to assist in the issue of maximizing the floor leveling.Secure means they can be self-tapping screws.

Then you will need to calculate how much space you need on the repaired laminate.This is done by measuring the room, i.e. the length to be multiplied by the width to calculate the area.Buying liked the cover, it is important to pay attention to the method of joining panels.Commonly used in the panels snap lock, which would require mallet and wooden beams.When you work with them, do not have to exert a lot of effort to avoid chipping and cracking in the material.

Puts laminate wood floor only in rooms where the temperature is at least 15 degrees Celsius.You should begin by the door, and then the stacking Extension.The light from the window should fall seams parallel plates.Around the walls must be a gap of 10-15 mm, which will be covered plinth.

Installing plinth - is the final stage of work.It should fasten with screws.Now you know how to lay laminate wood floor.