A simple tarot cards on the guy

tarot cards to loved very common.The purpose of these rituals is to know the future, or the answers to certain questions.And what is most interested in the young girl?That's right, it usually is interested in marriage, relationship with a guy.Cartomancy on favorite with the more popular than other methods of prediction.

general sorts of divination practiced in Russia for a long time.This is the Christmas magic rituals and divination on the day of Ivan Kupala.Even our great-grandmother loved this occupation.Gather winter evening begins tarot cards on the guy one girl, then another, a third.What has changed today?Practically nothing.Unless changed our attitude to love or modern girls do not want to tell fortunes to narrow?

Naturally, there are different ways by which you can make tarot cards at the guy, and look to the future.For example, there is a so-called Divination by the four jacks.Used this way generally when the girl several suitors.To perform the rite should take the usual deck, in which 36 cards.From this deck retrieved all four jacks.

mix, should put these four cards face up.This three cards represent the known three fans, and the fourth jack is unknown, but potential.This usually corresponds to the fourth spades.Continuing tarot cards on the guy, now take up the rest of the pack and mix it thoroughly.Of course, thus it is necessary to think not about trifles, and about what is happening sacrament.

Now you can ask any question cards.For example: "Who is more suited to me?Who are my heart lies?Who loves me stronger and more sincere? "And so on like that.You can ask someone to marry and go.The questions are asked one by one, not all at once.They asked, and then lays out a deck of one card to the previously laid out jacks.On the lady who had the diamonds, and the fit reply.For example, he likes you or he will marry.

If you think that the answer is wrong card, you can repeat the question and put the deck again.With few clearly erroneous answers tarot cards on the guy is better to move the next day.Perhaps at this time cards are not willing to communicate with you.It was, perhaps, the easiest way to clarify the situation of love.But beyond simple maps, there is also a tarot cards.To perform a tarot cards on the guy, they also can be used effectively.

It should be noted that it is the last time the tarot cards is gaining popularity.Some girls even only to them and trust.Such cards are without a doubt themselves more mysterious.From them without blowing magic divination.Guessing on the cards on the guy with a full deck of Tarot performed.It should be pre-hold in their hands the girl who will ask questions.Then the deck is shuffled, and the same girl shoots, and the top is counted seven cards.

This is done, this situation: the first card is laid out in the middle, the second placed under it, and the third is laid out on the left, the fourth - on the right side of the central map.

fifth card is put on top of the center.The sixth and seventh cards are laid out, respectively, by a second and a fifth, that is also in the center.

The result is laid out Tarot cross.After the alignment you can proceed to the interpretation.Such tarot cards on the guy means that the alignment of each card corresponds to a particular question.

  • first talk about the relationship between partners in a given time.
  • second tells about the compatibility between them.
  • third tells about the expectations of her spouse.
  • fourth specifies that he wants to receive.
  • fifth says that waiting voproshatelnitsu.
  • Sixth offers the prospect of potential changes in the attitude of questioning.

Finally, the seventh Tarot card divination sums up the whole.Perhaps, in addition to the card should listen to your heart.Remember that the maps can show one of the possible options.Features fate still the man himself.I wish you happiness!