Truthful guessing on a simple map

Occasionally some people do not want to know how the rest of his life in the future.A special curiosity "suffering", of course, women, and starting from childhood.It starts with an innocent daisies, whose petals are cut off, causing a tooth fairies and gnomes matyuklivyh with making wishes for the New Year or birthday, etc.As you get older, girls having fun invented by themselves or overheard grandmothers Ouija, arrange simple divination by playing cards ... And all this mysticism is the same: to find out whether they are married will come when it will happen, who will be their husband, how will children.As you get older, many are also interested in how the rest of their career, whether to relocate, how things are with his health.Often, to find out all of this, girls and women are turning to a different fortune tellers, but they often say only that the girl wants to hear.

Therefore, in order not to go far into the forest, we offer a simple guessing on a simple map.It is quite true, but far into the future is still not intended: that the truth was told the card or not, can be seen in just a week.To start, you need to take is not to play a deck of 36 cards and decide who you want to tell fortunes - a man or a woman.From this, choose a king or queen corresponding suit.This divination appearance corresponds to the suits as follows: clubs - dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin;Diamonds - blond hair, light eyes, light skin;Hearts - dark hair with light eyes and blond hair with dark eyes, light skin.The peaks are not selected.

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assume this simple guessing on cards you chose for yourself.You, for example - a blue-eyed blonde woman, so take a pack and mentally think: "I am wondering to myself, to the lady of diamonds."Wondering on another person, so think of "guessing at Basil, king of clubs."So, you make come true yourself now tasuyte card, and then take them in the right hand face down and slide the (if guessing at another person, move away from you).Next, you need to find your card.Here's how: Remove the top three cards, turning the face up, put a fan on the table.If you do not have this trio, shooting three cards and put in the same way under the already laid out, and so on until you can not find your card.When found, remove it and set aside, and the rest collect random and turning face down, fold under the remainder in your hand deck.

Now put your card in the middle of the table face up and shuffle the deck a few times.Continuing this simple guessing on cards, pull out of the middle of the deck one card, and without looking, put it face down under your card becauseit will mean that you have hidden deep inside, under the heart.Then, just pull in turn two, but had put on, they would mean that at heart.The rest of the deck need to be expanded as follows: take it, and how to otsypte random part of your cards first lady, then under her, then left her, and finally put the rest of the right.This order layout resembles a cross, which you fall another person.

Now take the paved cards that lie on your lady, remove the two top and turn the face up, put on the spot where they took a handful (it is now left in your hand).Next take the ones you put down, and just otlistayte, turn and put in place a handful of the top two, and all other cards are attached to the deck.Then did the same with the cards on the left and the right.You should have a cross of 8 cards, two on each side, in the center - your lady, covered with two cards, and one planted underneath.

Keep this simple guessing on maps as follows: from the deck that remains in your hands, remove the top two cards and place them first in the upper left corner of your card, and then to the lower right, lower left, andFinally, in the top right corner.Just so you are trying to post as 8 cards.Now, in the same way you need to lay out another 4 cards of you override a those that spread the corners.These 4 cards will mean what eventually calm down your heart.All the alignment is finished, the remaining deck simply postpone and start treatment.The right number is your past, the left - the future queen of the card (in the mind) - what do you think now, under it (in the legs) - what do you think with contempt tramples on those thoughts.

cards following values:

6 - the road (red - or close early, black - late or distant);

7 - meeting (color indicates a person's appearance);

8 - conversation (if the peak will fall, so there will be any unpleasant conversation or booze);

9 - love (peak - severe anxiety; if the next two nines - love the bed);

10 - interest (of clubs - possible money peak - trouble);

Jack - worries about someone (peak - empty, unnecessary worries, diamonds can represent the child, and of hearts - paper documents);

lady - a woman (peak means anger);

King - man (peak - a middle-aged man with a very high position);

Ace - government house, that is,Any institution that is not your home, or hear from the person, depending on the suit (ace of your suit is your home; the peak inverted - get an unexpected blow, a lot of trouble).

reviewing the primary outcome of the divination on simple maps, can open the cards that are on your and below.So you know that now you have the heart and deep in my heart.And finally, you need to know what you'll be.Collect all the cards that were present in the scenario, shuffle and immediately turning the face up, one start to spread on the table.Once the couple will fall (for example, two 6s), you have them withdrawn and deposited.Those cards that remain "single" to spread in the order of precedence next to her and enjoy (or upset) final result.