Ryazan Airborne School : receipt , the oath , departments , e .What to do in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School ?

One of the most prestigious military colleges in Russia today is the Ryazan Airborne School.In November 2018 the school will celebrate its centenary, it was originally formed as the Ryazan infantry courses.For all time of its existence, the school has produced hundreds of thousands of top-notch military who defended and continue to defend the country for many years.

Ryazan Airborne School and its history (1918-1947)

RVVDKU (ex. RIVDV) today is the honorary name of General VFMargelov, who has invested a lot of effort to ensure that this institution has become one of the best in the country.November 13, 1918 Ryazan infantry school (so it was then called) opened its doors to its first students.Three years later the institution became the owner of the Central Executive Committee award for showing bravery and courage of their wards.

In August 1941, it was decided to form a military parachute school on the basis of an existing institution, evacuated to Kuibyshev.The school has been preparing military personnel for airborne troops, but this few people knew the uninitiated took his usual military unit.

the autumn of 1943 the school received an award - the Order of the Red Banner, which was awarded for front-line officers successes prepared institution.In 1946-1947, the current ssuz was in Frunze (now - Bishkek), and then returned to its rightful place - in Ryazan.

school history: postwar years

In 1958 the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union decided on reorganization of existing institutions in Higher Military Command School.Training time was increased to four years, and diplomas, who received the graduates have become equal to any document on higher education.Preparation of students remained at the highest level.

Commander of the Airborne Troops VFMargelov then took the initiative to unite the Ryazan and the Almaty School.The country's leadership has approved the proposal, and a year later there were cadets in Ryazan paratroopers from Alma-Ata.Since then, the school was constantly under the personal supervision and tutelage of VFMargelov, because of this it has gained popularity and expanded its territory.

In the 1960s the school began to actively explore foreign languages, as foreigners were allowed to enroll in school.In 1968, the Ryazan Airborne Troops Military College was re-awarded the Order of the Red Banner.In 1989, the school underwent a successful preparation of the Polish soldiers and the Polish People's Republic has awarded the college "Commander's Cross."

Ryazan Airborne School: post-Soviet history

In 1996 RVVDKU (ex. RIVDV) has been called, is used to this day.Were taken into account all the wishes of staff and school teachers who would like to institution bore the name of General Vasily Margelov.In the late 1990s, the name was changed, but the July 9, 2004 it was finally returned to the institution.

In 2006, Russian Defense Minister awarded the school Vimpelcom for quality training of military specialists.Two years later, the Ryazan Higher Airborne Troops Military School girls start receiving operational military specialization.In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Suvorov institution.

Who teaches school?

addition to the school there is a major training center, parachute club and aviation military transport squadron.Students live in dormitories barrack type, and are trained in educational buildings, laboratories, complexes, gyms.The school has its own shooting range, as well as the stadium with sportgorodkom.Next to the establishment of service centers is located.

RVVDKU (Ryazan) prepares graduates from three fields and two specializations, keeping public order, which is formed by the Ministry of Defence.All programs are built so that the period of training for each of them shall be five years.The girls are taken to school on a general basis.

Ryazan Airborne School: faculties, departments

total in school, there are three faculties: ACT - 8 (that's where you can get a vocational education), DPO and Special Faculty, where trained personnel from abroad.The role of the leading divisions RVVDKU perform platoons, department and company.As of 2015 the territory of the school operates 19 departments.

15 out of 19 departments are military, the other 4 - obshcheprofessionalnyh (Russian and foreign languages, humanities and natural sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, general professional disciplines).The school employs experienced specialists, including more than 20 doctors and over 150 candidates.

Extrabudgetary Department

The school also has a department of communications and road transport, where you can get an education on an extrabudgetary basis.It trains bachelors in specialties "Cars and car economy" and "personnel management."Education lasts four years, the student can be educated in full-time and correspondence forms.

for admission to first profession must pass the exam on the Russian language, mathematics and physics, and the second - in the Russian language, mathematics and social studies.The pass mark for each subject is recommended to clarify in the school, because it can vary.The annual training in both specialties has not changed since 2013.As of June 2015, it is 64 thousand rubles for the full-time and 28 thousand - for the absentee.

educational process

RVVDKU (Ryazan) differs from all other military schools that are built quite differently the educational process.Education is organized in such a way that all students receive not only theoretical but also practical skills, and quite often it takes place within the same class.Divided into lectures and practical courses are virtually none.

Course duration is 5 years for the students, and those who want to become officers, will have to learn a little longer - 5 years and 10 months.Students learn to 10 semesters, at the end of each of them need to take tests and examinations, it is similar to the examination session in civilian universities.

theoretical sessions include attending lectures, writing and laboratory examinations and extra-curricular visiting consultations.Practical work includes internships, group sessions and exercises.For the second year all students must defend coursework at a predetermined subject with the supervisor.

For all five years of training students spend on the field yields more than 12 months.Every year the students go back to thirty summer vacation and fourteen - winter.Those students who have graduated from college with honors, gain an advantage in choosing where they will serve, according to the existing distribution list.

Who can become a cadet school?

Admission the Ryazan Airborne School year begins on the first of July.The young people are serious requirements imposed on health grounds.Students may be those who are not served if they are not yet 22 years old, as well as those who are now serving at the call or on a contract basis (up to 25 years).By crediting allowed even those who had previously served in the army, provided that they do not have 24 years.

All prospective students are required to undergo a medical examination and submit the relevant documents to the selection committee.Active servicemen must make to map medical book.It should be noted that applicants with criminal, anti-Russian nationalist and obscene tattoos are not accepted at the school, are its internal rules.

To enroll in the Ryazan Airborne School, you must provide photocopies or originals of identity documents and the availability of education, as well as certificates of deposit of the exam.Candidates for students who already have a high school education can enroll after the internal examination that the school organizes its own.

Admission: USE

All prospective college students RVVDKU (Ryazan), planning to study in higher education programs, go through comprehensive skills assessment, which is carried out on the results of the exam.For admission to the specialty "Personnel Management" you need to provide certificates of exams in mathematics (pass rate - 27), social studies (42 points) and Russian (36 points).

To study the specialty "Translation and Translation" must pass a foreign language (pass rate - 22), Russian (36 points) and history (32 points).For the specialty "Information and Communication Technologies" will need to pass physics (pass rate - 36), mathematics (27 points) and Russian (36 points).

Those who are planning to study the program of secondary education may not provide certifications exam, the decision on admission will be made of the selection committee on the basis of other parameters.These are the medical fitness assessment and physical training of the future of the cadet, as it will help to define the category of professional fitness without taking any exams.

Admission: sportsmanship

Ryazan Airborne Troops Military College has a special status, and all students must have excellent physical preparation.That is why applicants are required to go through the verification level of physical training, this also applies to boys and girls.If the student is going to get higher education, he would have to pass the pull-ups, running and swimming (if conditions allow).

If the applicant plans to receive vocational education, exercise offers the same, but the standards for admission in this case, a little higher.Is given only one chance to perform physical exercise, the results are entered in the competition, along with a list of data from the certificate exam.On their basis the decision on admission.

Admission the Ryazan Airborne School requires the applicant in good shape, so it is best to start preparing.The presence of diplomas, certificates and awards in the field of sports disciplines is welcome, but priority in the receipt of it does not give.

Methodical work

Ryazan Airborne School is famous for its teachers, all of them have extensive experience in the service, about 150 of them were combatants in Afghanistan and South Ossetia in the North Caucasus.This ensures that all students receive the most appropriate for further military service skills.In addition, teachers are constantly methodical work with their students, to improve the quality of education.

beginning teachers here may also obtain the necessary work with students the skills for them open "school of pedagogical skills" training period which is two years.Periodically, the school organized methodical experiments, resulting in the latest teaching techniques developed in military educational institutions.


Oath of the Ryazan Airborne School is held in early September, on this solemn event usually attracts parents and friends freshmen.Guide College congratulates all students.

According to the existing tradition, the oath is always terminated by a solemn march and demonstrations, which involved officers and cadets.Parents can ask their questions to the head school and the teachers are always present at the oath of freshmen.

How to get there?

Institution has a prime location within walking distance from the railway station Ryazan-1.Address Ryazan Airborne School - Sq.General of the Army VF Margelov, 1. To get from the station to the school, you must take the bus route №5 «F / station - platform" Turlatovo Airport ", then drive to the station" Gorky Library, "and then goseminar on the street about 500 meters.

from the train / railway station Ryazan-2 to the school can be reached via taxi №57 «Novoselov 60 - pos.Bozhatkovo "need to sit down at the stop" Mikhailovskoye highway ", and get out - at the bus stop" Library named after Maxim Gorky. "The fare is 16 rubles.

School is located in several buildings, access to some of them are limited, so photos RVVDKU and its interior is not so easy to find.However, everyone can enjoy the ceremony of the oath, as well as open days, to feel the spirit of the military institution.