When dreams come true

Many scientists believe that our dreams - it's a kind of prophecy.There is also a version of that dream - it is what we most think that we are most concerned about, or inconvenienced.But sometimes we are struck by the absurdity of the fact that we had a dream, and have no idea how to do this might be in our head.Often, we dream of the people we do not remember, where we just never were events that can hardly be called real.Things get even more confusing when a sudden random testing for some deja vu - events, words, or actions that occur in your life, you've already seen before in his dream.And at such times people begin to think that the dream - is in some way really prophecy.

So when dreams come true?The most plausible dreams come to people in the period from 25 December to 19 January.From this period involves a lot of mystical beliefs, not for nothing that for centuries Russian girl wondering precisely Epiphany evening.According to some legends, it is in these days of sky opens people's secrets.Do not miss the chance.Try to remember everything that you dreamed these days and take note.The dream may be a warning or prompt.And sometimes it foreshadows and the good events, which need to be ready.

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there are other days when dreams come true.It is believed that on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, you may dream of a prophetic dream.The same, according to some sources, talking about the night from Thursday to Friday.A
experienced researchers dreams did say that we should not cling to the days and try to find out what numbers come true dreams.Any of them can be prophetic.Moreover, some dreams are tied to the lunar day.It is believed that one day of each month - it's the night when dreams come true, as a rule, they portend something good.Dreams, you'll see two numbers - is meaningless and does not carry any information.3 of any month can bring you a dream that comes true precisely and quickly - get ready for it.16, 27 and 29 of you will dream again, empty dreams.To those numbers when true dreams and are 9 and 15, and 17 and 20. These numbers are a positive information.But 13, 14, 19 and 22 - a date when the dreams come true of poor maintenance.Most often, they warn about possible problems.But the 31 of each month you can dream dreams of love content that is also certainly true.
How to behave, if you had a dream that touched some chord of your soul, and, according to your assumptions it may be prophetic?First, check the date - if this number when dreams come true, then you need to try to unravel the meaning of this message.Naturally, most of the information in dreams is not transmitted directly.Try to recall the most vivid details of his night dreams and enter them in the dream book.It is possible that, after reading a couple of explanations, you will realize that you portends a particular dream.By the way, contrary to the positive perception of the world, professionals in the field of dreams recommend to pay attention more on the interpretation of which portend something bad than good.It is better to be caught off guard a good event than a disaster.In addition, trouble can be avoided if you know about it in advance.
By the way, most likely true vision that you dreamed of 3, 12 and 15 of each month.But the dreams that you have seen on the night of 11, will be only 11 days.But that dream you number 7, do not tell anyone - this vision speaks of the happiness that awaits you, but if you spill the beans, the dream did not come true.
can believe in dreams, but you can not pay attention to them, considering them a work of his sick imagination.However, if such prominent scientists as Mendeleev did not think about his dream, the world would never have to use its unique table - complete system of chemical elements dreamed of this genius.Have a nice sleep!