How to fry mushrooms at home

Ryzhikov - delicious mushrooms noble, almost amber color.They are great for a rainy day salting, freezing, stewing, frying.Cooking them is not difficult, however, as with all wild mushrooms, should be aware of the security measures.To learn how to fry mushrooms, will be discussed.

Gathering mushrooms

noteworthy that this fungus is unique in its kind, because the poisonous lookalikes has.Inexperienced mushroom may have confused it with the toadstool, but its faded color to any comparison does not go with expressive amber hue camelina!The fungus has a relatively thin leg, lamellar structure of the bottom of the cap, with the flattened tip vmyatinkoy middle.But the main thing is it different - color.Basket mushrooms - it's just a symbol of the golden autumn!

Cooking mushrooms

Like most wild mushrooms, mushrooms require pre provarivaniya.Moreover broth in which they were cooked, is not suitable for further use.So, before you fry the mushrooms, to mine them and brush, and then drop the in cold water and put on fire.After boiling the mushrooms should be cooked for at least twenty minutes.Then Throw them on a screen, so that all the water glass.That's it - the mushrooms are ready for further cooking.

Fry mushrooms with potatoes

This dish can rightly be called a masterpiece of Russian cuisine.To learn how to fry mushrooms and potatoes, knew even in ancient times.Although these fungi tables Slavs appeared many centuries ago.After the import of potatoes and spread it in Russia mix vegetable with mushrooms coveted all.And there was a whole series of wonderful fragrant dishes, which combines forest products and own garden.

Before frying mushrooms and potatoes, prepare all the necessary ingredients.Peel the potatoes, we shall cut slices.Finely nashinkuem onions.For cooking you can use vegetable oil or pork lard.Potatoes have quite a long time of preparation, so I put it in a large roasting pan.When it comes to half, add the onions.All this time, pre-cooked mushrooms to stand nearby in a colander and wait their turn.And all they come for 10 minutes until fully cooked potatoes.Add the mushrooms to the pan, mix well.What proportion of the products?They simply do not exist.Of course, the more mushrooms, the dish will taste better.But even a small handful of mushrooms potatoes give a unique taste and aroma.And this combination will help to emphasize the most basic spices: black pepper, bay leaf.The abundance of spices mushrooms, like most wild mushrooms, absolutely do not need.

How to fry mushrooms with sauce

This simple recipe is designed for cereal garnish.Ryzhikov should be cut into pieces, boil, drain.In a frying pan heat the oil.It pour slices of mushrooms and cook without lid.When the moisture has evaporated, add the mushrooms to the onions and a bit of melted butter.Once ready the bow when the mushrooms themselves are golden, prisyplem of flour, stir and add liquid.This can be plain water, vegetable or meat broth.Suitable and diluted tomato juice.Add your own spice, you can use the classic soy sauce.

Ryzhikov in cream

This tasty dish worthy menu of the best restaurants of Russian cuisine!How to fry mushrooms with sour cream at home?It's very simple!It is enough to fry pre-cooked mushrooms and onions, pour fat sour cream or heavy cream and boil for some time under the lid.Acceptable add in cream cheese sauce.Only this should be a neutral grade, without acid and a pronounced characteristic taste.Suitable ordinary Russian.

But there's another way.If the mushrooms and onions fried in a cast iron frying pan, add sour cream, then send the same dish in the oven dish.It will look like a cooked in a real Russian oven.Before you fry the mushrooms mushrooms small size, they are not necessarily cut.Much nicer and juicier they will receive, as a whole.Sour cream sauce dripping, great hold on mushrooms because of their plates.At the end of cooking in a pot, you can add chopped fresh herbs.

garnish for grilled mushrooms

combine these mushrooms not only with potatoes.They look great on the table in tandem with pea or soy sauce.Sauce with saffron milk caps are well suited to a side dish of chickpeas, beans.From porridge with fried saffron milk caps combine almost everything.Do not remain aloof and Pasta: Macaroni, homemade noodles, fine noodles.A wonderful side dish for mushrooms can be cooked with seasonal vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, squash, peppers, carrots.And before you fry mushrooms, is to take care of other supplements: sauerkraut, draft tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, vegetable caviar.These snacks will emphasize the noble taste and notes of ethnic dishes.