What kind of dream profession daughters and sons of celebrities

Everyone knows the saying: "For the children of talented people resting nature."Like, most of the star names of the heirs living off the glory of his parents and grandparents, while they themselves can not be nothing.And to compensate for the failure of its own, renowned kids litter money right and left.I wanted to find out what kind of profession dream daughters and sons of celebrities and whether they want to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

We asked each child the star of 5 questions:

1. Who do you want to be?

2. What profession do not you like?

3. How would you applied a magic wand?

4. What are you most afraid of?

5. What do you usually do at home?

I feed my mother carrot

Masha Melnikova, 8 years

1. I would like to become a chef.I love to help my mother to cook with her burgers and pies.But I can not always guess its taste.Once I brought her a platter of strawberries and carrots.She ate strawberries and carrots did not.Another thing I would like to be in the movies, but to be an actress all my life I do not.I like films that plays mom - they were interesting.

2. I do not like the police.They sometimes these are harmful, just awful!They often stopped by my mother when we had somewhere to go by car, but then learn it and let go.

3. I would have done, so that birds and animals could talk.Pay yourself conjures would not.They had me so much, it is no longer necessary.And I would like to see all the evil uncles and aunts would suddenly not good and would never hurt children.

4. I'm afraid of wolves, are found in the forest, and even dragons.They are terrible, and claws at them great big.

5. I like to help my mother, but sometimes I can not, because she works hard.I also love to draw and stand in the rain.But I can make a row and sometimes paint on the walls in the apartment, when none of the adults do not see.

Let adults make more children

Marianne Gazmanov, 6 years

1. When I grow up, become a painter or a filmmaker.I'll shoot a good Indian cinema, where a lot of dances, songs, love, and no one is killed.I want to do soap operas, they are interesting ...

2. Similarly, would not have gone to work in a circus acrobat without a net.When my parents go to the circus, I always close my eyes, because I was scared to look at their tricks.Are they not afraid?

3. I would like everyone to be happy: and the people and animals!Another would help make all adults many children.Those children who are left without parents, would help to find them.For myself not to think of what would have conjured.I and so many things: a good mom and dad is good, a lot of toys.I was very lucky!

4. Most of all I am afraid of spiders!

man nothing to be afraid of

Timothy Klyaver 9 years

1. My dream is to become a rock musician, I love heavy metal music.By the way, as a child I loved to listen to the group Queen, can you imagine?Now, I am learning to play the piano, but my mother said that soon can I start to learn guitar.Hurry to!

2. Do not like to work as a diver.I do not like the water and I think that I can not cope with some challenges at depth.Yet I fear that in the water I could anybody eat.

3. I would have wished myself a lot of money to buy a video game console, and my mom a new car.This is my dream.A few years ago we were in the Crimea.There is a special place where people throw coins and make wishes.That's what I did.I put forth that there was peace in the world and no one ever got sick.

4. Probably not afraid of anything.I'm a man!

Pope may leave without sweet

Lisa Pavliashvili 5 years

1. I would like to become the avatar.These are people with blue skin.I want to be as clever and courageous as they are.

2. All professions are needed.

3. If I would have a magic wand, I would have made a doll house.Large such that it would be able to live all my toys.And I would like a little toy dog, but my father for some reason I did not give it.

4. I do not like bees, bumble bees and wasps - too scary buzz.I'm afraid they will bite me sick.And I'm afraid that my dad can not give candy, if I do something wrong.

5. I am an adult and will soon go to school.I guess where I'll be tired.But while the holidays and I love to watch cartoons about princesses!

I am against alcohol and drugs

Stefania Malikov, 10 years

1. I dream to be an actress and fashion designer.First chose the profession because I love the movie, and the second - because I like sketching clothes ...

2. Do not want to be a waiter.

3. I would remove everything that spoils people and what they are dying - from alcohol and drugs.I want the people of the earth cried less and smile more.

4. It is afraid of heights, and even ride a roller coaster.

5. I have almost no free time.I go to school, and then to the extra classes.But when I'm not busy with anything, you love to draw, play with the dog, to have fun with your friends.

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