How to cook canned carp at home: useful recipes

Most people neglect fishing "stuff", considering it useless.And when the husband brings a wealth of fishing catch small Karasik or sprats, we prefer to feed his cats, or simply disposed of as unnecessary.Among other things, it can be cooked out of it awesome canned vegetables and spices.Canned carp at home (without conservation) can be used for two weeks, and add it in a variety of quiches and pies.

Therefore, before committing reckless acts - throw small fish, think.For canning only suitable svezheotlovlennye individuals without visible damage.For sharpness spicy taste, you can add spices, herbs and vegetables.Incidentally, canned carp at home can roll in glass containers for the winter.The process of cooking is simple.For this fit the pan, an oven and multivarka (it faster).

Canned own hands

If your betrothed are not keen on fishing, then go to the market and purchase 1,5 kg of small Karasik, but fresh.For food you need the following ingredients: carrots (3-4 pcs.), Three ripe tomatoes, five heads of onions, a mixture of peppers (black, chili, red), sweet pepper (to taste), a few leaves of laurel, vinegar 9% (two largespoons), tomato paste (two hundred grams), salt and vegetable oil (50 g).

How to cook canned carp: a step by step recipe

Rybka cleaned from scales and disemboweled.Cut onion half rings and lay in the hot oil.When the onions become a beautiful golden color, add to it grated carrot, carp and tomatoes (sliced).All products are stacked in layers, we salt and pepper.

then season with pepper, put paprika and bay leaf.A minute later, add the tomato paste and a little vegetable oil.We give weight to boil, cover with lid and leave languish on the hour.Serve with brown bread.Store canned carp at home is only necessary in the refrigerator no more than three weeks.

canned carp with fragrant spices

Ingredients: small fish (2 kg).For the marinade: five liters of water, onion, cloves (two grams), sugar (three big spoons), black pepper (to taste), coriander (3 g), vinegar 6% (one hundred grams), bay leaf and salt.

Fold all of the seasoning with chopped onions in a gauze bag and lowered into the water.Bring to a boil, cool and put in a marinade cleaned fish - stand for four hours.Strain the liquid, carp shift into sterilized jars.

There also put the bay leaf and pour the marinade - tighten the lids.Canned carp at home, thus prepared, can be stored for about four months in a dark place (the basement or the attic), besides it all useful and nutritional properties.

with celery and parsley

Per kilogram of small fish must take three onions (preferably red), a bit of parsley and celery root (give a spicy taste), two carrots, tomato paste (two spoons), two bay leaves, pepperpeas (5 pcs.), vegetable oil and salt.For obvalivaniya - flour.

Cut off the head and cook soup from them.Sami carcass wash (too large - cut into two parts) and season on both sides of spices to flavor the flour and fry until golden brown.Separately, fry finely chopped onion.Grate carrots with celery root, chopped parsley.

Pour into a deep sound a little broth, add to it the onion, then celery with carrots, parsley, fish and repeat the layers of vegetables in the same sequence.Pour the remaining broth so that it completely covers all products, add pepper, salt, bay leaf and tomato paste - all simmer, covered, for 60 minutes.The finished dish mix.Now you understand how to make canned carp without considerable effort ?!

Cooking in multivarka

The easiest way to cook this dish in a pressure cooker.For this recipe, we need to take a kilo of carp, two heads bulbs, one carrot, six tomatoes, sunflower oil and favorite seasonings.Grind tomatoes in a blender, rub the carrots and chop the onion.

fry the onion in the food processor in the mode "Baking", later put the carrots.Clean the fish from the inside, remove the head and tail.Lay it over the vegetables, pepper, salt and spices to flavor.Then set the "quenching" at 4:00.As a result, you get a soft and very tasty fish, which even the bones are soft and edible.Canned carp in multivarka cooked, blend harmoniously with all the trimmings, and from them it is possible to cook the first dish.

second option

Rinse the fish, be sure to cut off the fins, tail and head.Roll the carcass in a mixture of spices (you can take coriander, cloves, paprika, red pepper).In a bowl put the products in the following order: the fish, bay leaf, onion half rings, the rest of the carp, bell pepper, bay leaf - and close the onion "veil."

Pour the sauce: about half a liter of water to dissolve the lemon juice and a little vegetable oil.Set the "Quenching" for 5 hours.Canned carp in preparing multivarka not fast, but they will delight you with incomparable aroma and flavor.