How removed from the refrigerator odors experienced hostess?

The problem of unpleasant flavor from the refrigerator at least once faced each.You might be surprised, but the smell not only old appliances with completely filled shelves, but also completely new units, which contain no more than 10 types of products.What if the fragrance come from?How to clean odors from the refrigerator at home experienced hostess?

determines the source of the aroma

If the refrigerator suddenly appeared unpleasant smell, it's time to carefully sort out the contents.It is likely that one of the farthest corners you will find forgotten a week ago in the form of an open bag of yogurt, or a stick of sausage, sustained for several months.We all know that the best treatment - is prevention, therefore, the first rule - to throw out spoiled food regularly and check all of the terms of use.Some dishes and fresh to have a strong specific aroma, which only hurt the other food.We are talking about fish, meats, seasoning with a strong odor.As the clean smell of fresh food from the refrigerator, which reeks?The easiest way - to keep each dish or product in a sealed container, but if the flavor is already settled in the refrigerator, you should use one of the sinks smells.You can use as a store and home remedy, but we will describe in detail below.

How removed from the refrigerator smells old or new?If

old refrigerators or specific smell "stale food" or any particular dish, the new devices are often not exude a pleasant smell of fresh plastic or rubber.Remember that before using new appliances for storing food inside, should be thoroughly washed.If, after treatment with a conventional detergent aroma did not disappear, try to wash it with a solution of water and vinegar or lemon, diluted in a ratio of 1: 1. You can use baking soda, which not only removes odors, but also kills bacteria.

they kill odor in the refrigerator: the absorber from a store or home remedies?

hardware store and home you can easily find ionizers or odor absorbers for refrigerators.It is enough to buy this accessory, and it periodically cleaned or replaced - and in your household appliance will always reign supreme freshness.There domestic alternatives.It is enough to put in different places of the refrigerator a few slices of black bread - and odor problem will never be relevant for you.Suitable and coal, it may be activated or wood.We grind it into powder, and also are displayed on the shelves.How to clean odors from the refrigerator using soda?This material can be used in dry or dissolved form.It can be delivered in small unit capacitance with a solution or dry powder.Removing odor from the refrigerator does not give you serious trouble if you every three months qualitatively clean the appliance.To do this, it must be completely thawed and unload, and then washed in pre-pull out all shelves, drawers and stands for products.All these elements are each individually washed, dried and then partitioned in its place.Particular care is to wash the gum on the door, because they often accumulate food debris.Before turning on the refrigerator after washing, it is necessary to ventilate - just leave a few hours with the door open.