How to treat the navel newborn correctly and consistently

birth of a baby - is not only a great joy, but also the excitement, as well as worries and troubles associated with this event.Many new questions and concerns tormented young and inexperienced parents.A child is born so small and fragile that sometimes scared to touch him, let alone anything else.But the kid just need the correct and accurate maintenance.In the first days of life of the child care in the hospital.Mother baby had been little participation, just watching from the side and listens to doctors and nurses.Getting home, I have to do everything yourself.The first question that comes to the parents: "Do I need to handle a newborn navel?"Of course!Before its complete healing.In this kind and nothing complicated, but at first, this procedure can cause panic.Do not worry.All very simple.

treatment products navel

expecting a baby, every family prepares a first aid kit for the baby, which includes everything you need.It must have all the means that might be needed in the processing of the navel

of the newborn.Firstly, it zelenka and hydrogen peroxide.Secondly, stock should be cotton sticks and discs, as well as the pipette.

process of healing and treating newborn navel

After the child's birth, doctors cut the umbilical cord before connecting it to the mother.For the remainder of the baby put the clamp (clothespin).After some time (usually within four days) the cord dries up and disappears, forming a small umbilical wound.From this point it should be very carefully twice daily until complete healing process (occurs on average at 10-14 per day).

processing steps

1. Before you handle the navel newborn, wash hands with soap and water.

2. Getting the procedure itself, the navel is necessary to push the thumb and index finger on the wound itself with a pipette to put 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide.If the wound with blood, it is best to apply the tool on a sterile cotton pad and apply it for a while.As the healing navel it will form yellow crusts.Some parents do not give them any importance.However, they should be removed before the process zelenkoj navel newborn, asit's a great way for the development and reproduction of various bacteria.When applied to the crust of peroxide, they become soft and easily removed with a sterile cotton swab.If they do not fade, do not make an effort to remove them becauseThis can cause bleeding from the wound.

3. After using hydrogen peroxide is necessary to clean the wand to collect all the foam and give the navel thoroughly dry.

4. The last final stage - is the use of green fodder.It should be carefully applied with sterile cotton swab to the wound itself, trying not to fall on the skin around the navel.

How to handle a newborn navel "hlorofilliptom"

Zelenka - a traditional, but by no means the only method that gives an answer to the question of how to treat the navel newborn.Thus, in recent years, increasingly began to use alcohol 1% solution of the drug "Chlorophyllipt."It is a colorless an antibacterial drug made from the leaves of eucalyptus.The antiseptic properties of the drug contribute to better healing of the umbilical wound and prevent infection from entering.As for the processing, it is the same as with the use of green fodder.

There are some other ways to care for the baby's umbilical wound.Decide how to handle a newborn navel should be based on the recommendations of your pediatrician.