Spring Manicure: trendy ideas

In our next article, dedicated to beauty and personal care, we will talk about the ideas that brought spring manicure-2015, fashion trends, as well as the actual colors.Photos featured in this publication will help readers to quickly navigate in a variety of trends, as well as to adopt some ideas for your own experiments.

Spring is able to transform

As soon as the first rays of spring start to slowly turn the snow-drifts in the streams, every fashionista wondering about what will be fashionable in the upcoming season.After all, in the spring, in addition to eager to remove as soon as possible in cabinet for the boring winter warm clothes, so eager to transformation!

on what we pay attention in the first place?Of course, at how well maintained our pens, because now they have to go out without gloves.As it turns out, the spring manicure at home is not difficult to do, it would wish.And tips on how to bring their pens in order, we will give readers a little later.

The premium natural and naturalness

After getting acquainted with the current trends, which show in their work leading masters of nail service, it seems that girls became uncomfortable exist with long nails bizarre shapes.Also striking absence of limiting the number of sequins and rhinestones, from which it can be concluded that the spring manicure on nails with a complex of extension by painting remained in the past.Nail length is dictated by the active lifestyle and does not pass the border of the golden mean.Current form of nail plate - almond or soft square with slightly rounded corners.It is for such a form of nails can be very useful approaches the lunar Spring manicure (french).

color palette

Along with the fact that in the fashion of the coming season the yellow and blue colors of clothing, the same tone, and moved to the nails fashionistas.However, the naked eye is enough to estimate how shades of blue restrained and delicate.All matched the length and shape of nails, everything is harmonious and succinctly.

If we consider the overall palette of colors, which brought with it the spring-to-date manicure, then striking pastel shades from which to select and sky blue and turquoise, and pale pink and natural tone.With regard to the almost forgotten the clear coat, and then it again publicly declared itself.

drawings and decorations

As we said, in the past there were numerous rhinestones and sequins.They can be traced only as elegant and delicate additions in the bulk in the middle and ring fingers.Among the prints leading position occupied by geometric shapes, as well as marine and floral themes.Traditionally, the focus in the form of allocation figures do not immediately on all fingers.

Spring manicure (photo works of masters do you see as a visual illustration) has a bright leaning toward a combination of the two in harmony with each other pastel shades.Moreover, this combination of options can be a great variety: one nail on fingers of different hands and even on different arms - all these ideas are relevant, fresh and in their daring.

Moon manicure (French)

Speaking of classic moon manicure, then he returns to his almost forgotten the standards in the combination of natural and white colors.And characteristically, it is a classical solution tunic most in demand in nail salons.But for the most creative, daring and bold girls all is not lost in this you can see if you look at the illustrations to our topic today.It turns out that a good master, even with natural tones create incredibly spectacular spring manicure.

What treatments are useful to strengthen nails?

If your nails are weakened after a tiring and long winter, we recommend at least once a week to visit the nail salon for the currently popular IBX-therapy.This is a very effective procedure for the saturation of the nail plate with vitamins and trace elements that can strengthen the structure of the nail, and improve growth.

No time or extra money on trips to the master?Do not despair, but simply buy at the drugstore cosmetic oils to lubricate the cuticle.This simple-looking action can work wonders, the main thing - do not forget to make it regularly.To nail growth are considered to be the most effective coconut and almond oil.If you do not find these means, then resort to the usual application of olive oil.

For the most resistant manicure

still in high demand spring manicure gel polish, and it has its logical explanation.Women chosen sparing procedure professional manicure using gel lacquer on the nails that hold up to 3 weeks.A good master in correct coating technology, will help to forget about the problems of exfoliated varnish and lost its former luster polish.

How to make spring manicure at home?Some tips

Many girls try to experiment and manage exactly the same applied simple drawings on the nails of both hands independently.By multiple repetitions, maybe you will be able to become a real artist and an acknowledged master.However, if you are far from perfect and are only in the way of creative development, you will be our recommendations.After all, to perform such seemingly complex case as a spring manicure ideas may lie on the surface and be very simple.

we will come to the aid of modern shimmernye lakes with shimmering particles, the smallest particles are distinguishable only in the bottle, on the nails as they create play only in daylight.When artificial light such coverage becomes perfectly smooth gloss, which is also particularly appreciated by fashionistas.

From the above conclusion suggests itself: are not able to independently draw geometric shapes, waves and flowers, buy the original varnish - and it will transform your image without any drawings.Particularly relevant is today considered the turquoise Shimmer that shimmers in the sun, as if the sea surface.Well, the easiest and only known way to do is punctuated manicure nail varnish coating the chameleon.

two-color manicures

especially fresh and new looks on nails fashionistas two color spring manicure, you can also easily do yourself.To do this, you need to purchase only two in harmony with each other trendy color (eg, pink and blue or orange and blue) and color of the two three nails on one hand, shade, and the remaining two - the other.On the other hand, to maintain the order.

gelatin mask to strengthen nails

Finally, selections, as we promised, we give a good and simple recipe for strengthening and growth of the nails.After all, as we know, no good is not strong nails beautifully manicured hands.That spring manicure should be applied only on the strong and healthy nails.

In order to have a perfectly manicured hands, must at least once a week to make nails gelatin bath.The recipe borrowed from our grandmothers, who still did not know about the high-tech manipulation nail salons, but their hands are not getting any less beautiful.

We need gelatin without dyes, because we do not want to color pigment eaten into cracks and bumps on the fingers.So we take one tablespoon of gelatin further prepare one cup of boiling, but hot water.

in capacity, which will be putting your hands thoroughly dissolve gelatin with water and give the composition as it should swell.In some cases gelatin still can not get rid of lumps, then come to the aid of a water bath and stirring regularly.However, we must remember that when boiled gelatin will lose all its useful properties.

Finished mask to cool at room temperature and become used to the destination.And while we have the time to do edging manicure by a means to mitigate the cuticle.Performing this procedure applied to the hands nourishing moisturizer and put them in a gelatin bath for 15-20 minutes.For a change in the composition of cosmetic you can squeeze a few drops of lemon or orange.To conduct such a procedure can often, but after 10 applications you will experience on their nails obvious changes.