Library of Voronezh State University - the largest Scientific Information Center of the Central Black Earth region

Library MAD as the main information and communication center of the Voronezh State Technical University is working towards the modernization of the management structure of the university library resources and improvement of library and information services through the use of innovative technologies.

Destinations in the organization of work

One of the priorities in the sphere of work is the improvement of the management and implementation of personnel policies, the organization of professional development of library workers.In order to preserve fund of rare and valuable editions of the study carried out for the selection of the composition of the fund of publications to be digitized.For effective conservation fund initiated certification of libraries.

Library funds

Disclosure Document Resources recharge occurs through an electronic catalog.The electronic catalog of the library is complemented by MAD also bibliographic descriptions of certain articles of scientific periodicals and newsletters.Continuing work on the formation fund of electronic documents - copies of those publications, which are published by the publishing house (scientific collections, newsletters, educational publications).Fund nonfiction updated electronic publications on CD.Actively works with partners from domestic book exchange annually sent to the University of publication.

bibliographic service

bibliographic service as one of the leading areas of work is designed to provide quality and complete satisfaction of the scientific and information needs of teachers, researchers and students.Introduced multifunctional automated system.Library of Voronezh State University computer network is connected with the university.Information and bibliographical service users is carried out in combination of traditional and new forms, increasing the number of certificates granted automatically.

to perform strategic maintenance tasks annually expand existing and create new opportunities for users to access information sources.Among the set of workstations - electronic catalog;recruitment;Book Supply;systematization;cataloger;scientific bibliography;Circulation;bar coding literature.Gradually introduced service users in an automated mode.

Digital Library

MAD Library provides users with access to information in electronic and hybrid reading rooms.The users with laptops in one of the buildings of the library have access to the University network and the Internet with the help of technology Wi-Fi.

implement information system - an electronic archive of scientific publications mostly university employees.

One of the priorities is to create sources of bibliographic information and electronic resources based on them.The electronic archival scientific posted bibliographies series "Biobibliography scientists.Voronezh State Technical University "and the University of printed works.

restaurant provides information support databases.Started creating databases "Challenges of Higher Education" and "Current issues in social and economic periodicals."Work on the electronic version of the "Card index of Library materials."

Research work Library

Library MAD considers its priority scientific and publishing activities.Research aimed at its improvement.It is performed by employees of different departments, formally united in creative scientific group.In order to successfully accomplish the task established permanent cooperation with the departments of State University.Research conducted within the working hours, and the results are published, and are also used for presentations at conferences.

to streamline research and development themes are united in the global challenges, "the memory of Russian documentary.Voronezh Book culture: history, key basis ";"Scientific-bibliographical processing and disclosure of library";"Problems of library";"Voronezh State University: Electronic information media library as a scientific base for information support of research and educational process."

MAD: zonal library

socio-cultural activities are carried out by organizing and holding annual events: the scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of activities in the information society" and intercollegiate workshops, information days for employees of the university library.

towards the development of cooperation MAD library has partnered with the leading libraries of Russia.Activity at the University of humanitarian education of the educational process develops the institution by means of cultural and educational work.Considerable attention is paid to the organization, prepared every year more than 100 events with the use of both traditional and innovative methods.

The website of the library located virtual exhibitions, which popularize books in the library.