Checking file system on C - what is it?

probably do not need to say that the majority of users of computer systems very often when you restart the terminal or laptop faced with the message «Checking file system on C».Try to understand what it is and how to turn it off.

What is the line with the message «Checking file system on C»?

Just say, do not be afraid.Nothing wrong with the message «Checking file system on C» no.This is the standard process of checking the integrity of the operating system and the C drive for errors when your computer starts.This inscription appears after the request that one or more disks need to be checked («One of discs needs to be checked for consistency»).

When pressed the enter key, and start the process.Unfortunately, many people ignore the test, with negative consequences.Quite often, such a message may appear when you restart again and again, sometimes ignoring the test in general can lead to a complete paint system.

Why run the disk check

If we talk about the reasons for the request to check the disk (s), the most probable are: a sudden power failure, improper shutdown (forced shutdown of the computer system) of your computer, the appearance of the blue "window of death» (MemoryDump), and so on. d.

try to figure out what to do to avoid a disk check upon reboot or re-start your computer.

Standard methods for checking disks and partitions

First of all, you should not cancel the check, how much of the time it may last.In this case, the Windows fixes system errors automatically.If for any reason you can not complete the test, you should run it after a full system boot.

To do this in the usual "Explorer" need to right click on the drive letter that is checked at the start, context menu, and select 'Properties'.On the "Tools" (for Windows 7) there is a button "Check Now."After clicking it in the window appeared should use option "corrects errors automatically" and start the process.In most cases, it helps.However, there are situations when system failures serious enough or hard drive itself is damaged, and the message appears again and again.

What if the line with the message «Checking file system» appears on every boot

In this case, there are several solutions.To get started is to test drive some third-party utility, which has the function of scanning the surface of the disk and automatically fix (recovery) for bad sectors.The program for this, there is quite a lot.Among the best you can select an application and Victoria HDD Regenerator.The last utility, by the way, is able to restore even physically damaged sectors.

possible to use other methods.One of the easiest methods is to fulfill the command line or in the menu "Run" command chkdsk c: / f, chkdsk c: / f / r or chkdsk c: / f / v / r / x.The system will notice that you are using the system and checking disabled.Nothing wrong.Press Enter and wait for the completion of the process.When you enter a second team test will be a little longer.On some machines, it may take up to several hours.But if you do not want to reinstall the system, it is better to wait.

For example, if the process is started «Checking file system on D» (for drive D) You can also use the chkntfs x / c :, but only for disk and partition with the file system NTFS.Perhaps it should be clear that the file systems such as FAT32 this team is not applicable.

In an extreme case, to remove permanently message appears on the audit «Checking file system on C», you can go to the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager, to find there a parameter BootExecute and change its value to set onstandard, set by default autocheck autochk *.But inexperienced users engaged in editing the registry is not recommended.This can damage the entire system.