Culture of speech in business communication.

process of exchange of information - that is communication.Culture involves rules and regulations, which are incorporated in every society.Business culture - it is a necessary means of relationships in business.Culture of speech in business communication is based on well-established principles of corporate culture and national traditions.

In the commercial, business, political and other fields important function carry business meetings and negotiations, so the culture of speech in business communication is of great importance.Psychology and ethics of negotiation processes study not only individuals, but also the organization, and the technology of negotiation taught during training.Business meetings and negotiations are carried out verbally, ieorally, verbally, so it requires participants to communicate not only competent, but also know the ethics of speech communication.Equally important are gestures, facial expressions that accompany it, ie,non-verbal communication.Maximum important to know and to follow the non-verbal aspects of communication during negotiations with foreign partners, which represent different religions and cultures.

Culture of speech in business communication is viewed not only as a particular form of behavior and systems of signs.Business conversation includes a logical, verbal, non-verbal, and psychological culture.The basis of the culture of communication is mutual respect and goodwill, it is from these qualities depends largely on the result of ongoing negotiations.

Business conversation - is the exchange of information, views, do not assume an agreement or contract, as well as not involving decision-making required for execution.It may be preceded by negotiations.

talks more formal procedures that are specific.The result of the negotiations, as a rule, limited to the signing of documents and the definition of mutual obligations.In preparation for the negotiations, it is important to define their object, to find partners for their implementation, to understand the interests of its partners and to develop a plan for negotiations to pick up the delegation of experts to solve organizational issues and to issue the necessary materials.During the negotiations, as a rule, it takes place under the scheme: the beginning of communication - the exchange of information -argumentirovanie, kontrargumentirovanie - development and coordination of decisions - the completion of the negotiation process.

Culture of speech in business communication provides an opportunity to enter into major transactions and increase equity.Everyone who wants to improve in this area has great opportunities because of business etiquette is written a lot of books, but there are also trainings and courses, training novice businessmen.Speech communication in business negotiations arming not only knowledge of the theory, but also practical skills needed in the field of business communication, revealing the specificity of the interaction of people through the use of language.Language, in turn, is not only a means of human communication, but also acts as an instrument of knowledge and tools of thinking.Therefore voice communication in business negotiations between people - this is the main mechanism for achieving the goals that implies psychologically supportive setting.The effectiveness of communication with your partner is obliged to ensure a positive state and to create opportunities for continued cooperation, so it is important to be able to remove negative emotions interlocutors, be skilled in psychological solutions.Skills conflict-interviews, resulting as a consequence, to the mutually beneficial results of a higher school of business communication.