Tipsy - this ... Nail gel on tips

Nails increase in demand for quite some time.However, the simplest question the master of what is to perform the procedure: in the tips or shape, sometimes baffling.Even those who seek not the first time for such services.What tips?It's some special kind of capacity?Or is it some kind of auxiliary tool?In fact, everything is much easier.

What is it?

Tips - a plastic false nails, which are used in building.They are glued to the natural, and then cut with special forceps and carefully zapilivajut.There are many different kinds of tips, which are currently used by the master.


Tipsy Nail originally had only one form and are made of plastic ivory.No other simply did not exist.Until now, this type is called a classic because it's like for any capacity (gel, acrylic, mixed technique).Tipsy - is one way to create a beautiful and neat manicure, even without the use of artificial materials.And you can do it yourself.

Quick Tips

manicure nail can be used without gel or acrylic.It is enough to choose the right size of the plate, carefully glue them, cut and sawed.Finally, and most importantly, it is necessary not only sawdust free edge, giving it shape, but also carefully sanded the entire surface so that the transition between the natural nail and Tipsy was not noticeable.Either visually or by touch.After that you can cover modeled nail varnish.This manicure will not last too long, but for some special evenings is enough.For example, the outlet at school or college.

Express jacket

Most often it is made in the gel capacity, although acrylic pros sometimes practiced.The reason for this is not entirely clear, but the masters who work on this technology, often offering express jacket on tips to those who can not make the right choice.The process itself takes much less time than with classic high-grade building.However, the result is a one-time, correct then fail.

Step number 1: preparation

Despite the fact that this rapid jacket, without this step is necessary.First polish the old paint is removed, then zapilivajut free edge to a length of 1 mm.Push the cuticle, and then removed.Usually edging method: using a special gel.The surface of the nail is degreased and sanded to remove all the rough and uneven.Brushes sweep the resulting dust.

Step number 2: the nail bed

To paste correctly French-tips, it is necessary to slightly extend.Therefore, first laid out a thin layer of base gel, which is dried in the UV lamp, and then constructing the camouflage gel.Here it's the slightly stretched beyond the natural nail bed.That is why you want to sawdust free edge up to 1 mm.When constructing a layer of polymerized, the nail plate is shaped using a nail file.

Step №3: Tips

is the most important, yet simple step.Special tips for express service jacket glued to elongate the nail plate.Why is it that simple?In French-Tips have a special label from the free edge, for which it is convenient to hold.When each finger will be conducted procedure, the holder can be removed using forceps.It is noteworthy that all French-made tipsy without the contact zone, which means that they do not have zapilivaem to clean transition between the nail and tipsy.

Step number 4: a transparent gel and filing

Building on tips not take long, if properly prepare everything.Therefore, immediately after the removal of the auxiliary labels on the entire surface of the nail transparent gel layer is applied.When it polymerizes under UV lamp operation is repeated.Only this time the focus is on building and strengthening in the stress zone.It must be correctly modeled the apex (the convex part of the nail).Before the final stage all carefully zapilivaetsya and polished.Modeled nails should be as similar to the natural.Surplus create dust sweep brush.

number Step 5: Finish

Capacity gel on the tips or shape always ends up giving your nails shine.For this purpose there is a special "Finish" or "Top".Most often, it is similar to a conventional clearcoat only in a dark bottle with a convenient brush.Finishing nails coated gel is then polymerized under UV lamp.Depending on the company may be required or not removal of the dispersion (adhesive) layer.

What keeps

The average capacity on tips lasts about 3-4 weeks, after which you want to perform the correction, since the organic material under the fingernails grow.This, in turn, leads to the gel or acrylic begins to "creep" along the surface stress and the apex zone shifting.However, the rapid build-up is not subject to correction.When used non-contact tips, as described above, the smile line too, "crawls" up, return it to the place it is not possible.Therefore rapid buildup usually just removed after 3 weeks.Sometimes, the girls decide to complete nail modeling, and sometimes to choose natural instead of artificial material.This is an individual matter.

What are the forms tips?

addition to the classic, the ones that were the very first, there are now many varieties.And not only in color.Forms TIPS also very different: square pipe, stiletto, age, almonds.Each in its own way is beautiful and in demand.However, the most difficult form wizard still prefer to model their own, without the help of TIPS.


Each girl is unique.And the hands too.That is why the standard tips are not always fit with what is often faced by professionals.But properly selected size - that's half the battle.Another disadvantage of TIPS is that the experienced masters do not consider them necessary.Often universal standard shapes and sizes are useless.Further, the strength of the simulated nail inferior to those made on the paper form, consisting entirely of the material only.


Many women say that building on the tips is carried out much faster.But others note that the nails are obtained easily and naturally.And this, of course, the advantages of TIPS.By the way, if you have selected a professional master, then, irrespective of the capacity, smodelirovannnye nails bring joy.It is important to not only save while searching for their pros.